For those of you who are unaware of what Dubstep is as a style of music, this is a great place to begin. Dubstep evolved out of a fusion of Drum and Bass with other newer musical EDM elements, and Skrillex is the most popular of these artists. This EP, although not an album, technically is decent and lengthy enough to be considered a good listen. Let’s see how it sounds.

We begin with Right In and from the go, this is a superb and very loud EDM track to hear. It sounds awesome, with cyber melodies and cut up vocals that are deployed for maximum effect. This is not a one hit wonder sort of thing, this is really superb. The drum beats lead into many extremely heavy melodies that are so good that they are impressive, and this is definitely a great track to hear at the start of the EP. Great piece.

The title track Bangarang (feat. Sirah) is Skrillex’s most popular piece to date. It has a load of well created melodies and repeated vocals that are really fantastic. The pace and sound is frenetic here, and this is a Dubstep masterwork. It does go into a subtle breakdown with some guitars, before returning into the brilliant chaos that the track is. Awesome stuff. The outro is interesting, a great tune.

Breakn’a Sweat features the living members of The Doors, strangely enough. There are some great electric and electronic sounds in this track, along with some chanting. This track is indeed, a throwback to the 1960s and there are more guitar type sounds in this piece. There is a sample of The Doors singer Jim Morrison (who is now long gone) talking accurately about the future of music. Overall, another great piece. Sounds sensational and enjoyable.

The Devil’s Den begins with some interesting processed melodies and some straightforward beats, before launching into a sonic assault that is intelligently created and delivered. It is a great Dubstep piece, once again, and sounds mega. It goes into a minor key melody breakdown that is reminiscent of Trance style EDM music, and just sounds brilliant. It then goes into more breakdowns that are well thought out. This is seriously good Dubstep, and Skrillex deserves credit here for delivering something powerful and unique here.

Next is the interesting Right On Time which is awesome from the start. It has some excellent cut up samples and beats that make this a warped listen. A superb listen, with many twists and turns in this track to keep you listening. The breakdown is killer, showing that even EDM can be intelligent and listenable if intended to be so. It sounds very druggy as well. Overall, a great piece, and not even the main track of attention by Skrillex. Good job.

Following is Kyoto (feat. Sirah) which is another consistent piece with a strange set of melodies to accompany it. It is very similar to some Trance music, once again. But it is still a good listen, with many brilliant musical elements. There is a Rap part by Sirah which is quite good as well. All in all, a consistent and effective listen for those who enjoy Dubstep.

Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding) is the last main track here, and is a great listen. It is very much like a lot of Trance music, and the guest appearance is a good match for the music here. It is a good piece to close your eyes to, and to relax. That seems to be the intention here, it is a laidback Dubstep tune, not a party one. A nice way to finish off the main part of the album, with many great cut up melodies and samples here. Good job Skrillex. A superb listening experience as the EP draws to a close.

Skrillex Orchestral Suite by Varien – Bonus Track is the final track on this EP, with some beautiful orchestration, strings and piano to match. Although it is not really necessary here at all on this EP, and quite honestly, doesn’t fit here, it is a good listen to finish off the EP with. A nice and relaxing listen, and is very good if you like Classical Music. Aside from that, not really necessary here. It drags on somewhat.

Overall, this is a great way for Skrillex to showcase his talent to the world with this EP. Being the most popular Dubstep artist to date, Skrillex does a great job here and shows the world that he was a force that was undeniable in the world of music.

Awesome EP.