It is quite safe to say that Noel Gallagher in the early days of Oasis wrote fantastic tunes. He and the other four members of Oasis, especially his brother Liam Gallagher, had the sound, look and style of the future in 1994, with Noel’s guidance. They were a band on a mission, and nothing and nobody (until the release of the third album Be Here Now) could stop their path to world domination with great tunes. Therefore, this EP, which bridged both Definitely Maybe and (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? is still seen as an essential release by the group. For this reason, it is worth observing this monumental EP, released after Noel’s absence for some time from the band with some personal issues. Let’s take a listen to this EP, and hear where it goes.

Whatever is the title track of the EP. It begins with awesome acoustic guitar strumming, a real string section and a very happy, optimistic feeling to this song. Liam Gallagher then gets singing and sounds very optimistic. This is a real delight of a song and sounds like a career-defining moment. The lyrics are equally as optimistic, and the whole band play music as a unit. Not a bad effort, especially considering that this was a reunion after some bad experiences in the band. There are some very nice bluesy guitar licks as well. The bridge section is very different and sounds really excellent. This is an exceptional effort and is one of the defining songs of the group’s career. The repeated vocal in the second half, “Whatever you do, whatever you say, yeah I know it’s alright,” is terrific. A really great piece of music, without a doubt. If you aren’t smiling upon hearing this, then that is surprising. Great effort by Oasis, and never dull nor boring. There is an extended instrumental section in the second half, before it all winds back down. Fantastic music, it sounds lovely. The string section continues until the very last part of the song, and the band cheer and claps at their effort. Wonderful tune.

(It’s Good) To Be Free begins with loud guitar feedback, and quickly launches into a decent song by Oasis. Some impressionistic lyrics by Noel are perfectly evocated by Liam. This is a great tune by Noel Gallagher, played wonderfully and well by Oasis. This is another excellent song about being free to do whatever you wish to in life. A very profound and brilliant statement that sounds top, by one of the greatest bands to ever exist. Indeed, this is an excellent listen and sounds really great. There is a real vibrancy and wonderful flow throughout this song which sounds great. A refreshingly different and decent song that doesn’t get old. Nice to listen to, the morse code and accordion at the end is very silly, along with the laughter. Good work.

Half The World Away is next and begins with some nicely strummed acoustic guitars and gentle, clean electric guitar parts. Noel Gallagher sings this one, and he sounds just as competent as his brother Liam as a singer and a musician. This is a really decent and well-done tune that sounds really well delivered and played throughout. This is one of the defining statements by Oasis and is enjoyable to listen to, time after time. Wonderful and easy listening, this is an accomplished piece of music. Really great to listen to, this is awesome. The repeated refrain at the end, “I don’t feel down,” is excellent. Great song, it concludes with the guitars and a lone organ melody. Excellent.

Slide Away comes last and is one of the most underrated cuts from Definitely Maybe. It sounds very touching and brilliantly delivered and is a taste of the album released in the same year as this EP. It’s about romantic/sexual embrace, which is odd as you’d think that Noel and Liam Gallagher to be the least romantic people in the world. Nonetheless, a really great song and a nice addition to the end of this EP. A really great piece of music, this is very touching. The electric guitar solo is wonderful, played perfectly by Noel Gallagher. Oasis certainly had great tunes, and this is one of the many great tunes. Music by the people, for the people. A really top listen, it sounds energetic and emotional. A fine piece of music with some great singing on it. It is never dull nor boring throughout its six and a half minute journey. The vocals are fantastic throughout. Intense, and very brilliant. The guitar solo in the outro is fantastic.

Believe it or not, this EP actually saved Oasis. It brought the band back together at a time of fragility and they proved that they all needed to work together as a unit to ensure things went better in the next few years, at least. Noel’s wonderful approach to songwriting, Liam’s heartfelt singing and the rest of the band’s playing is top. A must-listen for fans of the group.




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