This EP itself is proof that despite many years having passed since their 1995-1996 Britpop heyday, Oasis still could knock out some decent and interesting tunes. This one is a bit different than what one would usually expect, as Liam Gallagher, not Noel Gallagher, wrote this song. This is an interesting evolution in the Oasis musical canon, as previously Noel Gallagher wrote all the songs on the albums, apart from the awful Little James on the 2000 Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants album. Released as an EP in 2003, this should be quite a good listening experience throughout with all this back history so let’s hear it.

Songbird is a very short and sweet song, right from the go. It has some pretty keyboards, strummed acoustic guitar and pseudo-Country singing from Liam Gallagher. It is simplistic in nature, but very lovely and powerful to hear. “A man can never dream these kind of things, especially when she came and spread her wings, whispered in my ear the things I’d like, then she flew away in the night…” is proof that, if indeed Liam wrote this song, it is quite a unique and profound statement musically. A short tune at two minutes long, this sounds fantastic. Good job man.

You’ve Got The Heart Of A Star begins with lush strummed acoustic guitars, a horn part played on the keyboard and Noel Gallagher singing quite well here. Indeed, this tune is pretty and magical and Noel shows himself as a great singer-songwriter. Singing about having the talents and abilities to become a famous person of some sort, despite not having the spotlight on them, is another B-Side that is often overlooked as a tune. A blissful and magical listening experience, Noel pleas to his “brothers and sisters” to dance along with him. The keyboard solo is actually not the best here, but the song is a very good and solid effort musically. A pleasant listen, Oasis, even past the (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? era could make wonderful music. A lovely tune, and worth your time. Very psychedelic in its vibe, and a good song to hear from time to time. The outro is very much a mellow, psychedelic listen as well.

Columbia – Live begins with some keyboard sounds, a groovy drum beat from drummer Alan White and launches into quite an unusual sounding version of the classic Definitely Maybe song. Noel Gallagher plays some interesting and expressive guitar leads. Liam Gallagher’s voice is surprisingly good in this version, especially as he was going through a quick regressive change from his Punk like sneer to sounding a lot like a throat cancer patient instead. Regardless, it is a good listen and although it isn’t the best version of the song, it is an interesting listening experience nonetheless. Noel’s guitar playing isn’t the greatest here, either and this tune lacks consistency and energy throughout. Heathen Chemistry was a terrible musical era for Oasis, and this is proof that Oasis was past their best point as a band. It’s okay, but this has been done better elsewhere.

This is okay listening wise, but falls apart fairly quickly musically and with song quality. Oasis just wasn’t as good as they used to be by this point, and the spirit of the band was being kicked out of them here. If you really have to hear this release, do so, but for the most part, it’s very average. Liam’s singing on the last track is fairly appalling, and the whole EP sounds lethargic. It’s okay, but definitely not really worth owning.

Average to the point of mediocrity.