This was the golden moment for the Australian band INXS. They had been worked extremely hard up to this point on delivering music that a mainstream audience in the 1980s could dig. This is their best album, and although it sounds rather dated today, it is still a classic, so let’s dive into it.

We begin with the heavily electronic drums and guitars of Guns In The Sky and is quite a catchy listen. Michael Hutchence, the singer, sings with an unmistakable Australian accent and sounds really like he is enjoying singing this song. There is a heavily overdriven fuzz based guitar solo here. The whole thing sounds like an excellent Pop/Rock staple and is a great tune to begin this album with.

Next up is New Sensation which is a wonderful listen and upbeat as well. The electronics and Fender style guitars really bring this piece of music alive. An excellent piece of music, this sort of quality tune is a standout from this album. There is a wonderful saxophone solo in this song, as well as a load of intricate guitar parts here as well. A wonderful song.

Devil Inside comes next and sounds awesome. With electronic drum sounds and an interesting guitar riff, this is really top. There is an excellent sense of musicianship and accomplishment, this is an excellent tune. The chorus in particular is very good, and the dual tracked vocals here are great. A fine listen with a variety of interesting 1980s style instrumentation, this is awesome. The outro is very catchy and memorable. Great piece of music.

Need You Tonight is a standout song on this album. With its catchy guitar riffs, electronic beats and excellent lyrical singing by Michael Hutchence, this is really awesome. A fantastic listen, and it has many different elements of this song that are really fantastic. A nicely crafted and constructed piece of 1980s Rock music. Top and this has a great sort of pseudo Wall Of Sound construction. Fantastic.

Going straight into Mediate, INXS have a track that has a huge amount of rhymes to the word mediate, with some nice and warm electronic sounds and textures that really sound beautiful. A good and very catchy piece of music, showing the consistency of this album. A subtle saxophone melody is here towards the end, nice to hear it in the fade-out.

Following is The Loved One which is a fantastic listening experience about a lover. Michael Hutchence describes a perfect lover in his mind and delivers a sensational performance, as does the rest of the band on this album. This is a superb song that sounds very consistent and emotional throughout. There is a great sense of musicianship here, and INXS do a great job here. Nice tune.

Wildlife comes next, with its quacky Fender Stratocaster sort of guitar sound. It is a fine listening experience and is a good song, although perhaps not a standout here. Still, it is good quality here and very listenable. Some of the sounds on this album are quite dated though, but still, one can appreciate the melody and beauty of this song. Nice.

Never Tear Us Apart comes next and is a very melancholy and serious love song. It sounds a lot like U2, but is a great original song by INXS. It alternates with lead guitar intros to different sections of this song. Michael Hutchence sings from the heart here, and this piece is very moving. A fantastic and memorable Pop/Rock piece, with a saxophone solo amongst the string section driven piece. Nice and beautiful song.

Following is Mystify which is a good and catchy song with driving piano. Michael Hutchence is the centrepiece here, and this whole song is awesome. The guitar work here is more prominent, and this whole music piece is quite good. Another good song by INXS, this is another decent effort on this album, showcasing the album to be quite consistent as a result.

The title track Kick comes next with a great intro, and a top piece of craft with a combined 1980s instrumentation feel to it. It sounds really cool, especially the saxophone solos here. It also sounds glorious, particularly in the chorus. An upbeat and nicely put together piece of music. Excellent to hear, and another decent piece from INXS.

Calling All Nations is next, with its bell-like Fender sounding guitars and catchy feel. It has some interesting lyrics: “You don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to be famous, all you’ve got to have is a little bit of patience.” An excellent, but very 1980s sounding song. Still, it is fun to listen to. Excellent music here.

Tiny Daggers is last here. It is a pretty throwaway sort of tune, but still, if that is the case, this album is still very good. Nice to hear it finishing this off the album. Good tune.

Okay, this is a very good album. The only real flaw of this one is that it sounds really dated, especially today, where this sort of music would be disregarded especially by newer listeners. Still, a good effort and worth hearing now and again.