The early releases by the Ramones are seen as not only the best releases by the band, but a landmark in musical territory and defining Punk music in particular. The four Ramones had energetic and catchy songs that were incredibly short and very, very good. This is their third album, and a very highly rated listen so let’s jump in and see what we have here.

We kick off with Cretin Hop which is incredibly in your face and catchy. A really great song that is less than two minutes long, yet deserves your attention 100%. A mosh pit sort of song, but deservedly desired to be played loud, this is an excellent song to hear. Punchy and simple, the Ramones have a mission statement here. An excellent and catchy song, this is awesome to hear. Interesting to hear, a great start to the album.

Next is Rockaway Beach which has a counted intro and classic Punk Rock riffs to hear. An awesome tune, this is really powerful and uplifting. It deserves to be cranked loud in a drive in your car or somewhere similar, it is really amazing and awesome. The harmonies throughout are really awesome, and the lyrics are simple, yet awesome in appeal. Catchy and memorable, this is a real classic of musical listening. Certainly inspirational, this is a great listen. Nice tune.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow has a slower and acoustic vibe to it, but is still less than three minutes long. An excellent song that is very much a love song in appeal, it is very catchy and memorable. This is very Poppy for the group, but still sounds like a decent song. A classic of relationship issues by the Ramones, this is really quite excellent. A great and simple piece of Rock/Pop music, this is a decent song. Nice for a change.

Locket Love is back to business with Punk Rock guitars and a more uptempo feel. This music is very summery in feel, and sounds like an uplifting and energetic set of songs that are really just super good. An excellent album and set of songs, this is no different, singing about teenage love styled problems. A really great tune, this is awesome and clever music. Unforgettable, and really very good.

Next up is I Don’t Care which is slower, but much shorter. The trebly guitars and call-and-response singing is really awesome here. This is much like The Velvet Underground or The Sex Pistols, truly legendary and original in appeal. The Ramones deliver a straight up message with catchy riff driven music that is really top. A must listen.

A devotional sort of song is next, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker. This is much faster and awesome to hear, although it is a song for those who love Punk Rock specifically. No doubt a great story behind this song, it is a simple, few chorded melodic and quick rhythmic piece that in retrospect, blows away the mainstream music of today. Not that this is really mainstream mind you, but for some good reasons behind that. A great song, and very catchy. Simple and direct, just how music should be.

We’re A Happy Family is a blast from the start, and the name of the song is typical Ramones tongue-in-cheek humour. A great song about some interesting family based relationship topics, this is one that you should blast at your parents if they are being annoying. Quite humourous lyrically, musically it is an awesome and direct piece of music. Sampled is some sounds of the rather messed up family at hand at the end of this song, even if it is not yours. A very satirical statement, but an effective one.

Teenage Lobotomy is next, beginning with pounding drums and repeated vocals, before going straight into a loud and raw piece. This is lyrically pure nonsense, but hey, it is supposed to be. Musically it is loud, raw and impressive, which is super cool. Still, it sounds like nothing else out there in the history of music. The Ramones deliver well here, and make some great tunes. Awesome song, and very effective and wonderfully delivered.

Next is Do You Wanna Dance? which is a great song. Energetic, interesting and a really good cover, not a Ramones original, it still sounds awesome regardless. A fine song that is delivered fast, raw and furious, this is really cool to hear. Only the Ramones could pull off a performance like this. An excellent song, and very, very good. Shows how good that all the songs are on this album.

Following is I Wanna Be Well which is slower and more catchy than some of the previous songs, it is a more laidback tune. Surprisingly, this album is really so good that even the lesser songs are really impressive. This is a tale of teenage distress. Excellent music, and sounding really top, this is a great tune. A fun and Punk Rock classic, nice to hear.

I Can’t Give You Anything is a very fast song with many layers of instrumentation, well, for this sort of music anyway. It is a two minute long piece that is very much rough and ready. These early Ramones recordings are very much obsessed with teenage topics, but delivered in such a way that these songs are truly impressive. The statement here is quite straightforward, as is the music. Brilliant music, a must listen.

Ramona is next, and is a midtempo and very nicely played Rock song. It is a nice sort of love song, as the title of the song gives it away. But still consistent with the rest of the album and a nice message about a young love experience, although it is likely fictional. This is really great and impressive to hear, the Ramones were such great musicians, especially on this album. A two and a half minute piece that is really excellent sounding, a wonderful and top listen. What a great set of songs.

Next is Surfin’ Bird is a real awesome and classic cover done by the Ramones that suits them very well. Bird is the word indeed, and although it is simple and straightforward, it is not at all boring. Nobody could ever accuse the Ramones of being dull or boring at all, at least on their earlier releases. This is amazing and impressive listening. The midsection has the music cut out completely, with some imitated bird sounds, before launching back into the chaos at hand. Great song, and an interesting listen nonetheless.

Last here is Why Is It Always This Way? which is a nice song to finish off this classic Punk album with. Some of the lyrical matter is pretty dark here, but all the same, a fast and loud rocking number that is really top notch. It may have been the case that bands like the Ramones and other similar acts saved Rock and Roll music back in the late 1970s. A great way to finish off a very near perfect album. It fades out gradually at the end, nice bunch of tunes here.

If you are a fan of music that is short, sharp and direct, this is where you should be looking at to listen to. A great album no doubt from start to finish, it is easy to see how the early Ramones releases changed the world of music, even if they were not mainstream Disco of the time. A classic album, and highly recommended.

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