This is a collaboration effort between the masters of early EDM based music, 808 State and their Rap go-to-artist, MC Tunes. Although this wasn’t exactly a huge album at the time and MC Tunes is neither a huge name in the history of music, this is still worth a listen as the main tunes that these two artists did were very, very good. In any case, let’s take a look at this album and hear if, indeed, it is worth the time to listen to.

The Only Rhyme That Bites launches with some quirky retro late 1980s sounds and beats, before going straight into a decent Rap tune that sounds direct from Manchester. It is pulsating full of energy, rhythmic and heavy, with some nicely sampled Disco style strings and some other climatic sounds throughout. This is good, but possibly not as great as it could have been. It is a very decent 808 State and MC Tunes piece that is very cinematic and different from most music out there. It is fairly varied and interesting but is super repetitive. Sadly, this is not something that really caught on, but it is a good listen for what it is. A good song without being a great song.

This Ain’t No Fantasy begins with some weird string sounds and electronic beeps, before launching into a fairly straightforward Electronic music piece. To be fair, MC Tunes does have a very good voice, but regardless, the music does not sound as revolutionary and as consistent as his own Rapping. It seems fairly awkward to match 808 State with such a Rapper as MC Tunes, it doesn’t fit right. It sounds fairly weird and unusual listening to this tune, and it just doesn’t sound as decent as it could do. Rapping about the House Of Lords is kind of weird, too, it may have worked for John Lennon singing on A Day In The Life but this still sounds awkward. Weird, but fairly enjoyable. There is a driving Electronic outro with Acid sounds and more bleeps.

Dance Yourself To Death is next, and it has some nice cut-up drum beats, to begin with. This is actually quite a decent listen, and it launches into a very good Rap piece. This guy (MC Tunes) was a post-Beastie Boys and proto-Eminem dude, but without some of the magic and appreciation that those other dudes had. Regardless, this is a good listen and a very enjoyable tune for this collaboration with 808 State. It’s a shame that 808 State did not promote this record more, MC Tunes may have gone somewhere as a result. Interesting musical construction with some more good string samples, this is an out there and wonderful tune that has dated better than the first album by The Prodigy, to give it some credit. A good piece all the same. It ends with the dramatic string section, sampled, of course.

Own Worst Enemy begins with something that doesn’t sound that much out of a Doom soundtrack, launching into a piece of music with some raw and street based rhymes. This is a very unusual lyrical piece, and it doesn’t seem ideal to match the music at all here. This is supposed to be some sort of tale, but it doesn’t sound at all lively nor decent. A terrible idea for some lyricism, and talks directly about the dark nature of hard drug use, namely Heroin, for goodness sake. This is a beyond appalling lyricism that ruins an otherwise good track, and it should never be heard, particularly if you have had a bad time in the past with drugs. Terrible.

The North At Its Heights begins with some breakbeats, exciting instrumentation and a Hip Hop feel to the track. Soon enough, MC Tunes gets rapping away and this piece sounds very much from its time. A raw and heavy Rap tune, this is simple yet addictive in its approach. A good tune without being an overly great tune, this is interesting listening. A decent and enjoyable piece of music that sounds ridiculously good, this is an improvement on the previous track for sure. The computerised beeps throughout are quite irresistible, and the punchy and nicely delivered tune here is really great. An undeniably good listen, this does sound very refreshing and different from most music out there. In any case, this is a good tune to hear and is one of the better pieces from this album. Imaginative, powerful and different, this album comes across as a good one, even if it is not great. It ends with a cut-up drum solo, which is very proto-The Chemical Brothers.

Tunes Splits The Atom is one of the better pieces of music from this album. It begins with bleeps and some interesting vocal harmonies and quickly evolves into a great piece of music that sounds cool and casual. It’s not the same tune as the one that 808 State promoted on compilations and such, but it does sound very interesting and decent. The rapping here is better, and the piece sounds really cool and good. A refreshing blast of music and good musicianship by both 808 State and MC Tunes, this is a good one to listen to. An enjoyable piece of Rap and EDM mixed nicely, this sounds very awesome. Simple, yet effective, this tune is a magical and exploration piece of music. Decent tune on this album, it does sound like a well thought out piece of crafted music. Good to hear.

Mancunian Blues begins with some basic beats and sounds that are very Roland style, quickly launching into a rather unusual and dark sounding piece of music. This is something very much spewed out from the streets of Manchester, and it is very enjoyable and listenable. A really cool tune, this does sound rather psychedelic. The music on this album is fairly promising, after all. This piece, although fairly repetitive, does sound fresh and different. It is a good combination of EDM styling, Rap rhymes and different samples to keep you interested as this piece goes on. There is a decent breakdown with some heavy breakbeats in the second half, and it does sound different. Although this track is more textural than a song really, it works where it does. A good listen, but definitely not a great listen, it could have been bettered a little. It does end with some awesome percussion that is slowed down, however, before stopping.

The Sequel begins with some weird high-pitched melodies and a pounding tom-tom drum sound, before launching into a completely weird and different tune. This tune quickly begins as a New Order sounding piece that sounds certainly unusual. However, to be frank, this is not that good. It’s okay to listen to, but all in all, it’s not really that great. It’s essentially more of the same, and really lacks excitement and interest throughout. Anyway, only listen to this stuff if you are really a fan of Rap and EDM. Otherwise, avoid. Sadly, this album could have been bettered, but it is not. The music here is enjoyable to some extent though, and although there are many twists and turns throughout, it just seems lacking. There are some weird Industrial Music style sounds in the second half, as this rather dull piece reaches towards the end. A good listen that falls flat quite quickly. Worth skipping if you can.

Primary Rhyming begins with some Electronic Double Bass styled sounds, quirky organ, electric guitar and a strange intro. Soon enough, a female singer enters and this does bring a welcome change to this rather dull listen. A good tune that definitely has some interesting musicality and promise throughout. What sounds like a child Rapper enters, and this tune gets super weird. Nonetheless, this is a good track that does benefit with the guests. An okay piece, but still, this album comes across as fairly boring all the same. There is something interesting interaction between the guests, but otherwise, this is a forgettable piece. Ignore it if you can.

Dub At Its Heights begins with some weird samples and launches into a good piece that is mainly instrumental. It sure sounds bizarre. There is some great mixing, but aside from that, this short piece is more of the same. There is a good flute styled sound in it, but aside from that, nothing too great here. The guitar playing towards the end is quite good, however.

This album isn’t a great effort, and it is pretty meh to listen to. It is in places, good, but there is little inspired music and direction for a combination of early EDM and Rap music. Is it worth hearing? Not really, unless you are really into Electronic Music based Rapping. Otherwise, forget it.