Kid Kenobi is yet another Australian DJ who specialises in some really great mixing and EDM creations. To be upfront, this is a review of the second disc of this wonderful mix only, as the first disc is unattainable online by regular means. However, that may change in the future, and this will be updated at a later point, if so. For now, the focus will be on the second disc full mix which is available on YouTube. Let’s dive into this release and hear what it sounds like.

Lonely Journey Of The Comet Bopp begins this mix and is by Shifted Phases. It begins with some dramatic aeroplane sounds, birds calling and a lot of suspense. Eventually, the aeroplane goes away and morse code enters, which is very dramatic. This is highly psychedelic and very creative. Soon enough into it, this piece gets going with a bassline groove with more birds chirping and sounds of children laughing. Basic beats enter and this picturesque piece gets going. Some moody melodic patch enters and this does sound really amazing. An interesting and layered piece of EDM Breaks, this certainly is captivating and exciting listening. Really exciting and minimal Psychedelic Electronic music, this definitely is image evoking. This is ideal for one to close their eyes and listen to with headphones on. Soon enough, the track segues gradually into the one after it, typically so of a DJ set.

Neptune Beach begins with some interesting birds chirping. This tune is from NuBreed, who were very popular at the time. Nonetheless, this track sounds melodic, pretty and very ethereal. There are simple melodies, bongo beats and a very relaxed atmospheric sound present. Definitely a great tune, this has sounds of waves rushing and other atmospheric sound effects to boot. The breakdown in the middle of the tune puts one’s mind at ease, and it sounds very well done. Cut up breakbeats that sound great and some Acid style melodies follow, which are really excellent. A real gem of a tune, this sounds wonderful and fantastic. Another simple and lovely sounding tune, this is a great piece of music. It begins to segue into the next track.

Lose Control (Dan F Mix) is from Stir Fry. It sounds a lot darker and more intense than the previous two tracks. Soon enough, it launches into a very dark and danceable tune. It sounds fantastic and is an enjoyable and excellent piece of music. The breaks and bassline match each other perfectly. There is an excellently deployed female voice throughout, along with a brilliant set of catchy melodies. Some rather interesting lyrics in the background are present as well from the same lady, which are different. A cool tune, in the middle, is a breakdown that is super dark. This is not light music, and the cut-up female singing is really great. Not a light music listen, but there are many juicy textures for you to sink your ears into. Towards the end, some beats begin playing from the next track, and it eventually segues into the next piece.

Hootenanny by Soto follows. It begins with some even darker and more moody textures than the previous tracks, before going into a great mixture of bass, melodies and Roland TR-808 style sounds. This sounds really different and amazing, there are also some muted guitars throughout. This is very dark and melancholy listening, and it sounds like something akin to what can soothe one’s soul throughout hard times. There is a downtempo section that sounds really decent and wonderful with some interesting melodies before the main section of this piece resumes. An interesting tune, more minimal but much darker listening. This is rather lengthy listening, and it sounds really great to hear, despite that. Towards the end, the usual segued mix continues into the next track.

Safari is by Polar. It has Chinese sounding wind instruments, beeps and bleeps and a much lighter musical framework. This is the lighter part of this disc, and regardless is a wonderful joy to hear. In any case, this is a really cool tune that celebrates EDM and Breaks, without lyrics and with a whole load of excellent music and samples for us to hear. This isn’t exactly danceable music, but it is great music to listen to at home with headphones on when you need a real break from our often difficult world. It launches into a breakdown that is really excellent with a fantastic female vocal sample, before launching back into the main track. A fantastic addition to this mix, and indeed, it will make you smile. Towards the end, the next track is mixed in very nicely. Great to hear.

Hayling (Ills Remix) is by FC Kahuna. It begins with a great and sensual piece of music and a repeated vocal sample throughout. It sounds very much like something out of a movie or something similar. Eventually, basic Breakbeats and some extra basslines and melodies enter. This is quite a moving album, and this track is no exception whatsoever. A very pretty and decent sounding tune with bleeps and beeps within it, this is a really sensual and lovely listen. After some time, the beats and bassline stop for a little bit, before resuming nicely. It goes into a different funk-inspired section with a bassline that sounds quirky. A really cool and excellent tune, although to be fair, this could have been cut down somewhat in length. Having said that, this is still a beautiful and moving piece of music. Really pretty music, it has snatches of tracks before it in the second half of this track, which is a bit of an LSD trip sort of thing for the listener. Before long, some basic beats enter and this is a nice and dramatic change on this album. An excellent listen, and a really great tune. Some awesome bassline based sounds then enter, before the vocals and some 8-bit beats finish this piece off, with snatches of the first track. Excellent.

Shining Through is by Layo & Bushwacka! It segues in from the little instrumental break. This is a great tune from the start and has some brilliant bongo style beats and other interesting percussion sounds to boot. A lively and upbeat tune to listen to, this does sound wonderful and fantastic. Really fantastic music that has some very nice heavily delayed vocals, samples and DJ scratching, this sounds super great. Soon enough, it launches into the next section which is excellent, brilliant and diverse. Various touches of percussion and mixing it all into a great melting point makes Kid Kenobi a legend as a DJ extraordinaire. Towards the middle of the track are some eastern style sounds, this sounds really fantastic and showcases the brilliance of this mix. An uplifting and soul touching listen, this is really fantastic listening. Some rather moody sounds then enter, before this track launches into a Techno style groove with breakbeats. A catchy and fantastic listen, whilst this track segues into the next piece. Excellent stuff. There are some cut-up female vocals thrown into the mix towards the end before this concludes.

The Warriors is a piece by Dread Zone vs Mafia Tone. It launches straight into it, with a gurgling bassline and a sample of someone saying, “Ready!” It quickly follows into an artistic and intricate beat-heavy piece that sounds minimalistic and Psychedelic. Breakbeat is a great genre of music that sounds really cool and amazing in general. Some truly awesome samples are in this piece, along with pounding beats and awesome basslines. A really decent and awesome listen, this is one of the best tracks from this mix. It is a very interesting and different tune, driven heavily by percussion and the bassline. Soon enough, it goes into a moody breakdown that is deep. It is followed by a strange noise, before the main part of the track resumes. Cool tune, it gradually segues into the next piece very well. An odd listen, but a very good one at that. It is nicely mixed into the next track.

Evil Nine is next by Cakehole. It is a minimal and awesome tune with some heart monitor style bleeps, basic beats and a catchy bassline. A really cool tune, this does sound like a listen that is impressive. In particular, the subsonic bass here is nice and driving. The tune itself is very good, intellectual and driving. Soon enough, the beats and bass break down with a rather interesting vocal sample that sounds as though it were taken from a documentary. In the second half of this track enters a dirty bass sound which gives this tune an edge. A really forward-thinking and different listen, this sounds really awesome and amazing. A great minimalistic tune is here. Towards the end the vocal sample is alone, but it is worth hearing.

Highland Spring is by Benny Ill and DJ Hatcha. It begins with absolutely beautiful flute melodies, Sitar styled sounds in the background, before this piece really gets going. A genuinely amazing and well thought out piece of music, this sounds really Indian, soul searching and terrific. If you have never heard this sort of music before, then you really must. One of the greatest EDM pieces ever made based on Indian music, this sounds really lovely. The beats and basslines are terrific, and this is a brilliant fusion of western music and eastern sounds. A really excellent tune and something that one can always come back to. Undeniably beautiful. It segues into the next track nicely.

Sholay is by High Planes Drifter featuring Goldspot Productions. It is a redo of a movie theme from a famous Bollywood film. Nonetheless, this does sound really amazing and terrific. A really excellent and pretty piece of music with female singing, tabla style drums and other gorgeous instrumentation, this is another winner to hear, even if you are not a fan of Indian music. Great to hear, even if you do not hear this sort of thing on a regular basis. This sounds surreal and awesome. Great music with samples of male speech, this does sound really brilliant. Soon enough, the next track begins seguing in and this one finishes off well. A very good track to listen to regardless.

Funkers is by LBJ. This begins with some rushing vocals, a gurgling bassline and some super delayed drum sounds. This, once again, is totally different and it sounds very much in a genre of its own. Some subtle sounds then enter, and this piece gets going very nicely. A really well done and decently delivered tune, this sounds very eclectic and amazing. Some awesome bongo drums enter as well. This is an outstanding and very well driven piece of music that is colourful and pretty. After the midway mark is an ambient feel to this track before it has some nice progressions enter. It eventually begins segueing into the next track, good job. A very relaxing and pretty sonic journey to hear, these tracks are very amazing in their own way. Brilliant music.

Starwater (Pulse and Tango Remix) is by Infusion and is the last track on this mix. This begins with some gurgling pitch-shifted vocals, and the whole thing sounds very good and fresh. It is a fine way to finish off a classic mix that should be listened to today. A wonderful and pretty listening experience, this is a really decent and incredibly awesome tune. This is fairly repetitive to finish off with, but nonetheless, is a great musical listen to have. It has a breakdown with the vocal sample alone, and this sounds very imaginative. A brilliant and clever mix that is matched with awesome music, this sounds really fine. The track wraps up with a gradual phase-out of the elements, a great mix indeed.

If you ever need a mix to settle the nerves after a hard day’s work or in another situation where you need to meditate on music, this is perfect for you. It is a brilliant, colourful and well-mixed album of Deep Breaks, which is often overlooked these days. Nonetheless, a great album and an enjoyable listen. Note in particular the Chinese and Indian influences throughout this music, which make it a wonderful listen. Essential to hear today.




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