This was the very last EP that Oasis released in their lengthy career before Noel Gallagher left after a backstage fight with his brother Liam Gallagher later on in 2009. This was a sad ending to a band that was historically and musically important in retrospect for Rock music. This is a Noel Gallagher tune from their last album Dig Out Your Soul, and although it contains the weird melancholy of the parent album, it is quite a good listen as a song. Let’s observe this last EP of theirs, and hopefully, it is up to scratch with Oasis’s musical legacy.

Falling Down launches into a cyber bunch of keyboard noises, before the rest of the song quickly enters. This instantly sounds quite good, and Noel proves that, at this point, he could sing much better than his brother Liam Gallagher. It is a rather depressing listen, both musically and lyrically. Still, this is a great listening experience to hear and contains some warped and surreal sounds musically. It’s a good thing that Noel Gallagher still had tunes in him at this point. With lyrics crying out in the rain to God, this is a very distressing listen. Many early Oasis fans would likely hate this song, and it is easy to hear why. This is a very morbid and bleak tune. There is a mellotron solo in the second half, as opposed to a guitar solo here. A good piece, but Oasis’s best days were definitely behind them at this point. A depressing tune, and something not really worth bothering with in general, despite the effort being put into it. It wraps up with just Noel singing away, and some hi-hats to finish. Bleak.

Those Swollen Hand Blues comes next, and it begins with some guitar feedback and Black Sabbath like eerie sounds to match. This is very odd sounding and has some guitar playing from the end of Mucky Fingers re-adapted for this tune. Very weird. Noel Gallagher sings about looking back on his life at what has been gone and done. This isn’t the greatest song from this era but is good enough for what it is. Noel’s singing is very good here, and he articulates human emotions better than most people will ever experience in their lives. A short piece, more textural than a song based, this does sound pretty in its own way. A bit of a drag to listen to, Noel was ready to leave Oasis and strike a new musical direction for himself. This ends with a multitude of keyboard parts fading out, which is very different. Weird.

Falling Down – The Gibb Mix is an extended remix of the main song. It sounds a lot like Joy Division here, which is very different. Weird, strange and odd, this is a good remix of the main song. It just sounds darker and more minimal than the main track, and it is a weird mix of sonic ability. Noel would pursue this remix idea more often throughout his solo career. It builds up gradually and sounds very unusual compared to the original. Understandably, Noel Gallagher was quite aware that Rock’s best days were behind it. An ordinary remix and really, not hugely needed here. The sounds present aren’t exactly revolutionary. Even Be Here Now is more enjoyable for the most part than this, sadly. In the second half are some interesting sounds, but nothing great nor interesting is really here. Noel sings in a moaning tone on this song, and this is quite noticeable here. Not worth spending your time listening to, the best was passed by now for Oasis. The outro is extremely bare and has a fairly trippy outro to match. It’s barely listenable.

Falling Down – The Prodigy Version is not needed, either. It begins with some very intense electronic sounds, and Noel’s chorus singing present. Pretty sad that this was done right at that point, this is nothing at all like The Chemical Brothers Setting Sun collaboration effort that Noel Gallagher did with those guys back in 1997. It just sounds really awful and like a bad musical idea to listen to. Please hit the stop button before you hear this rubbish tune. Nothing at all valuable on this song, this is very awful sounding music. This is totally dreadful and unnecessary to listen to and is like polishing a you-know-what. A really weird, stupid and just not needed addition to this EP, you are better off spending time listening to Heathen Chemistry instead. Just appalling. This leaves a sour taste in the mouth for many Oasis fans out there, and both The Prodigy and Noel Gallagher have done far better than this remix. Fortunately, you have been warned here not to listen to this nonsense. It ends with an extended guitar chord, followed by a repeated groove. Appalling.

Oasis usually had a knack for putting some of their greatest songs on EPs. Unfortunately, this is not the case with this EP release. Sure, the main song itself is okay, but the extra tracks do not do justice to the once mighty Oasis that made legendary tunes. Should you still listen to this? Absolutely not. Don’t waste your time here, a better starting point for Oasis is either Definitely Maybe or What’s The Story (Morning Glory)? Those albums are packed full of great tunes, this is not, however.

Like banging your head against a brick wall.