Before concept albums were officially about, Frank Sinatra did theme style albums about different moods. This is a good one of his, showcasing a mood of loneliness and despair. Let’s see if the songs here are any good.

When No One Cares starts off with a melancholy string instrumental section, before Frank Sinatra kicks off into a moody and strong piece that talks about loneliness and crying which is touching. It is not a happy piece, but that is the point. Great for a big emotional breakdown, if you ever need to do so.

A Cottage For Sale delves deeper into the gloominess and broken heartedness that one can experience in life. It’s genuinely good music, and the lyrics and the string section match that. Sounding broken hearted, Frank Sinatra pulls off an excellent performance about a finished relationship. It is a sad, yet interesting listening experience.

Next is Stormy Weather which begins with a low end sort of sound out of the traditional instrumentation here, before Frank Sinatra delivers a tale of gloom and misery (in his words) to sing about the difficulties life can bring. It’s a great piece to hear, and asks for a sunnier day and scene of affairs. Good and melodramatic music.

Following is Where Did You Go? which starts with a simple string section, before Frank Sinatra sings about love that is missing. It is a wonderful and great listen if you ever feel the need to shed a few tears. Drama set to music, it demands listening. Frank Sinatra is on top form here. No guitar solos, just beautiful strings. Mint.

I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You is another dramatic piece about heartbreak which is relatable for those missing a lover who one has lost. It is so beautiful and wonderful that it good music to listen to in the depths of loneliness. An excellent delivery by Frankie, and he does well here, and the backing instrumentation is spot on. A great listen.

Here’s That Rainy Day comes next with some brilliant strings at the start, before Frank Sinatra enters the scene with a story about sadness and heartbreak. It is sung about been proven wrong with emotions and love in a miserable context. A superb song though, and is a good pre-concept concept album so far. It ends quietly.

Next is I Can’t Get Started has some brilliant lyrics in them which shows a sort of imagery of a broken hearted man sitting in his home by oneself, sipping on a hard alcoholic drink and smoking cigarettes whilst dreaming of a better love life. It is sad and moving music for the moment you need it, without any of the suicidal messages that later rock bands would endorse. It’s simply sad, and very good and listenable music for when the mood strikes. An excellent song. The lyrics are excellent here, showing Frank Sinatra as an intelligent person, although he didn’t write his own songs.

Following is Why Try To Change Me Now? which shows Frank Sinatra walking in the rain and feeling glum about the lack of love in his life, and his inability to move on from his blues. A very consistent listening experience, and one which has Frank Sinatra still in love with a lover long gone. Sad, yet beautiful music. The finale of the song is brilliant.

Just Friends is one of the more memorable songs from this album and has Frank Sinatra singing about being shattered after losing a love to friendship. It’s another tear jerker piece that demands listening. Sadly delivered and very relatable, it is a great song with a string section crescendo which is brilliant. It’s a very sad song, listen to it only if you are in a similar mood at least to this song.

I’ll Never Smile Again shows Frank Sinatra taking it emotionally hard from a lover once there, but now gone. He sings about crying and missing romance, which is intense and sad simultaneously. A strong and consistent effort, it is really well delivered and performed, with alternations between Frankie singing and beautiful strings. Another good song here. Very sad indeed.

Next is None But The Lonely Heart which proceeds with the real Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band club members here, although this was way before The Beatles made records. It is a true tale of sadness and long lost love. Frank Sinatra puts in a great vocal performance, and is inspiring with his emotional delivery. Another consistent listen.

Following is The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else) which is likely one of the saddest songs by Frank Sinatra, and in the world of music, you will ever hear. It’s a real heartbreaker sort of story and situation, and if you are easily moved by music, this is one to move you. It’s a dark and dismal situation sung by Frank Sinatra, who does the singing fantastically here. The whole piece is brilliant, as is the rest of the album. Very deep.

This Was My Love is somewhat lighter, but still in moody territory. It sounds oddly cheerful, yet the subject matter evokes distress with the subject matter. A superb listen that reflects on happier days and times, it is a solid and refreshing listen, towards the end of the album, a nice addition.

I Could Have Told You is about advice towards a male friend and their lover. It’s an interesting listen, and is a good piece to relate to as seemingly Frank Sinatra was that person’s lover as well. Sad, but an interesting reflection on relationships. A good warning sign to someone if necessary.

Lastly, You Forgot All The Words (While I Still Remember The Tune) finishes off the album with a clarinet intro and string section to boot. It’s another sad tune to finish off the album, but a necessary piece about shared moments with a favourite song. A good listen to hear on the way out of this album.

This is a sad, lonely and broken hearted listen, particularly for those who feel alone and isolated. Surely, most adults would come across this sort of emotional and musical situation. It is not Frank Sinatra’s greatest ever album, but certainly, if you feel that No One Cares, your musical album is here to hear.