This is quite possibly one of the most underrated albums out there. Released a little late for the Psychedelic Music scene, this album is a great journey regardless. Let’s hear it, being a concept album that it is.

We commence our journey with Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake which begins with some wah-wah piano, before launching into an interesting and different Rock music piece. The whole thing is drenched in interesting sound effects. Oh yeah, there is a violin here as well. A glimpse into the future, way back in the past, this is a strong start to this album. With some incredible musicianship, this is a winner. It is short as well, being two and a half minutes long.

Next is Afterglow is seemingly a parody of music from earlier times, but it is not. Before long, singing kicks in for this album, singing about the glory of love. This is an excellent listen, and each member of the band put in 100% here. A very interesting and psychedelic listening experience for all to hear. This is superb. Nice and trippy.

Long Agos And Worlds Apart segue into action next, with some good singing, organs and handclaps. This is such a colourful and mellow listen, one cannot help but feel enchanted by the music here. A brilliant piece of music and a catchy listen, especially towards the end. It fades out, then returns, in typical Strawberry Fields Forever fashion. Brilliant.

Rene begins with acoustic and bass guitar before piano launches us straight into another decent Pop/Rock music piece with piano to match. The song is sung in a sort of old English music way that is very working class. This is pretty cool, and the lyric matter is highly nonsensical. There is an organ solo, followed by a loud electric guitar solo. Very good, and awesome listening. There is wordless chanting throughout as well. The whole piece becomes an excellent jam towards the end. Awesome. Great music.

Next is Song Of A Baker which sounds really good, with some efficient drumming and great singing as well. This is obviously an album designed to take drugs to, with vivid imagery and Psychedelic musicianship. There is a very Jimi Hendrix sort of sounding guitar solo here. Nonetheless, very awesome and definitely worth hearing. The drum rolls are ridiculously good. Towards the end, a piano-led jam continues to fade out. Great stuff.

Following is Lazy Sunday which starts with some awesome and flamboyant piano, before launching into a song about said topic. It’s cheerful and amusing, with some more working-class British accent singing. It is really weird listening, but not so weird that it isn’t enjoyable. Nice effort, great for chilling out to. Some wonderful sound effects are here as well. Birds chirping in the background, along with church bells, end this song. Awesome.

Happiness Stan begins with a voice-over and some harp, before going into the second half of the album, which is wacky. It is a great listen though and has some neo-Classical music touches to it. It is highly likely that Pink Floyd stole a lot from these guys (Dark Side Of The Moon? Definitely.) and all the same, this is awesome. In the second half of the song is a spoken word part, which is amusing and interesting.

Rollin’ Over is next, sounding like a cross between The Who and Jimi Hendrix, with some added instrumentation. The singing is beautiful and very 1960s. This is a superb effort, and the drumming in the middle in your left ear, with guitar in the right, is as good as it gets for this kind of music. Excellent.

Following is The Hungry Intruder which is a continuation of the story about Happiness Stan who deals with a fly who wants to eat as much as he does. It has some wonderful singing from the Small Faces, and some harpsichord, string section and flute. Wonderful to hear.

Next is The Journey which explains the next part of the story which is mostly spoken word. Let’s not spoil it too much here, but musically it is a very Psychedelic listen with some expert playing here. Some strange harmonies are in the middle of this song. The playing here by the band is matched with equally good sound effects, a true piece of Psychedelic art this album is. Top stuff.

Mad John continues the story of Happiness Stan and his awesome adventure. This is stuff that people if they ever smoked marijuana and dug 1960s Psychedelia, should light up to. It is wonderfully musical and nonsensical and sounds very anthemic. A very lovely and beautiful piece of music, this song has a lot of soul about it. The commentary then fills up the second half of the song.

HappyDaysToyTown is the last track here and finishes our weird and wonderful musical journey. It is a nice way to finish off a very unusual and trippy journey through interstellar consciousness. It is a strange musical sort of chant to finish this great album off. Excellent album, and concept too.

This is definitely different. A great Psychedelia album that is frequently overlooked, this is awesome and amazing. It doesn’t make much sense, but it is a genuinely great album and a wacky listen. Fans will want to check out the 50th-anniversary release with loads of extra tracks.

Mind boggling.