Prior to the release of this album, electronic music wasn’t even really around much at all. It was seen as a novelty, more so than anything. This album, named after the fast paced German highway, was a great creation of the birth of electronic music by the German group Kraftwerk. It’s a classic by all means, so let’s get listening and hear how it sounds.

We begin with the title track Autobahn which samples a car driving off at the start, before going into a repeated vocoder vocal. Some Acid like (yes, before Acid House was a thing) melodies come through, and the whole thing sounds original and inspirational. It’s a futuristic and very clever piece. It seemingly borrows from The Beach Boys as well, listen out for that. The autobahn is alive and kicking here. We then fade into some bass parts, some electronically treated drums and some timeless melodies. You can hear how many musicians were no doubt influenced by this sort of music. A beautiful flute then joins the scene. It’s a great and melodic electronic futuristic piece of music. An awesome epic piece of grandiose proportions. It goes back into The Beach Boys styled song section, with some brilliant electronic and melodic playing. Some basic beats then return, along with some awesome electronically made wind rushing noises. It sounds rather psychedelic, actually. A great interpretation of sound and music is here. A very well organised and delivered piece of music. It is definitely interesting listening, and goes into proto-Ambient music territory. The whole thing repeats, but we savour every moment of the music in our ears. There are many intelligent and well thought out sections to this track, not a dull moment here. Some electronic piano melodies are here, too. It then goes into a very quiet part with some gentle singing in it, before going back into the main part of the track. This section has some pretty lush melodies in it. The part towards the end of this track is extremely gentle. A great piece. It has some great gentle melodic noises towards the end, sounding somewhat like classical music. It ends with a quiet bang.

Next is Kometenmelodie 1 which is a lot shorter, but begins with some rushing electronic noises. A great intro, then has some rather dark and sinister sounding electronic melodies and beats. It could be something out of an electronic horror sound track, sounding dark, electronic and creepy. It’s a great listening experience, just like the title track, only shorter. Some absolutely beautiful piano creeps in, taking you by surprise. It’s electronic avant-garde pop, minus vocals. Good stuff.

Kometenmelodie 2 is even darker to begin with, before going into a more upbeat and poppy piece of electronic music here. It’s a great listen, and if you dig pure electronic music, you’ll dig this. It has a stardust psychedelic feel to it, making it a very interesting listen. Perfectly sequenced rhythms are here as well. A very good listen indeed. Some clever sense of melody and beauty resides throughout this track. Another great listening experience.

Mitternacht begins sounding like a King Crimson piece. It has some wonderful sampling of birds chirping, along with some lone melodies. It then goes into a distorted percussion part. Melodies are then added to the tune, with some brilliant classical music sounds on the song. Some extremely good electronic trickery is here, making this a dark and suspenseful piece. Good stuff. A distorted percussion outro is here, too.

Lastly, we have Morganspaziergang which begins with almost morse code noises, before going into a beautiful flute driven piece with rushing water sounds. There are then some eastern melodies (very surprsing for this sort of music) than are majorly distorted, before more flute playing occurs. A beautiful and great way to conclude this album. This is a nice musical piece to hear, very simple and beautiful.

This is definitely a classic album, and deserves its place rightly in the history of music. Any flaws? Some of the tracks here could have been edited for length, especially considering the title track is well over 20 minutes long and takes up all of side one. Aside from that, this is a very good listen, and must be heard.