After the phenomenal success of Enema Of The State, Blink-182 decided to deliver another good album two years later. It is very must as consistent as the previous album before it, although it did not sell as well. Still, tunes aplenty, so let’s have a listen to the album, track by track.

We begin with Anthem Part Two which begins with loud drum rolls and awesome guitar riffs. It’s simply a continuation of the previous album here and sounds great. It’s Tom Delonge singing about a future uncertain in the 21st century. Still, it sounds so joyful and punchy, a great start to the record. The lyric, “If we’re fucked up, you’re to blame,” is a great statement directed to those who don’t understand Blink-182 and their musical mission.

The internet age is being recognised by Blink-182 with Online Songs. It talks about relationships at hand and is really fast from the word go. It’s quintessential punk-pop goodness from Blink-182, the group quite clearly were on a musical mission here. Excellent stuff.

First Date talks about the surreal experience that one could possibly have on their first date. It’s a great song and sounds like a song for college students. In fact, much of Blink-182’s work was intended for that audience. It talks about the innocence and naivety that one has with that experience. Effective, and excellent listening. The guitar solo is awesome here too.

Happy Holidays, You Bastard is a short number which is hilarious, less than a minute long. It shows that even the lesser numbers here on this album are awesome. Enjoy.

Next is Story Of A Lonely Guy is a socially awkward anthem for those who have trouble in their relationships. It’s not depressing like the stuff on the next album, it’s just a tale. Chugging guitars and expert drum work keep this song alive. Effective, and good listening. A good rock ballad, good to hear.

The hit called The Rock Show is next, and it is awesome to hear. It’s about being a pure rock music fan finding romance at a said show. Catchy, simple, and memorable. It doesn’t get much better than this musically, great stuff from Blink-182. Love at first sight? Maybe, but it’s nice to hear.

Stay Together For The Kids is a slightly melancholy story about a very intense subject matter. It has a dark theme to it but is simply much like Adam’s Song on the previous record. It may not be as good as that particular song, it is still listenable. It is a good power ballad though. It fades out with the repeated riff, acoustic guitar, and piano to boot.

Roller Coaster hints at the direction that Blink-182 was to take with the release afterward. Still, it is a teenage sort of story of the need for companionship. There is a cool drum loop in the midsection though. Nice stuff, a great musical effort, and song.

The next cut Reckless Abandon is a fast, furious, and energetic tune. This album seems less bright and cheery than the previous one. It is more like music for teenage adults who struggle with their emotions on a musical basis. The song is very good though, certainly listenable. Good stuff though, it segues into the next track.

We then go into Every Time I Look For You is another similar-sounding song about disappointment in relationships. It’s still a great piece to hear, and is sonically awesome and sounds very punk rock. It has an unusual midsection, keep an ear open for it.

Give Me One Good Reason sounds a lot like fellow contemporaries The Offspring and complains about idiots in society. The material here on this album, including this song, is a little weaker than Enema Of The State. But even so, this rocks hard. Some interesting, logical, and good sounding changes are here in the music are here, although it sounds a little whiny for a song.

Shut Up comes next with melodic guitars, almost EDM sounding drum parts, and sensitive emotional themes. It is teenage angst set to record, and there are some colourful profanities here in this song. It’s still good, although a little depressing. The midsection goes into a more subtle part, before going back to the main chorus.

Lastly, we have Please Take Me Home which is another relationship based tune. It is a good way to finish the album, and continues the theme of the other songs. It talks about ditching a girl for hanging with bros, referring to the old saying.

Okay, to be clear, this album is not as good as Enema Of The State in terms of consistency. But it is just as essential as the album before it and the self-titled album after it. The quality of the music here is very much consistent and as good as those other Blink-182 albums. Worth a listen.



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