For those of you who love the Fab Four and rightfully agree that the studio albums were not enough material to enjoy, this is a great place to continue the love of The Beatles. The Beatles were always a case of quality over quantity, even at their worst moments. This album is delivered to add a good and decent live performance series of recordings over the 1963-1965 period of time where The Beatles regularly recorded sessions that were noteworthy at the BBC itself. This is a good representation of The Beatles live. Let’s take a listen to this album and hear what it sounds like, it’s over two hours long but should be a winner from an audio point of view. Although the background dates are various and will not be listed here, the songs and song titles will, of course, be.

Beatles Greetings is a very short introduction of each of The Beatles. Short and sweet, it has a twist at the end for the average listener, before launching into this massive compilation.

From Us To You is a short excerpt of a song by The Beatles, slightly adapted, From Me To You. A good and short introductory piece that sounds very good, it is over in 30 seconds.

Riding On A Bus comes next, and is a snippet of a short interview with some quirky questions. It is an interesting and very humourous interview which is worth hearing. A great piece of listening, and very funny.

I Got A Woman is where the songs finally start. A very decent and wonderful cover by The Beatles, this sounds very upbeat and lively and is typical musical quality of The Beatles. It sounds really upbeat and lively and is a great and supercharged piece of Rock music. This sounds like great early era music from The Beatles, with a Rickenbacker guitar solo. A nice piece of pretty sounding music, there is some excellent grooving and drumming from Ringo Starr. The outro is really awesome.

Too Much Monkey Business is a good Rhythm and Blues cover that sounds really melodic and upbeat. Really nice listening, it is a really driven and great listening experience. The guitar solo present in this tune is terrific, and George Harrison does this tune some real justice. A great cover and some nice singing is over the top. A wonderful cover, and is very nice to listen to.

Keep Your Hands Off My Baby is next, and begins with some interesting sounding recording. The tape is somewhat distorted, so much so that it sounds almost like an Electronic Music piece. Nonetheless, this is a good listen and The Beatles sound really amazing here. A short piece at two and a half minutes long, this is really enjoyable and listenable. A nice piece from the 1960s, this sounds really amazing and the Fab Four do extremely well on this song. A joyful, breezy and 1960s sounding classic, this goes down extremely well. A wonderful listen.

I’ll Be On My Way is a mellow, acoustic-driven piece that sounds absolutely fantastic. It is a pure, simple and lovely piece of music that sounds really top. A short, fast yet sweet piece of music that sounds really amazing. A must hear from this compilation, nice effort dudes, this sounds wonderful. Very catchy as well. A great live music piece that is less than two minutes.

Young Blood is a great and wonderfully picked piece for The Beatles to cover. It is a really awesome tune that sounds really excellent, and the group sounds really on it musically. The guitar playing in particular is really awesome, and the rest of the group does their best to match it. A great and cheerful tune. Nice to hear.

A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues is just that, a great song for The Beatles to cover. This is a quirky and interesting song that is definitely worth hearing, once again. A very tuneful and old fashioned cover, this sounds really amazing and wonderful. The fact that The Beatles’s voices and sounds are so iconic means a great deal from an audio side of listening here, and this ends triumphantly.

Sure To Fall (In Love With You) begins as a slow ballad with some nice and lovely guitar playing by George Harrison. This is an irresistibly good and marvellous sounding effort that is miraculous. A really great piece of music with some nice singing by the group, particularly Paul McCartney. A really fantastic effort, would The Beatles be aware at the time of their vast scope and influence musically? Quite possibly not. This does sound really amazing, a nice effort by the group. Fine music.

Some Other Guy comes next and is a much more uptempo and crazy sounding piece with intricate drum fills by Ringo Starr here. A really classy and upbeat listen from the group, this sounds really great and on top. A really great performance here, this is a great album that shows the vast influence and musical library of The Beatles. An amazing effort, and worth hearing, particularly if you dig early sounds by The Beatles. A great ending is here with teenage girls screaming.

Thank You Girl begins with some nice jangly guitar that sounds awesome. This is an original piece by The Beatles that sounds really direct and awesome. The missing element of pure romanticism today is in this awesome music of yesteryear, and this whole thing sounds really top and excellent. A really amazing piece of music that sounds top, it is a two-minute blast of modern symphony. A really great effort for the short time span that it occupies. Great stuff.

Sha La La La La! is a brief conversation between The Beatles and their BBC hosts about the upcoming song. A really top and awesomely humourous introduction to the song covered by The Beatles on their first album.

Baby It’s You is the classic Burt Bacharach song covered nicely by The Beatles. A really enthusiastic and entertaining listen about heartbreak, this is a really excellent shot of music that sounds great to this day. A very wonderful musical listening experience, this is most valuable as a song. John Lennon’s singing is unique and sounds wonderfully fluid. A nice and quick melodic guitar solo by George Harrison makes this worth it as well, and the song is a short and sweet piece of purely excellent melodicism. A really top listen, this sounds wonderful. Great stuff.

That’s All Right (Mama) is another great number that is sung by Paul McCartney and sounds like a poor quality audiotape with another fantastic recording on it. A lively, wonderful and amazing listen that is just under three minutes, this sounds interesting and compelling listening. The clean electric guitar playing is superb, and the whole thing is a great creation of melodic and gorgeous instrumentation. Top and lovely listening that hits the spot, this is a miraculous and brilliant tune that sounds lively and enjoyable. The Beatles from the start of their career had a magic that was unmatched by very much nobody. Nice listen.

Carol arrives next and has a true definition of an instant Pop classic about it, delivered nicely by The Beatles. It sounds like a rhythm and blues classic tune that sticks to old fashioned musical values, yet is delivered wonderfully by an outstanding group. The pretty guitar fills present are amazing, and this song sounds joyful and uplifting. A really clever and charming sort of listening experience, no matter what sort of music you like, this is really top stuff. The Beatles were fantastic for many reasons, and this is one of them. Enjoy it to the full.

What Is It, George? is next, and is a little observation of a written letter to the group. This is another short introduction to the music up next but is somewhat humourous in the typical fashion of The Beatles. Nice work guys.

Soldier Of Love comes next, and it has an unusual guitar introduction, before launching into a Poppy and interesting piece lyrically. It is pretty absurdly humourous with John Lennon singing this piece very well. A very nice and quite funny two-minute-long song, this is a good cover to hear. Interesting music, and very lively and lovely. A fine listen throughout all the same.

A Little Rhyme is another short and rather witty piece that needs to be heard prior to the introduction of the next song. It is a good idea of the BBC and the remaining members of The Beatles to add in these humourous sections that were recorded, they make this album worth it.

Clarabella comes next, and the wonderful singing by Paul McCartney lightens this tune-up. The harmonica and other instrumentation sounds really top as well. Paul yelps and screams before a wonderful harmonica solo that is played, and we are truly back into the 1960s here. A really interesting cover of music, this sounds upbeat and raw in its delivery. A really timeless and great effort, even for a cover song. A great sugar rush of a song that sounds fantastic, The Beatles were a great band. Nice song.

I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) begins with some awesome drumming by Ringo Starr, before going into a great Pop cover that sounds really effortless by the group. A great and fantastic listen, this sounds upbeat and lively. Really fresh and bright sounding, the guitar solo here is also very amazing, followed by a terrific drum solo. A wonderful and upbeat tune, this sounds energetic and different. Cool cover.

Crying, Waiting, Hoping is a ballad of sorts with jangly electric guitars and this piece sounds a lot like the Kinks. In any case, this is a pretty song with some nice singing from the group, and it sure sounds youthful and lovely. Great to hear that The Beatles were so inspired by many songs across the board, and it is a wonderful and joyful listen about sad emotions. Good music about romanticism and relationships, this sounds very pretty. Nice work.

Dear Wack! comes next, and is a humourous reading of a letter to the group via John Lennon, with some additional music in the background. A really interesting listen, and definitely worth your time.

You Really Got A Hold On Me is from The Beatles second album. It begins with cleaner guitars and a quieter recording than the album version, and it sounds lovely, energetic and terrific. A really fine and gorgeous representation of the early work of The Beatles, and it sounds awesome and fantastic. A unique and wondrous listen, this is a little more uptempo than the album version. Nice music to hear. A wonderful listen, and a compelling one at that. Great work.

To Know Her Is To Love Her begins with some gorgeous and wonderful listening, and it is a pure 1960s and pleasurably listen present. Another wonderful and upbeat piece by The Beatles, these guys were undeniably impressive. A mixture of vocals from all the group, this is a great and fantastically enjoyable listen from the Fab Four. A really interesting and great listen, The Beatles were four geniuses of sound ready to take on the world. Nice tune from start to finish.

A Taste Of Honey is from The Beatles first album but covered live here. It sounds a bit different in terms of tuning and such, sounding a bit sharper than the original, but nonetheless is an enjoyable piece of music. A really great listen throughout, and less than two minutes long, this is, once again, fantastic. It ends nicely and just sounds terrific to listen to.

Long Tall Sally is a classic tune covered by The Beatles. It is upbeat and joyful, with Paul McCartney doing some truly awesome screaming on it. A lively and welcome performance of a Rock and Roll classic, this is undoubtedly impressive. Great to hear from start to finish, this is amazing and awesome. A really great tune, this sounds thoroughly good. Very upbeat and lively, a decent effort by the band.

I Saw Her Standing There was the first track off The Beatles debut album. It goes into a really superb and top piece of reinterpreted music that is just divine. Paul McCartney’s vocals are very close to the original, and this song is really driving and energetic. A fantastic listen in every way, The Beatles do very well here. Nice song, and a great cover of it. George Harrison’s guitar solo is amazing here, and it really sounds upbeat and divine. John Lennon’s backing vocals are somewhat out of tune, which is a little disappointing. It ends with teenage girls screaming in the audience.

The Honeymoon Song comes next, and it does what it says it does. Paul McCartney sings beautifully in this piece, and it sounds really pretty and divine. A really amazing and awesome listen, this sounds pretty and lovely and is one of the greatest love songs ever made. Catchy and professionally done, this is an amazing listen.

Johnny B Goode is next and is a very awesome and wonderfully covered tune by The Beatles. A very good tune and sounds wonderful here, this is very lively and impressive. A really awesome and impressive listening experience, this is a twist on the original classic from decades ago. A really great and top listen, worth hearing for the history. Great stuff, worth a listen. Excellent tune.

Memphis, Tennessee is both a cover and a place in the USA synonymous with the Blues. This is a very old fashioned piece for The Beatles to cover, and this song sounds lovely and brilliant. A really enjoyable and lovely piece of songcraft, it sounds top and awesome here. A really wonderful and interesting tune about heartbreak with a super bluesy guitar solo, this is deliciously enjoyable. Nice listen.

Lucille launches into a quick introduction voiceover before going into the classic Rock and Roll cover song by The Beatles. Paul McCartney does a really good job singing this one, and he sounds really amazing and magnificent, along with the rest of the band. A slide guitar solo is here, which is different. Another good listen, and very interesting indeed.

Can’t Buy Me Love comes next and is a live rendition of one of the songs on the second album by The Beatles. Nonetheless, this sounds really awesome and excellent and is very, very similar to the album version. A really great listening experience, this is really top and fantastic music to hear. A great combination of singing is present here, and this sounds lively and energetic. Good song.

From Fluff To You is another BBC chatter piece that has Paul McCartney talking about his singing influences briefly, which is interesting and deep. It’s less than half a minute long.

Till There Was You comes next and is the last song on side one of this rather long album. This is a really amazing and gorgeous tune that does deserve to be heard, it is a really great and fantastic musical listen. There are some pretty and intricate playing with Paul McCartney’s wonderful singing, and this sounds wonderful and amazing. A truly great song and rendition of it.

Crinsk Dee Night begins the second half of the album, and it is a brief chat about films and actors. A really interesting talk about that, and is a bit of an interband joke. It’s about their first film and leads into the song from their film.

A Hard Day’s Night follows and launches into a good version of the legendary song by The Beatles. A really great and nice listen through and through, and proof that these guys could cut just as well live as well as in the studio. A really good live piece, it does have the guitar solo sampled from the proper song though, which is a bit of a letdown, but nonetheless, this is a great song to listen to. A youth and romantic song that never ages, this is good for what it is. The ending is really good, and it sounds excellent, proof that this indeed, was a live recording.

Ringo? Yep! is a short and quirky recording that only lasts 13 seconds, yep. Not much else needs to be said here except it’s funny.

I Wanna Be Your Man is a good rendition of a song that is from the early era of The Beatles music. This is an upbeat, lively and well-played piece of music that sounds really excellent. A really great and awesome tune that sounds really fine, and it sounds really awesome and legendary. A nicely driven live rendition, this is infectious and enjoyable. A really awesome listen throughout.

Just A Rumour is very short at 20 seconds long. It is a typical lighthearted and witty chat between George Harrison and the TV presenter, nice stuff.

Roll Over Beethoven begins with some awesome guitar playing and quickly launches into an amazing tune that sounds boppy and upbeat. Of course, this is from the second album by The Beatles and is fairly short, but is a really awesome tune to hear. George Harrison sings and plays a mean guitar here, and it sure sounds legendary. A great little number to listen to, this is legendary. Great tunes to hear, and this is one of them. Nice listen throughout.

All My Loving launches into a fantastic piece of singing and harmony from Paul McCartney. A really great and awesome listen, this is another good live number to hear when the mood strikes. This sounds really nice and melodic, just sounding really awesome. A great piece of melodic music, this sounds boppy and upbeat. A really cool tune that exudes romanticism, this is the prime time era of The Beatles. Great work.

Things We Said Today is next and begins with some great electric guitar playing and Paul’s gentle and beautiful singing, matched by lovely vocal harmonies from the others. The singing and playing of these songs are really awesome and are proof of the fusion power of the group. A really timeless and effortless listening experience that sounds infectious and beautiful, The Beatles sang from the heart. A really great piece of music and 100% worth your time, particularly if you are a fan of 1960s music. Excellent stuff.

She’s A Woman begins with some interesting guitar chords and goes straight into another decent cover. A really interesting and pretty listening experience, this is a really gorgeous and lovely piece of music. A really pounding and upbeat tune that sounds interesting both musically and lyrically, it is about only wanting love from a partner, and nothing else. A really rhythmic and catchy guitar solo is present here, and this is a great and upbeat tune. Excellent to hear, and a fine cover by the band. The ending is fantastic.

Sweet Little Sixteen is next and has some great and pretty guitar playing. This is an upbeat tune about underage love that although questionable today, was not unquestionable back in the early 1960s. A really great and anthemic tune that has a really cool guitar solo, and is a lively and upbeat song with some decent singing by John Lennon. Really awesome music, this sounds great for what it is.

1822! is a 10-second intro to the next song that sounds really interesting for a short intro, nonetheless, it is only longer than a basic count into a song. Not much need to be said here.

Lonesome Tears In My Eyes begins with some very Spanish sounding guitar and a great uptempo piece that sounds really adventurous and wonderful. A really good tune about heartbreak and what comes as a result of it, this is an unusual piece of music. A gorgeous and melodic tune that is really nice and driven, and musically inspired by some great traditions of the past. A fine tune, all the same, this is definitely worth hearing, even for a cover. Wonderful.

Nothin’ Shakin’ begins with some clean and wonderful mid-position electric guitar tones, and this song is an old school Rhythm and Blues piece that sounds really driven. A really awesome tune to hear, this is a great and childlike tune that sounds direct and great. A lively and upbeat tune that should bring a smile to one’s face, this is a really lovely and awesome tune. The guitar solo is frenetic and rhythmic simultaneously, and this is a classy Rock tune. A very nice cover, this sounds fantastic. Great and lively music through and through.

The Hippy Hippy Shake is a classic song that defined Hippies before the Summer of Love in 1967. This is a short and upbeat tune designed to get people listening, and it just sounds upbeat and excellent. A really driven and awesome tune, it is worth hearing for historical purposes. Nice listen regardless.

Glad All Over begins with some clean 1960s guitar, before some wonderful singing emerges and this is a nice, short and sweet listening experience to enjoy. A really interesting tune to hear, and some excellent singing is here which is a great effort. A lively, excellent and straightforward listening experience, this is definitely worth hearing. It has a surprise ending that is chaotic, good work.

I Just Don’t Understand begins with some interesting and bluesy guitar work, before launching into a song about upsetting emotions in a relationship. A really different and good listen with some delicious harmonies, this is a great and wonderfully driven number. This sounds really excellent, just divine and pretty all the same. A really pretty and devotional piece of musical work, this is a deep and meaningful sort of tune with some nimble guitar work from George Harrison. Excellent tune.

So How Come (No One Loves Me) is a shorter tune that has some sense to the loners out there. A really awesome tune, this is a nice and genuinely good piece of music that sounds really great. Upbeat and well played, the whole group sound as though they are on fire throughout these sessions. A really great and interesting number, a good tune nonetheless.

I Feel Fine is the iconic original by The Beatles that was their first step into Psychedelia. It does have some brief guitar feedback, like the original, followed by some really great and lovely singing and playing by the group. Of course, it still has the romanticism and glorious sounds that we come to expect from the Fab Four. The guitar work by George Harrison in particular is really fantastic, it just sounds really amazing. A great and upbeat piece of Pop/Rock perfection. Great music.

I’m A Loser is a great John Lennon sung song by The Beatles. This is about losing a love dear to oneself, and it just sounds like a great song done live by the group. Really lively and lovely music, this is very close to the original performance. A really excellent and fantastic listen, this is a wonderful and lovely piece of songcraft than is done very much perfectly in a live setting. The harmonica is fantastic here, a really great listen.

Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby is a really upbeat and acoustic piece with electric lead guitar playing throughout. A lively and upbeat piece of music that is somewhat different to the recording on The Beatles album, this is nonetheless a terrific listening experience. Really pretty and divine music to hear, The Beatles were one of the greatest groups of the 1960s, and these recordings prove that. Nice music to hear, this sounds really fresh and awesome.

Rock and Roll Music is that loud and crazy tune from the early era of The Beatles. John Lennon sings again here, and he sounds really full of joy in his singing. This song is done justice on this live version, and Ringo Starr keeps a mean groove to this song. A really wonderful and interesting tune in delivery, The Beatles do very well here. Nice song.

Ticket To Ride begins with some trippy sounding electric guitar sounds, before launching into the live version of the song. This sounds really direct, lovely and amazing, and is just a killer performance. These guys definitely could cut it, even in a live setting. There are noticeably a few mistakes on this live piece by George Harrison on guitar, but nonetheless, this sounds great. Good music to hear. A really top listen throughout.

Dizzy Miss Lizzy begins with frenetic guitar playing and this upbeat number that sounds lively and terrific. A really good and interesting listen to hear, this is a decent, uptempo and well-delivered song that sounds really great. A good tune to hear, this sounds really interesting, upbeat and lively. The rather twangy guitar playing here is really excellent. A really upbeat and cool tune that needs to be heard, this is a good live version of the song.

Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! is an upbeat and backbeat heavy piece that has some great soul singing by Paul McCartney. This is a really awesome and upbeat tune that sounds really driven and beat-heavy, it just sounds insanely good. A good medley by The Beatles that sounds irresistible, this is a wonderful and driven piece of music that sounds really awesome and fantastic. Really awesome tune here, there is some manic screaming by Paul McCartney at the end here. Nice work.

Set Fire To That Lot! is an interesting piece of introduction to the next song. Bear in mind that all these intros are pretty wacky and that this is no different. Good banter here.

Matchbox comes next, and some good Blues playing and singing present. This is an old school cover that does deserve attention, it just sounds really excellent. A really great and upbeat tune with a really solid guitar solo, this is a really impressive sort of listen. An interesting tune that sounds lively and Bluesy, The Beatles sure could Rock. Good stuff.

I Forgot To Remember To Forget is a strange-sounding piece that is back to the romanticism that we all know and love about The Beatles. A really interesting choice of song, with some interesting drumming from Ringo Starr, this is quite a good listen. The guitar solo is super pretty and well played, and this is a nice little number. A good listen nonetheless.

Love These Goon Shows! is a brief and witty piece with John Lennon taking over the announcements halfway through. An excellent and witty recording, it is less than half a minute before launching into the next song.

I Got To Find My Baby goes straight into a Blues number that is really awesome. A really upbeat and pure slice of great musicality that is awesome, this is a fine number to hear. An excellent listen with some expertly played harmonica by John Lennon, this is awesome stuff. A fine tune that sounds great, and a very good cover.

Ooh! My Soul is a quick and supercharged cover that sounds really awesome and interesting, particularly with Ringo Starr’s drumming. It has a really nice guitar solo in the middle as well, and this is a great piece with some incredible vocal screaming in it. A really cool and upbeat tune, this sounds excellent. Short and sweet.

Ooh! My Arms is a brief post discussion of the song prior, with some more humourous banter. It is good to hear these songs’ discussions in between songs, they really make this album just that much better.

Don’t Ever Change comes next, and is a great and upbeat piece with some eclectic lyricism and singing present. A really interesting and decent tune that sounds like a deeply romantic and beautiful song to hear. A fine tune to hear, and a wonderful love song to listen to. Very direct and nostalgic in a good way.

Slow Down is a slower and more Rhythm and Blues styled number that sounds terrific. This is a good and awesome tune with some great singing and some great drumming by Ringo Starr. This is a fantastic and upbeat piece of music that just sounds really joyful, with loads of vocals screaming in it. The guitar solo by George Harrison is really awesome here, too. An amazing and uplifting piece of music that sounds incredibly good, and is one of the better covers here.

Honey Don’t is a staple of The Beatles that sounds really breezy and uplifting. This is a really nice and decently uplifting piece of music that is well done in this live setting. A fantastic and great piece of music to hear, this is a fine piece of music and musicality. The guitar solo by George Harrison is great, followed by some amazing screaming and singing that sounds top-notch. Good tune.

Love Me Do is the live version of the first single by The Beatles. It sounds rather shrill and pitchy for a live performance by the group, but nonetheless, is okay. Anyway, this is towards the end of the album but all the same, isn’t the best. A good effort, but definitely not a great effort. This wraps after two and a half minutes.

From Us To You is a brief conclusion to this rather long live album. It is a good conclusion to what we have heard.

Okay, after over two hours of live numbers by The Beatles, this is safe to say a very good and enjoyable collection of songs that does very well. Sure, this is incredibly lengthy, but all the same, this is a live experience that should be heard by fans of the group and is very upbeat and joyful, for the most part. The witty intermissions of chatter are also really good too. If you can sit through this, then you will have a ball, but casual listeners probably won’t enjoy this too much. Overall, this is good, not great.

Lengthy but fun.