K-Pop has had its fair share of variety with groups and solo singers alike. aespa are one of the newer arrivals on the scene, with some interesting and decent tunes, such as their biggest hit so far, Next Level. which has been a great success for the group. In any case, this is their first major release, an EP. Let’s listen to this EP and hear where it takes us.

aenergy begins this mini album with some good vocals, and thunderous beats which launch quickly into a fairly typical K-Pop tune. This is immediately noticeable as mainstream K-Pop music but is well textured and detailed throughout to support this girl group. Rather catchy as well, this is emotional listening and somewhat impressive, too. The singing and catchy beats do make this an impressive listen, and this sounds very well constructed. A good catchy EDM styled tune with Pop vocals over the top.

Savage is the big hit from this EP. From the start, this is cheesy girl group music that really only appeals to teenage girls. A really excellent listen, it breaks down into a chaotic chorus with some very Ariana Grande like singing. Nonetheless, if you like K-Pop and/or postmodern contemporary music, you will enjoy this. The beats and electronic textures sound really quite detailed and make this song enjoyable. Sure, this is music aimed at a very niche audience but regardless, this is very interesting listening. The sounds towards the end are really clever and far out. This song concludes with some good repeated vocals and intertwining textures. Not bad.

I’ll Make You Cry begins with a load of static and launches into a very annoying sounding piece with disappointing lyrics and it just doesn’t sound right. aespa obviously sounds like an awkward mixture of K-Pop and Ariana Grande, and it doesn’t work all the time. This is a clear example of how it doesn’t work as a song. Sure, it’s okay but is not really worth paying attention to. The textures present are interesting, but aside from that, this is largely forgettable and trashy. A good effort but certainly not a great one. It’s listenable but forgettable, which is not a good sign of quality music present.

YEPPI YEPPI begins with some weird sounding beats and some good singing, even if it is autotuned, which it likely is. In any case, this is another fairly here today, gone tomorrow K-Pop tune. Nothing incredibly standout here, but it’s not terrible, at least. For K-Pop, it’s okay but hardly impressive. It still sounds like a cross between K-Pop, EDM and Ariana Grande, which isn’t totally original, either. The second half is a good improvement, with some rather catchy chanting. This music won’t be remembered forever, though. It just sounds rather like forgettable sounding music. Fortunately, it is short, over after three minutes.

ICONIC begins with some weird Electronic sounds and textures, before a banging beat and typical 2020s styled female singing enters. This is another trashy sounding song that really isn’t worth remembering or hearing, for the matter. It is difficult to see how most people in the wider world can appreciate this very cheesy tune, which this is. In any case, this is pure K-Pop music, and nothing else. Hopefully, aespa CDs can make good freebies in the future, there is nothing really amazing or exceptional here.

Lucid Dream is the last track here. It begins with some synchronised electronic sounds before aespa launches into some Korean lyrics and singing that are different. This is a low key song, but once again, it is very trashy listening. It is very difficult to predict that this music has any long term value, which it doesn’t. In any case, it’s okay, but not fantastic listening. The beats are quite good, but the rest of this track is not worth paying any attention to. An average song that does have an English lyrical breakdown, but aside from that, nothing great is here. You’ll be glad when it’s over.

This is very average music, sadly. Unfortunately, aespa represents the cheesy, commercial nature of K-Pop music that exists to this day. Is it really worth hearing? Only if you are following the latest trends and if you dig music that is a fusion of K-Pop, EDM, Hip Hop beats and Ariana Grande. Otherwise, forget it. A good effort at best, downright disappointing at worst.

Cheesier than your average Italian pizza.