2020 was an eventful year for the world, given the spread of COVID-19 that changed everything in its wake. Still, the world of music had to continue, despite the lack of live performances. Ariana Grande released this album, yet another chart topping piece. Is it any good though? Let’s find out.

The album begins with shut up which has a organ keyboard string patch intro, before Ariana Grande begins singing away with some interesting string backed textures. Her singing is powerful and dynamic, unlike anything else really out there. This is quite an improvement on the previous album, and the whole piece sounds beautiful and wonderful. A strong start to this album, and a good song as well. Some imaginative instrumental breaks are here as well, ending rather oddly.

Next is 34+35 which begins with Ariana Grande going, “hmph!” before launching into a decent pop piece that is not only minimal in approach, but quite good sounding really. The music here has an RnB approach and has some explicit lyrics, but it does sound like a superb effort. It is a good postmodern piece, even though it doesn’t lyrically really seem that great. Regardless, quality is here and the effort is what counts, and Ariana Grande should be happy with songs such as these. Good job. There is a minimal string backing throughout, which is actually a good idea for her music.

motive (with Doja Cat) comes next which sounds a lot like a Daft Punk sort of tune, complete with dance beats added to the piece. There are some quite dark electronic textures here as well, whilst Ariana Grande questions human psychology. Sure, this is pop music, but one can admire the effort put in here by both the producer and Ariana Grande herself. Doja Cat’s appearance is a good thing, making this track sound a bit different whilst keeping the general theme of the song going. Short and sweet, and quite impressive, in a way.

just like magic kicks off with a suitable pastiche of sounds and Ariana Grande kicks into pop star mode here. Some interesting production techniques and a good listen is here, although this music has a lot of profane language in it. Regardless, it is a rather deep and emotional effort by her and she has made a strong effort here, and listeners will likely agree. The whole thing is short and poppy, good effort.

Next is off the table (with The Weeknd) which begins with some heavy duty beats and textures, unlike anything Ariana Grande has delivered before. It’s a deep and meaningful tune about lust and desire, and Ariana Grande sounds wonderful in her singing here. The whole track sounds warm in arrangement, and the guess appearance by The Weeknd is very good as well. It does sound wonderfully delivered by both star and guest, and is a good listening experience. Nice job. The emotional singing here is top and very much excellent, and both singers do a fine job here. It ends with a beautiful string section melody, excellent effort.

Following is six thirty which begins with some unusual computerized sounds, before Ariana Grande comes in with some wonderful singing about love and lust which sounds fantastic. The arrangements and string sections here sound super good and fantastic, and she has really stepped up a notch with her production sounds in the background. This is really excellent to hear, and although it is top of the pops sort of stuff, this is really well done by both artist and producers. Great song as well.

safety net (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) kicks off with some unusual sounds, before Ariana Grande starts singing away. Some great sounds, particularly the beats, come along and we are in pop heaven. This is another great piece of music. The guest appearance is good here too, showcasing that variety is the spice of life and this track reflects that. A wonderfully powerful and deep listen, a superb pop listen, if that is your thing. Very emotional and powerful listening. It is about the pitfalls of relationships, an interesting lyrical concept itself. Good effort.

my hair comes next, and has some Jazz like guitar sounds at the start, before leading into a good pop song that sounds strong and awesome simultaneously. There is a trumpet sound included halfway through, which only adds to the whole excellent listening experience. Another wonderful pop listen by Ariana Grande in a different context, she does well to impress us. Nice effort and a good song here. It has some weird sounds at the end, but hey, that is welcome here.

Next is nasty which has some laughter and some strange samples at the beginning, before Ariana Grande emerges to do some great singing in amongst some brilliant beats and textures here that sound out of this world. It is a great and lovely sounding track about devotional love and sexual desire, which definitely sounds different. This is a definite improvement on last year’s album, and Ariana Grande does very well here. Oozing sexual appeal here, a great track, even if it is not a single. Nice.

Following up is west side which has some unusual digital sound loops and trickery which is surprising for Ariana Grande to sing along to. Still, some beats kick in and this track is yet another strong piece by Ariana Grande. It has a strong romantic and sexual sentiment about it, and just sounds really good for what it is. It is very short, but a good listen.

love language comes next with some Disco like strings, and some strange noises in the background, before going into a beatastic and nicely arranged piece that suits Ariana Grande perfectly well. It is a great listen and very catchy, especially melodically with the string section. This is a very good and wonderful listen, even if it is marketed and sold for the masses. A strong and superb effort for postmodern pop music. A strange ending is here, with an extra section in the song which will surprise you. Neat.

positions is the title track, and sounds top here, with some unusual string sections and catchy melodies here. Ariana Grande sings beautifully and wonderfully here, and is in top form. The carefully crafted melodies and singing here are out of this world, showcasing a real talent, better than most in the world of music today. It may refer to sex itself, but at least it is not overly profane, like some Rap music is. Great effort.

Next is obvious which is an out there and direct piece about lust in the morning. Although notably it may be a pop star and computerised beats, it still sounds like a wonderful and strong listening experience. Simply moving and good listening experience, this is wonderful listening. It has some strange electronic sounds at the end as well.

Lastly we have pov which begins with some melodies and watery noises, before Ariana Grande swings into what she does best. This is a deep and emotional listen from our lead lady singer, and just sounds amazing. A fine way to finish off a great album, and Ariana Grande has done superbly here. The string section here is delicious sounding as well. Good music in an uncertain world and time today to hear. She goes into a super emotional finale, which is really top.

This is by far the best Ariana Grande effort yet. Before this album, her efforts were mainly hit and miss, but rest assured, this is a strong and decent effort. If you dig the latest trends and just want to find out how good Ariana Grande is musically, this is a great starting point. Hopefully she will continue putting out an album each year, this is superb.