The Beatles took the plunge on this recording and decided to create 100% originals for their music along with the movie of the same name. It worked well, and Beatlemania was in full swing after the release of this album. It has aged very well indeed, so let’s listen to all this, track by track.

We begin with A Hard Day’s Night with its superb 12 string acoustic guitar and story about lusting after a partner after a long day at work. There are some interesting touches to this song musically, and it is a great way to begin this album. A good tune. The outro is terrific.

The next song, I Should Have Known Better is about an irreplaceable love in one’s life. It’s an interesting way to describe such a situation. George Harrison’s guitar solo is so great here. It’s a simple song that will blow your mind. The Rickenbacker electric guitar and strummed acoustic guitars just flow nicely here.

If I Fell is about the trust involved in a loving relationship. It’s a nice devotional number in this respect. The album here is really consistent all the way through, a nice song on a great album. The singing here is really quite beautiful as well.

I’m Happy Just To Dance With You is a song about just that. It’s a romantic and idealistic sort of song, but just sounds so nice indeed. It’s a lovely piece which sounds great. There is some really very intricate guitar playing here, a nice touch.

The super awesome ballad And I Love Her comes next. It’s a great song by the group. It features prominently on their compilations, and for sure is a standout early song by The Beatles. A must listen. It’s excellent. Great for an acoustic piece.

Following up is Tell Me Why. It’s about a failing relationship, and has some sad imagery about it. Still, it’s a good song regardless, despite the dark matter at hand.

Can’t Buy Me Love comes next. It’s a great piece with some awesome mixture of vocals on this song. The sentiment here is great as well, and shows how valuable love indeed is. A great song, and no doubt a very popular song of the sixties. Excellent.

Any Time At All comes next. It’s a very reassuring piece about being there for a lover 24/7. It’s effective and brilliant in its imagery. The sad thing is that these sorts of songs are never done like this anymore. At least The Beatles made these sorts of songs for us to enjoy eternally.

More tragedy comes next with I’ll Cry Instead. It’s a song about losing a loved one. It’s short and sad in intent, but still is great to hear. A good song about love lost.

Following up is Things We Said Today is about missing one’s partner. It’s a beautiful sentiment and a good song that is well worth hearing. A nice piece indeed. It’s a nice and reassuring piece by the group, and just as good as all the other songs here.

When I Get Home is next. It’s about prioritising one’s love after a long day at work. It’s an interesting topic to cover, even though it sounds a little weaker as a song. Mind you, even this song is listenable, so kick back and enjoy.

You Can’t Do That is about breaking up a relationship after a lover keeps talking to a bad male character. It’s a strong statement, and is a little unusual for this album. Still, it’s just as listenable as the other songs. A good overall effort by the group.

The last song I’ll Be Back is a nice way to finish the album. It’s a strong John Lennon statement, and just really sounds good here. Some great acoustic guitar playing is here. It’s a great song, and we finish, feeling satisfied.

Another #1 album from The Beatles was not unusual for them. But here, they deserve it. From now on, there was no looking back with their music. They had become complete musical creators of their own destiny. They continued this for the rest of their musical lives.



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