The artistry of EDM is not to be underestimated. Dave Angel, although based his music on the roots of Techno, was clever enough to add in some extra influences musically as well, such as House music and Trance music as well throughout his career. This is one of his earliest releases musically, following his debut album and this album is one of his most loved works, which itself is a compilation of earlier singles. Let’s take a listen to this album and hear if it is any good.

Bounce Back begins with some basic kick drum beats and hi-hats. This is quickly followed by some awesome digitised sounds, as we head into Techno territory. Various layers of interesting textures and sounds enter. This is a fantastic listen from the start, and the minimalist EDM Techno sounds and textures present in this tune are amazing. Dave Angel, at this point, had a great ear for music and musicality. This is absolutely perfect to pump in your car for that wild night out. This is a fantastic listen, and this is excellent minimal EDM Techno that is cleverly programmed and delivered. Whoever said EDM wasn’t fun? This is instantly catchy and worth repeated listens again and again. The electric sounds and the beats are very original, captivating and amazing to listen to. This may not be to everyone’s taste, but it ticks all the great musical boxes. The second half has an excellent breakdown with digitised Acid style sounds and a different percussive based musical structure. A really fantastic tune to listen to, this is extraordinary music. Classics indeed, Dave Angel is one of the better Techno based artists to hear. Period. Great effort from start to finish.

Sighting begins with some dual Techno kick drum beats, before launching into an interesting piece of Techno that is solidly excellent. This is better EDM than most of what is released today. Instantly heading into an energy rush with creative sounds, this continues with an array of liquid patch based sounds. This is the sort of music that humanoid robots in the 22nd century will listen to. Miles ahead of anyone of his time and many in the EDM scene back in the 1990s, Dave Angel has a great ear for original Techno. Eminem may have said, “Nobody listens to Techno!” in his Without Me song, but the truth is, in a Back To The Future sense, that this isn’t something that some people are ready for…yet. Some digitised vocals are here, along with some very decent and wonderful musical structures to hear. Intricate, professional sounding and overall fantastic, this is underrated by a long shot. One of the best releases of its era, Dave Angel made some excellent music on this album. Hats off to the man, he has created an excellent and fantastic set of awesome tunes on this album. This eventually becomes calmer and more minimal towards the end, before concluding gradually. An excellent effort.

Jungle Love begins with some odd stereo panned sounds and hi-hats to match, with some science fiction styled sounds in the background. Again, this is excellent and exciting music that, although sounds dark and otherworldly, is of excellent quality. Nonetheless, this isn’t at all like Jungle (an EDM genre that eventually morphed into Drum and Bass). Instead, it is a clever and creative piece of straightforward music that sounds really smart, intellectual and good for repeat listens. A really fantastic tune to enjoy, it proves that repetitive music also has its place. A very wonderful piece with some straightforward and natural musical progressions and musicality, Dave Angel creates more great music here. In the second half, the tune progresses in a much more minimal fashion than expected. This is neither sell-out House music nor depressing and rubbish Trance mixes out there. Instead, this is exactly the sort of music that is set up for the future of humankind. Yes, this is definitely worth listening to. A great tune for sure, it gets simpler towards the end, before concluding nicely. Great stuff. The Chemical Brothers may have paid some attention to this great album, with its science fiction overtones. This ends with Theremin like sounds, before finishing. Nice work.

Trip to Darkness begins with some rather dark spacey sounds, followed by some interesting reversed vocals and other eerie sounds. Again, this gets going nicely with 4/4 beats and a simple and awesome melodic section. Other Roland TR-808 and TR-909 style percussion enter, and this sounds a bit like the 1990s Techno version of The Rolling Stones’s 2000 Light Years From Home. Still, this is a fantastic and straightforward effort from Dave Angel. It just works wonderfully, a really awesome tune to hear from this album. In the middle, some repetitive and simpler sounds come along. This is definitely intellectual music for those who find most EDM lacking in brain cell function as a genre. A dark, warped and surreal tune, Techno is really fine and fantastic on this album. A really clever and nicely structured piece of music, this is what those who need a different sort of EDM based music will crave. It ends under five minutes in length, not a bad piece of music at all.

Free Flow begins with some very 1990s Electronic synth string style sounds, along with some inaudible vocal sounds. Soon enough, multilayered percussion sounds enter, which are intelligent and excellent. A massive 4/4 kick beat with some intricate Roland hi-hats enters. There is a low bass melody that enters, before the beats and hi-hats resume. This is much more dance based than previous tunes on this album, but still retains the freshness of quality and musical interest. This piece is somewhat more Progressive Techno in nature, and the whole thing sounds very inspired and amazing. A really intricate, fresh and unique piece of music, Dave Angel shows his unique talent on this album. Fantastic music, this is one of the best EDM albums of the 1990s, hands down. There are breaks between the beats, indicating a thoughtful and interesting construction of these tunes. In any case, another solid gold winner from Dave Angel, and something all EDM fans can appreciate. Good job overall. It ends with an eerie spacey conclusion. Nice work.

Fallen Destiny begins with some more dark and spacey sounds, which are very otherworldly. Layers of sounds are present here, which makes this piece unusual. Soon enough, hi-hats and handclaps enter and this piece sounds unique in its own sense. A really fine effort, although admittedly the dark and spacey musical atmosphere isn’t something that everyone into EDM will enjoy. Still, this is good for what it is. It just delivers excellently the exact dark Techno that some may need in their lives from time to time. If you love dark electronic instrumentals, then this is completely up your alley. A spirited and excellent tune, this music sounds really great and fantastic. A genuinely awesome piece of music that flows superbly, this is intellectually inspired and enjoyable, if you have an appreciation for this music. If there is a very minor flaw with this piece, it is that the length of the track is a little too long to be absolutely perfect as a musical piece. This is easily overlooked, this is not Oasis’s Be Here Now album in comparison. Dave Angel does what he does at his best here. A very futuristic tune, absolutely worth your time as well. It ends with the beats stopping and dark, otherworldly melodies repeating to the end. Different.

Endless Emotions begins with some more dark Techno sounds, with an ascending/descending melody that sounds very spacey indeed. This is followed by some very Techno style sounds, followed by some excellently timed beats and handclaps. Hi-hats enter and we are on our way musically. This is more good minimal Techno that should be heard by more people in EDM per se. A fresh, innovative and very sensible sounding Techno tune. Although this is the longest piece on this album, it sure sounds really cool and amazing. Genuinely fresh and decent, the music here sounds incredibly good, fun, danceable and fantastic. This sort of music gives some of Underworld’s creations at the time a real run for their money. A fine and grand listening experience in the Techno world, the simple and awesome melodies here are mind-blowingly good. This does have a fairly Progressive nature about the music on this tune, which only adds to the awesome suspense of this piece. A good effort nonetheless. Towards the end are some nice cut-up beats and a feeling of excellent suspense. Dave Angel succeeds at great minimal Techno and is proof that EDM isn’t exactly throwaway, depending on where you look. Nice effort man. The outro is spacey.

Brother from Jazz begins with some weird ambient sounds before some nice real sounding bongo beats enter. This is followed by intricate hi-hats and some great handclaps. The cleverness and intricacies of this tune are really excellent. This is quickly followed by a funky sounding pseudo-Acid patch. This is also somewhat moving musically, a very odd thing for Techno music out there. Really awesome music, this is followed by unorthodox beats. This is intellectual and decent music, all right. A really amazing creation, the sounds present on this tune are very awesome and original. There is a delightful array of Roland percussion based sounds that are really fine and awesome. This is head music for when you need to explore the soulful side of machines. This is definitely one of the better tunes of this album as a result and deserves to be heard. The EDM of yesteryear is seemingly better than that of today. A really interesting and awesome listening experience, there is a nice bass style melody in the second half of this tune. Dave Angel is a Techno genius. A great musical experience, and by this point, a real winner of a classic album. This ends with a spacey melody being played alone, great work.

Down Deep begins with a distorted piano being played, before some additional simple Techno melodies enter. This is followed by some cool bongo beats that sound very fitting. Eventually, this piece of music gets kicking away nicely with some pseudo cut-up Breakbeats. This is a very good twist in the album’s music, experimenting without causing too much diversion from the original concept of the music on this album. This is a welcome addition to this already outstanding album. A brilliant tune, and something that should be perfect for when you need some Techno/Breaks. Enjoyable to the max, this album is extremely underrated. A very interesting and awesome listen, the distorted piano melody is the main driving sound of this tune. A very, very good piece of music, this does sound pretty and more straightforward than some other EDM out there. Again, a real winner of a tune, and one of the highlights of this amazing album. The percussion builds up towards the end. This is a good dose of pure Techno and is highly enjoyable. It ends gradually but suddenly.

Lust begins with a tom-tom drum machine patch before handclaps enter. This is a very, very good intro to another excellent piece of music that sounds interesting and intelligent. This is by far one of the better pieces of music on this album. It is ideal to play it in a sexual scenario, and as an instrumental for that, this fits perfectly. The amount of vibrant and powerful percussion based sounds present in this tune is ridiculously good. An Acid House style sound enters, and this track continues along nicely. A very awesome tune, this one is a little different to the colder, mechanical offerings in the first half. A very good and vibrant piece of music that sounds really excellent, this is colourful and texturally brilliant. Very lively and exciting listening, Dave Angel was on the ball with this release. Simple, yet infectious music, this is a really great tune. A fine and great tune to hear and a must listen for Techno heads. The ending wraps up gradually this wonderful piece of music, and leaves the awesome percussion at the end to enjoy, followed by a simple cut-up electronic melody. Nice work dude.

Dimension of Drums begins with some really excellent drum sounds and loops. This is surprisingly catchy and is quickly followed by 4/4 Roland beats and percussion based sounds. This is a really great listen all the same, and this music is really wonderful and energetic listening throughout. It’s more percussion based than Techno really, despite the fact there are some neat melodies throughout. These tunes are superb and fantastic, and this one is no different musically. A really awesome and excellent crafted piece of energetic music, this is a standout on this album and it really powers along nicely. This is like a nice cold can of Red Bull, punchy and powerful. The midsection has some Acid based noises and some eerie melodies in the background, before the beats resume. A very wonderful piece of music and musicality, it sounds catchy and powerful towards the end. Gloriously wonderful, Dave Angel succeeds at making pure Techno to be enjoyed. Towards the end is a keyboard style melody, and this concludes abruptly. Nice effort.

Great Daine is the last track. It begins with a synth string melody and does wonderfully as a suspenseful buildup here. Soon enough, some melodies and synchronised beats enter, followed by typical Techno percussion. This is quite a moody, deep listen for the last piece of music on this album. Regardless, it is a very amazing listen from the go. This is science fiction territory here, and Dave Angel is our master of the beats. A simple tune that works really well, this holds a great deal of interest when hearing it. A really fine and fantastic piece of music, this sounds excellent. Towards the end is some interesting stereo panning, which is very unusual. A powerful and pretty piece of otherworldly music, this ends the album on a high note. Lively, energetic and powerful, Dave Angel made a wonderful listen here. Great to hear, this ends a very cool and interesting instrumental Techno album with a simple set of melodies. Excellent.

This is a wonderful and unique album in the history of music that defines Techno itself without question. There is much to love and appreciate here, although Techno is really an acquired taste. Still, if you love EDM or Electronic music of any sort, you will definitely appreciate this album. A solid gold classic all the same, and a must have in your collection.

Outer space exploration set to EDM.