No release seemed more prophetic about Oasis’s own future than this EP. Although the main song was written by Liam Gallagher, it pointed out the fact that indeed, the group Oasis was out of time. Despite that being said, this is going to be an interesting EP to listen to, especially given the context and circumstances that Oasis was experiencing at this time. Let’s hear this tune and see where it takes us.

I’m Outta Time begins with some spacecraft styled noises, and Liam himself enters with some harmonies and acoustic guitar playing. This sounds far and away from the original releases that Oasis ever made, sounding depressing and ordinary to hear musically. Liam Gallagher sings about sad reflection. This is definitely not really worth hearing unless you are in an extremely depressed mood. A very sad listen, this is seemingly about both being depressed, and also about John Lennon, from what Liam has commented about on this song. A mellotron solo is here, which only adds to the sad ambience. An okay song, but something that early Oasis fans and others will not enjoy. A sad tune, and something that you shouldn’t need to hear, this is a distressing listen. An ordinary song, it does sample some John Lennon speech in the extended outro. A miserable song, and not the best that Oasis ever made. Depressing.

I’m Outta Time – Remix is just that. It begins with a clock ticking, the acoustic guitar playing here and a strange and extended rendition of a very depressing song. Liam’s voice is cranked up in the mix, and his singing definitely has had better days here. This sort of remix is something that Noel Gallagher explored more in his solo career, the concept that is. The remix is fairly awful here and really doesn’t need to be explored by most listeners. A strange listen, and not worth sitting through a six minute remix of a song that is extremely depressing. The autotune work on Liam Gallagher’s voice just proves how awful he was as a singer around this point. A very dark and upsetting listen, this is something you should not bother with. Noel and producer Dave Sardy did not need to remix this song at all. The sounds present aren’t very entertaining or listenable and are just filler to listen to. A warped and bad trip Psychedelic feel is here, and the outro sounds truly awful. A very unusual listen, this is like Oasis flogging a dead horse on this remix. It ends with the bass guitar part and the drum section to conclude with, with a bunch of sound effects. Terrible. The clock ticking is the last part that one hears, before this finishes. Awful.

I’m Outta Time – Demo Version is really not needed here, either. But it’s here. It sounds rawer, more punchy and more direct listening for fans of this song. Liam’s voice sounds even worse than expected, and this is an okay demo, but such a depressing and really ordinary listening experience that one questions whether or not this song is worth hearing. Shockingly bad music, and once again, totally avoidable. This miserable EP is not worth it, and only for something extremely and unnecessarily depressing will you need to hear these songs. Oasis no longer had it in them to make great music at this point, and Liam obviously felt guilty afterwards when Noel inevitably left Oasis in 2009. More depressing than a Sunday Morning Call, do not listen to this tune. Rubbish.

This is by far the worst Oasis EP release in their entire career. A morbid and depressing piece of music, with two alternate versions of the same song? Doesn’t sound promising to the average listener. Despite the John Lennon references, this is absolutely horrible and there is no need for you to hear this. Dig Out Your Soul was an ordinary album with songs such as these which did not reflect what Oasis was truly about at the beginning of their career. Avoid this if you can do so.

Worse sounding than Heathen Chemistry ever was.