This is one of the very few good songs from the horrible 2008 Dig Out Your Soul album by Oasis. Both Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher had enough of each other, and the other band members at this point weren’t willing to intervene as things worsened. Still, this is a good song that was released as this single, and as per usual, it climbed up the charts. Let’s take a listen and see what we have here.

The Shock Of The Lightning begins with reversed guitars, quickly launching into a punchy and decent tune with some gorgeous sounds. Liam Gallagher’s voice is definitely horrid here, and the tune sounds good, but Oasis had done much better than this previously. A good song, but very disappointing in some ways. It’s a poor take on Psychedelia of the latter era of The Beatles. Thankfully Oasis was still making music by this point, even if it was absolutely dreadful to hear. “Love is a time machine, up on the silver screen, it’s all in my mind…” sings Liam in the chorus. Such lyrics are very Psychedelic, but this isn’t Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band which was a masterpiece and far better than this song. The solo section isn’t very impressive either, although there is a drum solo instead of a guitar solo. Very trashy and unexceptional listening, Oasis was done by this point, and the music reflects that. A disappointing song, and nothing special here. The outro is very Psychedelic and weird. Horrid tune.

Falling Down – The Chemical Brothers Remix is a remix of one of the other good tunes from this album. Unfortunately, this is horrible from the start. It makes one wonder if it at all was worth making it. Soon enough, the drums enter and some fuzzy sounds emerge that are beyond terrible. These sounds are eventually wound back, and this is just like polishing a piece of music that was even good in the first place. Noel Gallagher’s singing is treated with some strange sound effects, and there is prominent piano on this as well. This confirms that even Heathen Chemistry, as bad as it was, comes across as a better album than Dig Out Your Soul. The sounds and production are unnecessary, and both Noel and The Chemical Brothers could have done far better than this. A joke of a remix, this is enough to give one a headache. Fortunately, this does end nicely, but it is overall appalling.

This is one of the worst EP releases that Oasis ever made. Oasis was just wasting time with this set of songs, and the music here isn’t the best at all. Sadly, the music reflected the state of mind within the band and the chaos that would ensue later on in 2009. It’s better to remember Oasis by their early releases, not this junk. Absolutely horrible sounding music is on this, do not listen to this, just avoid it.

An awful EP release that represents nothing.