Oasis is a band that needs little to no introduction as a group. Five young working-class lads who had very little in life, to begin with, became an overnight sensation after the release of this, their debut album. This is universally praised as one of the greatest albums of all time and should be an interesting listen. It historically draws on many Rock bands of the past: The Beatles; The Rolling Stones; The Sex Pistols to name a few. This is Definitely Maybe. Let’s check it out. This is an in-depth review of the remastered version of this album and covers all three discs available.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Star begins this album with loud, punchy guitars that sound like a brilliant mixture of Gibson Les Pauls through Marshall Amplifiers. A funtastic beginning to this album, Liam Gallagher’s singing (halfway between John Lennon and John Lydon) is fantastic. The lyrics on this song are also excellent and honest, too. It is a semi-autobiographical piece from guitarist/singer/vocalist Noel Gallagher about his early life. The whole thing is extremely catchy, wonderful and fantastic to listen to, even today. This is the sound of a brilliant band, hungry and desperate to succeed at music. Very good music throughout. Towards the end of the song, it gets interesting with a load of delay thrown into the mix, with Liam Gallagher stating, “It’s just Rock and Roll!” in a top way, which is fantastic. Good job. A great song indeed.

Shakermaker is a simple 12 bar blues that works from the go. After a short intro, Liam launches straight into the song and sings with a menacing voice, hitting every note perfectly. A brilliantly executed and wonderful song to listen to, Oasis have it nailed here. From the thundering drums by Tony McCarroll to the neat guitar solo by Noel Gallagher, this sounds very awesome and simple. Notably, this song is based on the “Coca-Cola song” which is an interesting fact and had to have the lyrics changed in one of the verses to ensure Oasis didn’t get sued. Nonetheless, a marvellous piece of artistry to listen to. A powerful and awesome piece of music, this sounds great from start to finish, once again. “Shake along with me!” is chanted towards the end. Excellent, at the end, is clapping.

Live Forever is likely the best track from the main album that is Definitely Maybe. It begins with whistling and a brilliant drum beat, before launching straight into the action. Liam Gallagher sings a lot more naturally on this song, and Oasis delivers a deep and meaningful sort of sentiment that is unforgettable upon hearing. This is a very beautiful and wonderful tune that sounds really top. Lyrically, it is outstanding. The guitar solo evokes melodic beauty and sounds really excellent, with plenty of brilliant string bending and vibrato throughout. A powerful, unique and awesome tune that sounds incredibly great to this day, it has barely aged whatsoever. The outro is ghostly, with repeated vocals and a perfect musical backdrop for such a song. The outro guitar solo is magnificent, yet haunting. A truly great song, nice job by Oasis. Top tune.

Up In The Sky comes next, opening with repeated guitar riffs and chords that are fairly iconic. Liam then gets singing over this groove-heavy piece and it does indeed sound really brilliant. This is obviously an anti-establishment styled song that is an excellent mix between anger and happiness, a strange mixture really. In any case, this may be one of the lesser-known songs from the album, but it certainly sounds great. Liam Gallagher delivers a stunning vocal delivery on this song and does undeniably well. A catchy and melodic tune that does better than expected, this certainly sounds fresh and awesome. Some subdued acoustic guitar is underneath the roaring loud Gibson electric guitars. An excellent song with a rather Psychedelic sounding outro with reversed guitars. Good effort.

Columbia was a big live favourite of Oasis by fans, and also the band too. It begins with some loud, feedback-heavy guitars that were inspired by some heavy tripping. Soon enough, the song gets going with a simple, yet powerful drum section. This is really where Marshall Amp stacks do amazingly on record. Liam sings: “There we were, now here we are, all this confusion, nothing’s the same to me,” which is, of course, nonsensical lyricism. The chorus has Liam singing dual vocals, a regular pitch and a higher-pitched vocal that are multitracked over one another. Simple, yet highly effective, Oasis does a really effective job of being awesome musicians. After some time and some heavy sounding guitars, the vocals finish and the instrumental section kicks in, with many different guitar solos and a great groove to this tune. The guitar solos continue on throughout the tune. Towards the end, the rhythm section is cranked up really loud, in fact so much so in the mix that it raises hairs on your body. The call-and-response vocal section then follows, and we begin the fade out of a really cool tune. The song itself is so loud that the fade-out goes on for ages. Great job.

Supersonic was Oasis’s first single. It begins with a basic, straightforward Rock beat, a very memorable guitar riff and before long, the song kicks in. Liam Gallagher puts in an amazing vocal performance and proved that, at least at the time, he was untouchable as a singer. There are some more rather nonsensical lyrics to listen to and the song doesn’t make much sense there, but musically and emotionally, it is a real winner. The guitar solo is very melodic and bluesy sounding. “You need to be yourself, you can’t be no-one else,” sings Liam, a true statement of what people should do. A great and awesome tune, this sounds really top-notch. Very singalong and catchy, this is the band’s first single, which charted highly. Simple and decent tune, another must hear from Definitely Maybe. The outro has the band playing the tune very well to handclaps, then fading out. A really cool listen.

Bring It On Down is the most Punk like moment from the original Definitely Maybe album. It begins with a load of feedback, guitars and Tony McCarroll’s best moment on the drums, which took him a lot to get motivated for. Despite that, this is a decent tune, whilst although not being the best tune on the album, sounds really fiery and energetic from start to finish. The midsection section has Liam’s vocals treated and the powerful drumming ever-present before the band return to action. A really awesome and different tune, this is mammoth sounding and really cool. It ends with guitar solos and the piece continuing before a drum roll finishes it off and the whole thing crashes back to earth. Decent tune.

Cigarettes & Alcohol does what it says on the album cover. It begins with a load of hiss, crunchy guitar riffs lifted from T. Rex and a really monumental song emerges. This song sounds fiery, youthful and energetic throughout. It’s about taking those things that life offers you, primarily drugs. It’s a loud and anthemic party tune that sounds really excellent from start to finish and just is good fun to listen to. Although not the most original piece of music, it is pure fun and sounds great throughout. The guitar solos towards the end are loud and heavy, showcasing a band that knew how to have fun. Brilliant tune, the extended outro is really cool. Great listening.

Digsy’s Dinner begins with crunchy guitar chords, before launching into a rather cheesy song. The guitars are cranked up nice and loud here. This song is a nonsense song and the Digsy in the title is a real person, and this song has an interesting background story to it. It is a short and different piece with a piano solo in the middle, which is different. Liam Gallagher sings in a really nasal way on this song, which suits it perfectly. A cool and throwaway piece that is fun to listen to nonetheless. Decent for what it is. Clever and witty.

Slide Away is the signature love song on this album, tune to E sharp. It begins with crunchy guitar chords, loud dynamics and Liam’s beautifully unforgettable singing. Surprisingly a deep and meaningful tune from these guys, who are normally jokers in life. In any case, this song is one of the best from the album and sounds amazing and majestic. The whole thing is fantastic and is one of the greatest love songs ever recorded. You can hear the passion and emotion of the playing throughout. An underrated song that still sounds really amazing today, as much as it did in 1994. The guitar solo is rather haunting, and Noel Gallagher plays tremendously well. Addictive listening, and making you want more, Oasis nail this tune in total. The bridge leading into the chorus is really decent, romantic and yes, lovely sounding. A great effort with Liam Gallagher putting in a great career-defining performance as a vocalist. The repeated vocals at the end only encourage one to listen more deeply. A very decent tune, this is ear candy for fans of Rock and music in general. The call-and-response vocals at the end are really top, it just is an uplifting listen. The guitar work gets frenetic towards the end. All in all, an amazing song and definitely worth hearing, all the way to the frenetic sounding fade out. Great music.

Married With Children is specifically about a partner who annoys oneself. It is an acoustic ballad that sounds really fresh, direct and brilliant. “There’s no need for you to say sorry, goodbye, I’m going home,” sings Liam. Oasis perfectly encapsulate a moment in time that was a fantastic musical era to live in. The song is simple with strummed acoustic guitar, plucked acoustic guitar and Liam Gallagher’s vocals. That’s it. A really awesome and brilliant listening experience, this sounds really different compared to the rest of the album. There is a lyrical twist throughout towards the end before Liam and Noel finish this wonderfully performed piece. Awesome tune. The main album ends here.

Columbia – Remastered White Label Demo begins section two of this remastered album. It begins with hi-hats, delayed slide guitar and a very Indie Rock sounding piece, before launching into a decent version of the original Columbia that sounds rawer, yet less powerful than the original. You can hear the decent effort on this version of the song as everything is stripped bare musically. It sounds wonderfully delivered and performed by Oasis, and is a nice way to begin the second part of this remastered set of songs. It is cut down somewhat in length but still sounds really top today. Liam Gallagher’s vocals sound rather haunting on this version of the song. It gets rather noisy in the second half, only to progress nicely as a semi-instrumental piece. The guitar solos are quite good and are much more prominent in the mix. A really funtastic listen, there is a looped vocal sample that is repeated at the end, which makes no sense at all. Great though.

Cigarettes & Alcohol – Remastered Demo begins with a crunchy Gibson Les Paul sounding riff before this demo gets going. Liam sings absolutely wonderfully on this version of the classic tune. Early Oasis is so good that any fan of the band will enjoy this listen. Definitely, a must-listen if you want to hear a really pure and perfectly done Oasis song. It sounds so good that this easily could have been on the album itself. Liam sings in a strong Mancunian accent that is very inimitable, it just sounds terrific. An awesome and simple tune that many groups and artists would fail to match today. The guitar solo is awesome, and there are bongos in the background as well. A great song about drug use and other rebellious youthful activities, this is mint. The outro is great as well, finishing up with a load of feedback-heavy guitars. Nice.

Sad Song – Remastered is indeed, sad. It’s an acoustic piece with Noel Gallagher on vocals. It is a song about working through life’s troubles and is beautiful and wonderfully executed. The lyrics and musicianship of this song are really fantastic. It is depressing but all the same, a great listen about life when things get one down. If you need an Oasis song to cry to, this is likely it. Thank goodness Noel had it in him to deliver fantastic music for the masses, and he sings from his heart here. A really fine piece of music that moves one emotionally, this is about life. “Don’t throw it all away,” is repeated towards the end, a simple line that reminds one that, no matter how hard life is, keep on going. Great song and sentiment. It ends with some pretty acoustic guitar work, nice job.

I Will Believe – Remastered Live is a much lighter song than what came before it. It begins with U2 sounding guitar playing before beats enter and the song gets underway. Liam Gallagher sings about being trapped between a rock and a hard place, but sings very pure and wonderfully on this song. This song is good to listen to if you ever wish to be free of dire circumstances. A really awesome and listenable tune, this sounds really fresh, naive and fantastic. This is Rock music that appeals to the masses, but despite that, there is an intellectual basis behind it. A really neat song that is a good little rarity stuck onto this album. Nice listening. The ending has a load of crazy and youthful sounding guitar parts, good job boys.

Take Me Away – Remastered is a simple acoustic song with Noel Gallagher on vocals. It sounds very lovely and pretty and is about dreams and aspirations that one may have in life. This is another B-Side/rarity that really needs to be heard more often than it is. A slide acoustic guitar part is here as well, which is different. A really cool and different piece of music that deserves to be heard by people who dig the simple life. There is an obvious reference to The Beatles Octopus Garden here in the chorus. The climax in this song is really amazing, with Noel singing his heart out before the acoustic guitars take one elsewhere. The slide guitar adds to the interesting nature of the song. Decent and enjoyable listening, this sounds really great. The song eventually gets quieter at the end, before finishing up nicely. Good work.

Alive – Remastered Demo begins with some basic drumbeats and a bit of guitar feedback. A rather Punk like-sounding song follows, with some interesting electric guitar work. Liam sings very well on this song, once again. This is a short, yet a relatively enjoyable piece of music that is youthful and angry. It is a good, basic song that sounds like a good very early Oasis piece. This song isn’t the best on this repackaged album, yet is still listenable and this is proof of the chemistry of the band at the time. A good tune that is incredibly simple and well delivered. A good effort nonetheless, it sounds very inspired and energetic. There is a long outro with loads of guitars before this song finishes off well.

D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman? – Remastered begins with some uptempo 12 string acoustic guitars, and Noel sings about the youthful memories that one has when young. Although this is a song that Noel Gallagher would not readily sing this song these days, it is a good piece of music that is about not losing one’s soul as one grows older. A short and sweet piece of music that is really excellent. Less than three minutes long, it sounds as though Liam is doing backing vocals. A nice effort.

Supersonic – Remastered Live begins with some dubbed over cheering, as this number was played to record executives. Some loud feedback guitars then enter after Liam asks people to buy the single of this song before the song gets roaring along. This is a really awesome live song that sounds really fine and terrific from the go, and Liam Gallagher sings in fine form on this tune. The whole band do a great job on this song, and it sounds like a wall-of-sound that is really funtastic. An excellent rendition of music and a great synthesis of performance and playing. This just goes to show how really great Oasis was, at least in the beginning of their time as a band. A powerful and electrifying piece of music, the outro is fantastic, too. Noel Gallagher’s soloing at the end is amazing, and the whole performance is excellent. The song ends with extended feedback and looped cheering, once again.

Up In The Sky – Remastered Acoustic begins with Noel saying, “Right, wrong” before this piece gets going. It is a different musical take on the song that is on the main Definitely Maybe, with some strange acoustic slide guitar added into the mix. This is a really excellent listen nonetheless, although notably, it would not be to everyone’s tastes. Noel proves himself to be a capable and decent musician on this song, and it shines through on songs such as this one. A weird rendition, but sits well on this compilation. Noel Gallagher sings in a calm and awesome way. Good job man. It ends with some dramatic slide guitar playing.

Cloudburst – Remastered begins with banging drums and swirling guitars, with some unusual playing by Noel on lead guitar. Soon enough, this song gets going and it sounds glorious and wonderful. Liam Gallagher sings confidently and triumphantly. A really good piece of music, this sounds fresh and different. The song sings directly about how weather affects one in modern-day life. This is an awesome song that should have been on the original Definitely Maybe, it just sounds fantastic. A lively, punchy and powerful song about not being prepared for rainy weather, it is really good listening. The midsection has some Led Zeppelin style guitars that sound really awesome. A truly cool listening experience, the outro has many excellent guitar riffs, before ending with sustained chords that feedback. Brilliant.

Fade Away – Remastered is a very early Oasis song that is pure Punk rock. It sounds raw, abrasive and different. It’s actually a very good song itself about holding onto one’s dreams as one gets older. Liam Gallagher’s vocals hold a great deal of regret in them. “While we’re living, the dreams we have as children fade away,” is a rather emotional and somewhat depressing lyric line. Still, the song is energetic and interesting enough to listen to, although it really requires someone to be in the right mood to hear it. A decent tune nonetheless, and it sounds really pounding and different. In any case, a really good piece of music all the same, and a classic in Noel Gallagher’s songwriting skills. It ends with some interesting guitar riffs that sound very heavy. Good song to hear anyway.

Listen Up – Remastered is a similar song to the previous song. It has the riff from Supersonic at the beginning of the song and is a really great tune, although it is a heavily melancholic piece, once again. Liam sings beautifully on this tune, and he does wonders vocally. This is one of the more underrated and underappreciated pieces of music out there, it just sounds wonderful and unique. A great and assertive sounding song for when the mood strikes. It pounds along nicely with Tony McCarroll’s drums, although no doubt that Tony himself wasn’t the greatest drummer ever. Nonetheless, a good song to listen to and it feels proto-Coldplay in some ways. Good to hear that Noel and the rest of Oasis had variety, which they really did. There is an extended solo section with heavy guitars galore in the second half of the song, which sounds driven and different. An excellent listen nonetheless, this sounds really anthemic and driven. Liam Gallagher returns singing like the legend he was (at least at the time with his singing) and does the group proud. This is a decent tune to hear if you are feeling independent. A good song that deserves more attention than it currently gets in the Oasis history backlog of tunes.

I Am The Walrus – Remastered Live Glasgow Cathouse June ’94 is another piece from the session played to record executives at the beginning of Oasis’s career. This is a cover of The Beatles song on the Magical Mystery Tour album. It’s a fantastic cover, and just sounds very Punk Rock and driven. A really wonderful and well-done tune to listen to, even if Noel Gallagher didn’t write it. It just sounds like a quintessential Oasis piece that is really well done. Liam Gallagher’s half John Lennon, half John Lydon vocal in amongst the Gibson Les Paul/Marshall Amp combination sounds really fantastic. This is more like the sober version of the classic song. There is a five-minute-long instrumental section once Liam finishes singing that is absolutely fantastic. It has guitars everywhere and a great and accomplished set of musicianship that is very much unparalleled by most Rock music groups out there. Slide guitar with loads of delay is here to listen to, which sounds oddball. The whole thing grooves along marvellously and is absolutely worth your time. Feedback is also here, but done so well and articulated that it isn’t a bad thing, really. The whole thing is really amazing and lively. Towards the end, Noel uses a pitch shifter pedal to adjust his final guitar parts and the whole thing sounds pounding and amazing. The rhythm section continues for some time longer, with rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums finishing the piece off well. It then concludes a good job indeed.

Whatever – Remastered is a real classic. Beginning with expertly strummed acoustic guitar, followed by strings and a really optimistic-sounding piece, this sounds happy and glorious. Liam Gallagher’s vocals are proto (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? here. He lifts himself right into the song and sings beautifully and emotionally. A truly underrated gem by Oasis, this exudes happiness and optimism. If you have ever heard an Oasis song before and you want to hear more, then this is a great pick for you. A really top piece of music that is really amazing and excellent, sounding a little like I Am The Walrus in areas. “Whatever you do, whatever you say, yeah I know it’s alright,” is a great lyrical line that is repeated by Liam, before the beautiful instrumental section continues. The whole band are in fine form on this song, and this truly sounds marvellous. This should be heard by many. Towards the end, the different sections of the music conclude, leaving only the strings to finish off this masterpiece. A very youthful and vibrant tune, this is an amazing song. The string section then concludes, followed by the five Oasis members cheering and clapping in the cause of celebration, which it deserves on this song.

(It’s Good) To Be Free – Remastered comes next. It begins with loads of feedback based guitars and plenty of beautiful melodies. Liam Gallagher sings from the heart and does terrifically on this song. This is another song from the era that sounds really top and fantastic. A very wonderful, youthful and yearning tune that sounds really fine. The tune isn’t the best Oasis tune ever, but nonetheless, it is a really good one. A fresh and interesting listen, if you are hearing this song, you are likely relatively free yourself. The guitar solos are full of energy and are upbeat, too. A pleasant listen, and one of the more underrated Oasis gems out there. It ends with morse code (?) and accordion being played by Bonehead. Interesting nonetheless, and a little weird. Enjoyable, though.

Half The World Away – Remastered begins with an acoustic-led intro before Noel Gallagher puts in a career-defining statement that is memorable and excellently written. His singing, much like brother Liam’s, is soulful and precise. This is a catchy, awesome and fine piece of music that is very good to listen to and has a few audio surprises here and there. A very direct, intelligent and well-delivered piece of music, this just sounds like quintessential listening from Oasis. The sibling rivalry in Oasis needn’t have happened, the simple and understandable music by the brothers is undeniably great. This piece ends with the repeated phrase, “I don’t feel down,” before Noel’s vocal exits this song, left with the instrumental and a beautiful organ melody to conclude. Nice work.

Supersonic – Remastered Live At Glasglow Tramshed is yet another live version of this remastered release. Beginning with pounding drums, feedback slide guitars and a great and exciting intro, this sounds really fantastic and can induce headbanging. Liam’s voice does not sound as good as it could be here, sadly. Still, this is a good version of the song, albeit not a great one. Regardless, this sounds very good all the same and is worth a listen for diehard Oasis fans. The whole piece does sound awesome if you can look past Liam Gallagher’s odd-sounding vocals. A good effort all the same, even if it at times, feels lacking. The outro of the song is excellent, showcasing how tight and rhythmic the band were, even early on. Noel Gallagher plays many guitar solos that work well in the extended outro. A lively and good piece in any case. The ending sounds chaotic, and this was obviously a live TV broadcast, which explains why it is on this album.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Star – Remastered Demo begins with a super fuzzy guitar-laden intro before some drum rolls enter and we are underway. This is very lo-fi sounding, but excellent nonetheless. Liam’s voice sounds very natural and fantastic on this version of the classic Oasis song. There is even less pretension in the raw and different delivery by Liam and the group than on the Definitely Maybe original. Nonetheless, a lively and interesting listen throughout. The song itself is a surge of wonder and glory and although it is not as complete as the final product, one can appreciate the musicianship and beauty of this song. It sounds like a really good Garage band at this point, but totally understandable and enjoyable all the same. Nice tune, all the same, this sounds really wonderful. The guitar solos are well played on this tune as well and are very different compared to the final product. The punchy outro is superb, sounding like musical chaos. The outro sounds like a musical Rock equivalent of a car crash. Good job for a demo.

Shakermaker – Remastered Live Paris Instore begins with some nicely strummed acoustic guitar and tambourine. Indeed, this is a brilliant acoustic version of the song, and Liam Gallagher sings wonderfully, once again on this number. One must bear in mind that very much all Oasis songs began as acoustic pieces. This is no exception but sounds beautiful and awesome all the same. It sounds rather bluesy and there are some vocal sound effects by Liam in this as well (although very difficult to hear). A really cool and different delivered piece of music by the Gallagher brothers, this is another really great effort to listen to. This version does include the Coca-Cola lyrics rather than the lyrics Noel Gallagher wrote for the album version, but still, a fine effort. It finishes with some light applause and Liam saying “Merci!” to those who just heard the piece. Nice work.

Columbia – Remastered Eden Studios Mix begins with loud, feedback-laden guitars that were mixed more carefully on the original version, quickly followed by pounding drums and a great melodic sensibility. This piece quickly gets going, and it doesn’t sound as well-mixed as the main version. Still, this is definitely worth hearing if you are a real Oasis fan. A really awesome and incredible listen, all the same, this is a great moodsetter for when the mood for some loud Rock strikes. Very awesome and different, this is a good listen nonetheless. Awesome, interesting and inspiring for young men to become musicians of any sort, it sounds rather tame compared to the album version, however. Handclaps are very pronounced in the second half, making this sound different and the repeated sample from the demo is on this version of the song. Sounding like a good tune, all the same, this is definitely impressive. It fades out with the repeated samples from the demo version of the song concluding things. Awesome finish, too.

Cloudburst – Remastered Demo begins with some nice drumbeats before crunchy sounding guitar riffs follow and the song begins. This version sounds like Garage band Oasis again and Liam Gallagher’s vocal sounds very natural and more Mancunian than you’d expect. A really excellent piece of music and the whole song sounds very pure and youthful. A good song to listen to, and this demo version sounds very uncompromising. A nice addition to this album and this certainly sounds really good and impressive. Just a good and clear example of how wonderful early Oasis was, this sounds beautiful in a Punk inspired way. The riffs and beats in the second half are awesome, and this is a very good B-Side listen by one of the greatest Rock groups ever. These continue all the way through to the fade-out. A really great listening experience and Garage Oasis do Rock well.

Strange Thing – Remastered Demo begins with some very 1970s sounding guitar playing, which is different, followed by drums and Liam’s infinitely great singing. This is an awesome and great listen, once again. The guitars sound as though they are being put through a Vox AC30, which is forgivable as this is very early Oasis. Still, a youthful and impressive tune that is an uplifting and enjoyable piece of music mastery. Liam Gallagher hits every note perfectly and does a really excellent job at carrying the band along. The midsection repeats the riffs from the start, and the second half is just as good as the first half. A very cool and lively listen, Oasis know how to impress musicians and music fans alike. A very nice listen from start to finish, this sounds awesome. Very cool.

Live Forever – Remastered Live Paris Instore begins with Noel and Liam competing with each other to introduce the song. This is a really beautiful version of the original song, more so as it is not a version filled with loud electric guitars. It just works superbly. These guys are amazing musicians, and the proof is here for all to listen to. Very moving and excellent listen. There are no guitar solos, but Liam Gallagher shakes the tambourine during the rhythmic strumming by Noel Gallagher. In any case, a very pretty and moving version of the original tune and the two brothers do a brilliant job at performing on this recording. The outro is very emotional and haunting, with a load of delay on Liam’s vocals as he sings, “We’re gonna Live Forever”. The song then wraps up nicely, excellent work. Liam thanks the crowd who clap along nicely in appreciation.

Cigarettes & Alcohol – Remastered Live At Manchester Academy begins with a rather profane intro before this song gets going nicely. Liam’s voice, always of varying quality, sounds a little off here, but nonetheless, all the band put in a great effort on this song. Another good live number that is good listening if you are a huge Oasis fan. The whole thing sounds nicely done and has a load of bad boy Rock and Roll attitude throughout. Enjoyable nonetheless, although Liam sounds rather like he has been drinking. The guitar solos towards the end sound furious and impressive, and this is a real highlight of the song. Good effort nonetheless.

D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman? – Remastered Live At Manchester Academy is a short piece that is quick and breezy. Noel Gallagher sings excellently on this song, and he delivers a really excellent rendition of the original, although is fast and cut down in comparison to the original song. A really nice and catchy tune, this sounds really excellent all the same. Oasis fans, once again, will appreciate this music. Nice work man, the harmonies at the end are divine.

Fade Away – Remastered Demo begins with some tape trickery, followed by some really rough guitars and a recording that sounds really raw and ragged. Liam Gallagher’s vocal sounds way more natural and less of the Punk like whine he would perfect later on. Nonetheless, this is a very good listen and sounds slower and less melancholy than the original tune. A great sonic song, this is likely better than the chaotic sounding version on The Masterplan album that was released in 1998. A really nice listen, this sounds very innocent and pure for Oasis. There is an extended outro with some interesting guitar riffs to conclude the song, a refreshing listen. It fades out well.

Take Me Away – Remastered Live At Manchester Academy begins with some nice acoustic strumming by Noel Gallagher. A very reassuring listen, this sounds very, very good. If Liam had not ruined Noel’s MTV Acoustic Unplugged Session in 1996, then we would have more wonderful acoustic songs from that night such as this one. Noel Gallagher sings passionately and wonderfully on this song and delivers what he does like a boss. A really decent and enjoyable listen, this sounds very uplifting, despite the lyrical matter revealing a man who needs a better life than what was given to him. Excellent live performance, this sounds extraordinary. Decent live performance.

Sad Song – Remastered Live At Manchester Academy is another acoustic number that is also very deep and emotional. This is a pretty yet bleak tune that is wonderfully performed by Noel Gallagher. The live version is a little different from the recorded version at hand and just sounds very good. This is, of course, a fairly depressing song to listen to, but it is rewarding in its own way. A very decent song that is moving, this is showing the best side of Noel Gallagher at his live self that is often ignored. It needn’t be, Noel does really well on this song. “Don’t throw it all away,” indeed. Great song and statement. He receives much applause for his efforts, good job Chief.

Half The World Away – Remastered Live, Tokyo Hotel Room is a short version of the classic song by Noel Gallagher. A simple, gorgeous and intelligent piece of music, this is a very good piece of music that is a stripped-down edition of the music at hand. Very awesome and lovely sounding, Noel’s singing sounds a little unusual, likely due to whatever this song was being recorded on. Nonetheless, a good listen for when the mood strikes. Very good, lively and lovely listening, this is surely a masterful work that sounds really awesome. It ends with some great strumming, good listen by Noel Gallagher himself.

Digsy’s Dinner – Remastered Live Paris Instore is an acoustic version of the song on the album. It sounds completely different to the original as it is delivered without the majority of the band, except for Liam and Noel Gallagher. Liam Gallagher sings superbly on this song and follows his own unique John Lennon/John Lydon template for listeners out there. A really enjoyable and awesome tune, this definitely hits the spot when needed. Short at less than three minutes long, this is still a good tune well done.

Married With Children – Remastered Demo is just that, beginning with the same guitars as the album version, along with the same vocals as well. The difference? There are some maracas (or similar instruments) being shaken throughout. Nonetheless, a straightforward and excellent listen, just as much as the album version of the song is. A very decent listen from start to finish anyway. Some tambourines enter during the guitar solo section, but regardless, this is very much the same as the recorded version. A very gentle and soothing listen for the bitterness within the song.

Up In The Sky – Remastered Live Paris Instore is faded in, and is a different listen with Liam Gallagher singing and Noel Gallagher strumming away on acoustic guitar. It just sounds really boppy and optimistic for a version of this song. Short and sweet at barely over three minutes long, this does sound marvellous and well delivered. Oasis delivered music that was excellent, without a doubt or question. This is no exception, this is obviously a good political song that has lasted the test of time. Good job Gallagher brothers, this sounds really awesome. Good combination of music on this song.

Whatever – Remastered Strings is the very last track on this triple album remastered re-release. It is very much what it says, having the strings from the original song just being played along nicely. It is very good to practice the guitar or sing along to, for those musicians up and coming. It just sounds really gorgeous and pretty. Sure, this is merely a string section but sounds joyful, positive and uplifting. It is somewhat reminiscent of I Am The Walrus by The Beatles but is a fine finish to a great repackaged album. Anyway, the album ends here, and this is a very good way to end it.

Not only this album re-issue is a fantastic listen, but it is also one of the greatest albums ever made. Doesn’t matter if you listen to only the main album or all of the songs, this is beautiful and marvellous music that never ages. Oasis were only getting started with the release of this 1994 masterpiece debut album, and world domination was not too far away.

Excellence bordering on perfection.



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