Cheesy techno based EDM Pop music is always good for a laugh. This album falls into that category. Whether or not it is a good thing to listen to is a difficult thing to arrive to. However, let’s take a listen to this album, see if we can listen to it in all seriousness.

We kick off with Spiral Neo Wave which actually sounds like a futuristic electronic piece here. It then has some great harmonies and some interesting piano motifs. It leads straight into the next track.

The next track is SOCOPOGOGO is very, very cheesy, but enjoyable for a laugh. It’s very much in line with Japanese EDM, which is where the group originates from. Humourous, yet futuristic sounding listening. It’s a bit of a joke, but one can laugh at music like this.

Super Speed POP STAR sounds like something out of an Anime or Japanese video game. It’s obviously supposed to be a deep and meaningful listen, but doesn’t really come across as so. Mind you, the singing is in Japanese. It goes into a quicker section throughout the piece. It’s so laughably cheesy but enjoyably so.

Smash!! Flash Splash!! is a weird half a minute piece. Not too much to be said here, but it swiftly leads into the next part of the record.

Next is Swinging Circuit which is short, melodic and futuristic sound cheesy dance music. It’s difficult not to laugh at this sort of music, especially given that it is very throwaway pop. Still, it is listenable and enjoyable. Sounds like something out of a Timezone Arcade, very odd stuff.

Following is Summer In The Pool which has some overdubbed electric guitars and more melodic singing. There is a LOT going on here, in terms of sound and structure. Still, it is really difficult to take this music seriously. It’s a good laugh. Very much Japanese, and very interesting. Kind of oddly catchy, too.

Shooting-Star starts off with some dark Acid textures, and EDM beats, before going into a piece which, like the rest of the album, is rubbish. This is especially so for this track, don’t listen to it. The album seems to wear out its cheesy fun at this point.

SOCOPOGOGO (go go EGG mix) remixed by Plus Tech Squeeze Box is the final piece to this short listen of an album. It’s not really necessary here either, but the pounding drums are decent.

Is this album worth it? Probably not, really. It’s good to blast this sort of thing from time to time for a decent laugh. But if you want something serious, avoid this. Still, it sounds totally Japanese, which is interesting.