The Beach Boys made other music that was great other than the legendary Pet Sounds album. This is another one of those legendary albums of theirs. It is less than half an hour in length, so let’s get stuck into this album, one of The Beach Boys best loved to date.

We begin with Do You Wanna Dance? which is a fairly straightforward pop/rock song from the 1960s. It’s fairly catchy, with a breakdown and nice guitar in it. A good opener that is reminiscent of simpler times in our postmodern world. The guitar solo is pretty mellow. Good song.

Next is Good To My Baby which is another well delivered pop/rock piece. It’s a little repetitive, but nothing to bore you. It’s a good song about young love and all the positive things that come with it. There is some Fender Jazzmaster like guitar playing in it, too. Surprisingly good to hear, even today.

Don’t Hurt My Little Sister comes next which is one weird name for a song. Still, it is listenable, although the lyrics are very immature. It’s a strange song and one which could have been rethought in retrospect, but is okay to listen to anyway. More Fender style electric guitars are here for your delight.

When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) is a reflection of future and past in one song. Believe it or not, there is what sounds like harmonica and harpsichord here. It’s an odd song to make. Still, it is a decent listen regardless.

Next is the classic Help Me, Rhonda which is a standout tune here by The Beach Boys about mixed emotions of love that one can have in their life. It’s a sad tale of heartbreak, but sounds so joyful that you may think otherwise. Good song, and well played and performed here. There is a good instrumental section towards the end of this song with chanting. Nice.

Following is Dance, Dance, Dance which is a great listen about the joy of music and dancing along to it. There is a Beatlesque guitar solo here which is pretty cool, along with a key change. Another good effort by The Beach Boys, and a good listen.

Please Let Me Wonder is a melodramatic pop/rock song that sounds sad, yet good at the same time. It is another good listen and one that is very 1960s. A keyboard solo quietly lies in the background here, listen out for it. A good song about devotional love.

I’m So Young is about taking the leap of faith in romantic situations. A superb and quality listen, it is a tale that questions the morality of getting married at a super young age. In any case, another good song is here, and the harmonies are very good indeed.

Next is Kiss Me, Baby which is a more straightforward tune about conflicting emotions in a love based relationship. With divorce rates today above 50% in most western countries, this makes clear and perfect sense, this song that is. A good and fresh sounding song.

Following is She Knows Me Too Well which is a good topic of romanticism and a good song as well. Musically, it is a great pop pastiche and just sounds terrific, particularly vocally. There is a neat guitar solo in this piece as well, worth hearing from this album. Nice tune.

In The Back Of My Mind is about distraught emotions in an relationship. There is some proto-Pet Sounds instrumentation and arrangements here, which makes this one of the better songs from this album. Even before Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson was making sublime pop songs with The Beach Boys. A good listen.

Bull Session With “Big Daddy” is a recording of speech and random talk by The Beach Boys with people. It’s not necessary here, but is an interesting way to finish this album. Only worth listening to if you have to hear it, otherwise, avoid.

This is a good album that is a strong effort, without being a great album. The Beach Boys were improving on their craft, which would build up until Pet Sounds. Is it worth a listen? Yes and no, it is a good set of songs but stops short of being great. You be the judge on if it is worth a listen from this review. Worth hearing from time to time, however.