We are really spoiled for choice by some of the best early Syd Barrett era songs by Pink Floyd here. Prior to this, the singles were difficult to obtain and collect for the fans of early Pink Floyd. This retrospective collection is something of a blessing. It’s one of Pink Floyd’s greatest compilations.

We have most of the singles of the Syd Barrett Pink Floyd time here. It’s only missing Vegetable Man and a few other songs. This release alone is solid gold as the tracks here are very consistent.

We begin with Arnold Layne, the first single and an interesting story about a dude who steals women’s clothes off washing lines and gets jailed for it. It’s a warped tale basically, but complete with futuristic sound effects. Awesome.

The next song Candy And A Currant Bun refers to sweets and childhood sweethearts. It’s a lovely song in that respect. In fact, these songs are the best and most revolutionary statements since the early music by The Beatles. Pink Floyd changed everything.

See Emily Play talks about an unusual girl (perhaps a ghost?) who plays with other children. It features unusually spacey slide guitar, rolling drumbeats, electronic textures, and a catchy chorus. Brilliant.

The Scarecrow is the album song from The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and it is an appropriate B-Side here. Once again its interesting textures and tale of a scarecrow await you.

After that, we have Apples And Oranges which is another entertaining tale. These songs do hark back to a simpler time, before the internet and when life was more relaxed. In those days things were better in some ways before technological development changed everything in its pace.

The follow-up Paint Box tells the story of finding a girl and taking her on a date, complete with psychedelic imagery. These songs are so unique and wonderful that it makes John Lennon’s efforts around the time seem lackluster.

It Would Be So Nice tells an everyday sort of tale. We hear about a day in the life of Syd Barrett and how he feels about everyday living. It’s fantastic to listen to, even today.

Julia Dream is next and is an audiovisual fantasy. It’s so deep and emotionally oriented that one would like to know exactly what was in Syd’s mind when writing these. It is truly sad to know the story of Syd’s mental health decline in retrospect.

The next song, Point Me At The Sky is about going to space travel, and never coming back. It’s just a wonderful and melancholy based piece that you will treasure every moment of it.

We conclude this LSD style space travel journey of this album with the instrumental Careful With That Axe, Eugene. It’s an excellent sounding piece and flows nicely at the end of the album. It was one of the latter pieces during very early Pink Floyd, and points ahead to the excellent electronic noodling of the Atom Heart Mother and Meddle albums.

If you absolutely love Pink Floyd, and especially Syd Barrett, a great suggestion would be to track this recording down. It’s such a brilliant compilation that pays direct respect to the crazy diamond of Pink Floyd, so much so that all Syd Barrett fans should seek this out. It’s just as good and as valuable as The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. Truly brilliant. It’s not on Spotify or other music streaming apps, instead, you should order this one online.



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