The original Star Wars trilogy was one of the most famous and successful movie series of all time. It was a combination of great storytelling, science fiction imagery and a great film soundtrack as well. The music was original and highly inspiring, making composer John Williams a well renowned and respected composer. The music for the movie here was recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra. It’s a great and historical music listen, so let’s have a look at the music here.

The Main Title piece is the intro theme to Star Wars, and even to this day, sounds glorious and miraculous to hear. It’s a triumphant sounding battle cry for hope and the future. It then segues into the opening scene in the movie, showing a variety of well thought out emotion and musicality. It then goes back into the main melody, being differently arranged for the movie. It then goes tumbling back into the main movie scene music. A great and exciting listen is here, showing the world the masterful music of Star Wars. Some really heavenly melodies are here towards the end, before ending in a crash. Brilliant.

Next is Imperial Attack which is a more straightforward tune to highlight the intro section of the movie. It’s a multisectioned and intelligent piece of intense suspense. For those who have seen Star Wars, it paints the picture of the film very well. It goes into a very dark part after a few minutes, with the hopeful Rebel melody being played throughout. Some eerie instrumentation and fluttering melodies then come next. It’s a great and suspenseful listen to hear any day. It alternates between pleasantness and darkness, an odd but great mix here. Some creepy melodies then follow. It goes into an almost silent approach towards the end, kind of like the Miles Davis album Sketches Of Spain. Great listening.

Princess Leia’s Theme comes next, which is a subtle and melancholy piece to listen to, even without the context of the film. It’s a soothing and reassuring listen, however. Very interesting, nice to listen to into the background whilst keeping busy around the house. The flute melody here is just gorgeous, a fine piece of music for the film. The melodies alternate between each other, finally arising in a beautiful crescendo. A very nice effort. It goes into a quietly played piece towards the end, magical.

The Desert And The Robot Auction paints perfectly a picture of what the desert in Tatooine looks like. No more spoilers from the film here apart from that, this is a quirky and interesting listen to hear. The melodies here are very original. Some string sections and trumpets come along, in a very Miles Davis sort of way, except it is Classical music. A lovely sounding piece to illustrate the on goings in the movie. Fantastic stuff.

Following is Ben’s Death and TIE Fighter Attack which is for that specific scene in the film. It starts off sounding heartbreaking, before going straight into a more typical sound section from the movie. There are some rather sad melodies here, a great listen to hear. The forces of evil face off with the forces of good in this part of the album. A great and moving piece. It sure is an excellent listen. The rushing instrumentation towards the end is superb.

The very quirky sounding The Little People Work has an almost chugging instrumental intro, before going into a simple and quiet melody for us to hear. In A Silent Way? Maybe. It’s an excellent and entertaining listen all the same. Very much effortless by the sounds of it, John Williams comes across as a compositional genius. Great to hear. It is a good and catchy listen here, and shows how timeless this music really is. Subtle.

Rescue Of The Princess comes next for that specific scene of the film. It has some heroic sounding music, intermixed with some darker classical music sounds here. Another excellent listen, and it sounds much greater than most film scores out there. It then goes into a rhythmic, chugging section which highlights the Rebel escape. Excellent music set to an equally great film. It sounds melodic and suspenseful throughout the entire listen. Great music here. The musical pace is unrelenting.

Inner City is the part of the movie early on in. It’s a good soundtrack to the film as well. It goes right into a Star Wars music frenzy, with John Williams giving it all he has. It’s similar to most of the other tracks on here, but follows a storyline context to make you remember the film clearly. The piece goes into a more suspenseful section throughout, reminding us of Luke Skywalker and his journeys. Great stuff.

The extremely memorable and cheerful Cantina Band is a funky, Jazz inspired piece for all Star Wars fans to enjoy. It’s easily danceable, and even the Star Wars skeptics may dig this one. Cheerful, old school and brilliant. It fits the particular scene in the film perfectly. Great thinking by John Williams, a nice twist on the mainly classical music on this recording. It goes into a drum solo, before fading out. Classic.

Next is The Land Of The Sand People which is a great listen as well, with some African like percussion and string sections here. The drumrolls are really fantastic. Some rapid fire sounds are next, showing the world that John Williams had a great amount of musical talent in him. It then goes into a desert music sounding piece towards the end, before introducing one of the main characters in the music here. Epic.

Mouse Robot And Blasting Off comes next, and illustrates that particular part of the film. It sounds, once again, rather dark and goes to illustrate the depth and wonder of the Star Wars films. Another good classical piece, it is a good representation of the film itself. Very good epic listening. It goes into a slow, dark piece. Blast off into hyperspace with this Star Wars music.

The Return Home comes next, a sad and musical tale, which fits the scene early on in the film. It’s a sad moment in it, and suits the story very well. It does sound very similar to the other pieces of music here, an epic and interesting listen. Some dark drumming is at the end here.

Next is the interesting piece for that interesting movie scene in the film, The Walls Converge. If you had to realistically deal with such a situation, you’d need John Williams to make a composition piece like this, too. More suspense based musicality is in this piece. Another solid listening experience, especially given the context of the film. A great piece of craft.

Following is The Princess Appears which is one of the more memorable scenes from the film set to music. It’s a melancholy string ballad with some great surprises and progression here. The section in the middle of this is extremely memorable, beautiful and sad, as well. A great effort by John Williams, showing that music is a power indeed. Some beautiful wind instrumentation is here as well.

The Last Battle is a good piece for the final sequence of the film. It’s energetic and exciting, with many different melodies and melodic structures to go along with it. Nice to hear, even today. It sums up everything so far in the listening experience of this Star Wars soundtrack. It goes into a very, very quiet suspenseful piece in the first half. It builds back into the main melodies after some time. This is quite a long piece, being over 12 minutes long. It’s still very Star Wars and listenable, however. The combat and eternal fight for good over evil is here, and it just goes to show that this is a classic music album which is enjoyable, along with the movie itself. The theme is one of musical chaos, but done so well, you’d think otherwise. It goes between the musical sections presented before in the album, somewhat like a concept album. It finishes with a huge amount of suspense for the listener, before going into glory.

The Throne Room And End Title are where we finish in Star Wars, for now. It’s an excellent piece of music to finish off a wonderful film. An interesting and awe inspired listening experience, this album is a great cinematic motion picture soundtrack to boot. It then goes into an end revisit of the main Star Wars theme. A good way to finish off an interesting listen.

This is a very good listening experience, and one you should seriously consider listening to. There are enough twists and turns to surprise you all the way through, just like in the movie. Star Wars became a huge success with the help of the wonderful music here. All in all, a decent listen.