Gary Moore was an excellent guitarist and musician who was deeply attached to Blues music. Having had some commercial and critical success up to this point, this is one of his real breakthroughs as a musician by going back to his roots musically. Selling over three million copies globally, and widening his audience reception, this is a great feat for a Blues guitarist. Dedicated specifically to Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, Gary Moore drew on a large amount of historical and musical influences to create this album. Let’s listen to this and hear where the music takes us.

Moving On begins with some crunchy Rock guitars and launches straight into an excellent piece of Blues Rock music. This is instantly listenable and excellent, Gary Moore can rock and play some awesome guitar. There is a very good slide guitar solo present here as well. This is one of the best Blues based albums ever made within an instant of listening to it, and Gary Moore is absolutely brilliant here musically. A fine and fantastic groovy tune, this sounds very good. A song about leaving town and travelling, this is an awesome listen. It ends with a slide guitar finale and Gary Moore saying: “Get out of here!” Excellent work.

Oh Pretty Woman begins with some glorious guitar playing on Gary Moore’s Gibson Les Paul guitar, quickly launching straight into a great song that sounds energetic, thrilling and inspiring. This is super cool and awesome music, Gary Moore plays so very well that it gives a lot of the shredders out there a run for their money. The guitar solo on this song is absolutely manic and crazy sounding, and it definitely works really well. A great piece of music, this is absolutely worth your time and is really fine and great. There is a single coil guitar solo sound in the middle before more punchy and direct guitar solos enter your ears. This is absolutely brilliant and wonderful music that more people out there should enjoy. A great and brilliant Blues Rock tune, this sounds superb and awesome. Electrifying and awesome, this is fully sick mate. Excellent work.

Walking By Myself begins with a very suspenseful groove with loud guitars, hi-hats and exceptionally great playing from Gary Moore. The music present on this album is amazing and exceptionally good, and the songs present are equally ridiculously good. There is some harmonica playing throughout this tune before Gary Moore does a very Eric Clapton Cream era style guitar solo. Exceptionally brilliant, this is an amazing listening experience that sounds ridiculously good. If you need some awesome Blues Rock music, this is one of the best places to begin listening. Really awesome tune.

Still Got The Blues is the title track and most popular track off this album. It begins with a slow and melodic sounding guitar section, followed by vocals and a keyboard playing a string section in the background. Gary Moore sings exceptionally well on this album, and this is no different whatsoever as a song. A really fantastic and enjoyable tune to listen to, Gary Moore hits an emotional spot. This sounds really decent and well done. A clever, interesting and awesome listen, this sounds really awesome. Gary Moore’s playing on the Gibson Les Paul is absolutely amazing, and he proves that Slash had a rival musically here. Really cool music and a great listening experience. This is an imaginative and decent musical listen to play with your lover, in particular. The string bending and wailing notes are unlike anything else here. A great, great song and a good display of pure excellence musically. This is really gorgeous stuff, and never at all boring during the six plus minutes of running time. A better player than you think, this song is a must listen. It ends nicely. Absolutely wonderful effort.

Texas Strut begins with clean and descending Blues guitar parts, before launching into a Classic Rock/12-bar Blues piece. This is very quick paced and sounds fantastic. Gary Moore’s guitar playing and singing are really awesome here. With references to fellow contemporary Stevie Ray Vaughan, this is another incredibly amazing song on its own. Enjoyable, awesome and wonderfully played, this song sounds really excellent and great indeed. Some of the greatest Blues Rock you will ever hear in your life is on this record, and Gary Moore will impress you with his guitar playing. The song’s speed and the extreme playing present will amaze you, sounding so fast and accurate that one may get confused by Gary Moore with the chops of Metallica, although it is clearly not the case here. A great song, this relaunches back into the section at the start of the song to conclude with. A really great effort dude, nice to hear.

Too Tired is a very short piece with dual-tracked guitars rivalling each other, along with a brass section and piano with the rest of the band. This is a short and sweet tune about being sick of the world and wanting to stay in bed. Just sounds fantastic, the music on this album is exceptionally good. Nonetheless, a very, very good listen that still sounds great today. The dual guitars rival each other nicely at the end before the band ends the tune. Mint stuff.

King Of The Blues begins with some great sounds by the band, especially Gary Moore on guitar. His soloing and playing sound very fantastic here. Singing about a Blues legend from Mississippi, Gary Moore is a legend of the world of music. The guitar work is absolutely fantastic, and it will blow you away. An exceptionally great tune, Gary Moore knows how to make the guitar scream, quite unlike anyone else. A fantastic tune, and something totally underrated and top-class. A really awesome listen, the lyrics paint the story behind the song, this is beyond amazing and excellent. The guitar work here is just absolutely insane. Great work overall, a must-hear. The tune finishes up nicely in a long fade-out. Absolutely brilliant.

As The Years Go Passing By begins with a very slow section of instrumentation, with Blues guitar, subdued horns and organs. Soon enough, Gary Moore gets singing away very nicely. This is absolutely sensational listening, and it exudes power and beauty here. It is nearly eight minutes long, so do be patient and you’ll be rewarded as a listener. The mixture of vocals, guitars and backing instrumentation do make this an amazing winner musically. A really cool listen, this sounds really decent, enjoyable and amazing. This is Miles Davis’s In A Silent Way set to Blues Rock. There is an amazing tune to hear and it just sounds really excellent. A cool and adventurous exploration into the world of the Blues, Gary Moore succeeds exceptionally here. An enjoyable tune, this is super relaxing and interesting listening. This is proof that running everything on 11 in Rock music isn’t always necessary to make a great musical impression. The piano solo in the second half is fluttering and just plain gorgeous, adding another dimension to the music at hand. Nonetheless, this is great. An awesome tune with some super expressive guitar work here, this is very much Blues central here. A great journey through music, and a decent song to hear. Pretty, interesting and smooth, Gary Moore succeeds on many emotional levels here. A genuinely great listen, and this is decent from start to finish. Nice work, the ending is very gentle with some quiet guitar parts. Excellent.

Midnight Blues is a shorter piece of music, beginning with some more pronounced bass guitar and instrumentation playing. Gary Moore sings really beautifully and decently here about having the midnight Blues under a bit of insomnia. A really decent and tuneful song, there is a lovely string section here to accompany the band. Soon enough, some thunderous drum rolls enter and we are underway. A really cool and amazing tune, this certainly is pretty and lively. A very nice song to listen through to, and Gary Moore plays an absolutely mean guitar, and he is up there with the greats in terms of playability. A truly fantastic tune, this is something awesome to play at home to impress your friends or something similar. A nice slow, subtle yet uplifting listening experience. If you have five minutes spare in your life, do listen to this song. A great tune indeed. Fantastic.

That Kind Of Woman begins with stereo-panned guitars, before launching into a rather Poppy piece of music here. It is a good listen, even if it sounds a little like Hair Metal here. In any case, this is extraordinarily decent and good music to hear, and it sounds very audibly tasty sounds and has some lyrical sexual overtones that are interesting. Near the middle, some call-and-response guitar solo sections emerge. A really nice and decent musical tune to explore. The second half is a bit different with some snappier sounds and more lyrics about a lady that Gary Moore is chasing. A little repetitive for music, but it sounds really cool and amazing. The Gibson Les Paul here sounds amazing, nice work.

All Your Love begins with an awesome guitar riff and some neat playing, along with the rest of the band. It is a cover of the first song from John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton album, which is a really great idea for Gary Moore to cover. Nonetheless, this still sounds great, even for a cover like this. A really tasty and wonderfully played tune, this sounds very, very similar to the original. It still is Gary Moore at his pure best, however, and it really sounds impressive and excellent. A nice and top listen from start to finish, there is a nice change in tempo and instrumentation in the second half that makes the song even more interesting than before. It goes back into the original section towards the end, and Gary Moore plays a mean guitar here, before concluding this song. Excellent.

Stop Messin’ Around is the last song on this album, and the guitar work here doesn’t sound like a regular Gibson Les Paul at all. A simple 12 bar Blues, this is about warning a lover about cheating. A really powerful, decent and dynamic listen, this is a good piece of music to end this truly great album with. It sounds ridiculously good and is really nice music here. There are some nice horns as accompaniment in the background as well. The guitar solo is very nice here too, and the song itself is very lovely and impressive. A great tune to finish a great album, a nicely delivered piece of music. Great music here, and 100% worth it. It ends with some great guitar work to conclude. Brilliant.

This is not just a great album, but one of the greatest albums of all time, without question. Gary Moore plays and sings sensationally well as a musician, and everyone else in his backing band plays just as well. Gary Moore sadly died from alcohol poisoning in 2011 whilst on vacation in Spain. Still, his legacy remains strong. Take a listen to this today, you will not regret it.

A truly fantastic listening experience.