This album is a rare kind, a deep jump into a niche sound, yet sounding original all the same. It’s definitely interesting, but is it a great listen as well?

Let’s find out.

We begin with the title track Bits With Byte. It’s 8-bit territory here and sounds melancholy yet computerised. It has groove and structure to it, surprisingly, more than you’d expect. Sounds very retro. A great start to this album. Not bad for a three-minute soundtrack for cyber thinking.

Following up is Galactic Invasion which is a little more realistic sounding, but still, very very good. It mixes almost Trance music like melodies with 8 bit EDM sounds. It may be referring to that computer game of old, but hey, this is good stuff. Nice to hear. It fades out in a dramatic way.

Apple Core II is a reference to the first home PC ever made. It’s a headbanging number and just does so well here. Yes, Chiptune is a rather niche genre, but 8 Bit Weapon makes it seem anything but. Groovy and brilliant. It’s very short.

The Art Of Video Games Anthem is a slower and more EDM based tune. It’s more melancholy than the rest of the album. Still, it has a good beat to it, making this an interesting listen, more than you’d expect.

Next is Miami Dub Bounce. It is a pulsating and bouncing sort of tune, just as the title says. Some brilliant sound effects are here, making this piece a very solid and interesting listen. The fluttering sounds in this are very good.

Following up is We Fight For The Users. Whatever the title means, it’s another pulsating and bouncing tune to hear. The breakdown is awesome, with sounds going in and out of the mix, before returning to bouncy sonic bliss. A very good listen. It takes you right back to the 1980s for sure. Very catchy.

Drive Grinder sounds odd but awesome. It’s EDM for those who never got sick of the original Game Boy devices. No lyrics required, just headbanging or dancing. Classic and great stuff here. This is physical music more so than stuff to listen to at home through headphones. Still, it is awesome.

Escape From Xenon is a rapidly paced piece that sounds almost paranoid in an EDM sense. It could easily be at home in something like Wolfenstein 3D or a similar game from many years ago. It builds up and breaks down nicely.

Next is Goodbye Cochise. It’s a slow and melodic Chiptune piece that sounds like a take on a song from The Prodigy’s Music For The Jilted Generation. Only merely a minute and a half long, but still okay to hear.

The following piece is Closer 2.0. It has real Drum and Bass beats and melodic computerised vocals. It’s awesome to listen to such a short piece of music. There is a breakdown and real handclaps too. Tripped out cyber music here for sure.

Micro Boogie 2.0 is another Chiptune Pop music song. Male robotic vocals and laser-like sounds drive this piece along. It’s a good listen, and one of the best pieces on this album by far. Excellent listening.

Chip On Your Shoulder (Electric High Mix) is anthemic in its melodies. It’s more computerised tripped out stuff. If these guys are on something, surely they can pass it around? Good music here. The outro is very nice.

The next piece is the Closer (8 Bit Bandit Remix). It sounds much more natural than the original mix of this song, boosting it in its sound. Being six minutes long, it is the longest piece on this album. Still, it is excellent and a must-listen. The progressive nature of this track is awesome. The mixing on this is fantastic.

The Chip On Your Shoulder (Sanxion7 Remix) is interesting. It has some banging Dubstep beats and sounds great. Some mysterious melodies mix with these beats, the result? Sonic brilliance. Very enjoyable.

Bits With Byte Demo is what it says. Not really needed here after hearing this once already, but interesting nonetheless. Could have easily been dropped from the record.

The Art Of Video Games Anthem Demo is also what it says, and once again, it is not really needed here for the same reason as before. Still a solid track, however.

The next tune is the Galactic Invasion Demo. Once again, nice but not necessary. It is interesting to hear how the tracks flow, however prior to being finalised.

Lastly, we have Vic XX. It’s a semi breaks style EDM tune. A good listen and finishes this album off nicely after our sonic trip through 8-bit wonderland. The sounds here are almost like what The Chemical Brothers would use, terrific.

This album is quality for its type. Unfortunately, it is pigeonholed into a very niche genre. Still, these tunes are very good listening overall, and if you ever want to geek out, this album should be your first point of call.



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