Frank Sinatra was a busy bee during his early recording career and this was prevalent, especially throughout the 1950s and 1960s. He really wanted to create good music and to be noticed as the crooner he was. This is another release of his from that era, and although it is less popular than some of his earlier releases in the 1950s, it may (or may not) contain some of that magic that Frank Sinatra put on recordings. Let’s find out if this is to be the case.

We begin with The Very Thought Of You which begins with a smooth Frank Sinatra vocal and a lovely string section to match. It is stunning, to say the least. Frank delivers a very romantic and accomplished piece of music that is lovely and grand, it is a relaxing and really fine listen that is quite different from a lot of other music out there. This song alone is an extraordinary romantic and cool piece of music, the sort of thing that is never done these days in the world of music. Short enough at three minutes long, Frank Sinatra delivers a classic tune here. He delivers an exceptional performance. Good effort Frankie.

Next up is We’ll Gather Lilacs In The Spring which is a more steady and straightforward piece, with some classic Vocal Jazz instrumentation and Frank Sinatra’s inimitable voice. This is another really fine piece of artistry, just before The Beatles took the world by storm. It goes to show that, indeed, some things were better in the world of music in the early 1960s. Frank Sinatra delivers a compelling and very unforgettable performance here. Both Frank and the instrumentalists here are spot on with their delivery, this is a great and unforgettable listening experience. Frank Sinatra’s voice is as smooth as butter. Great stuff here.

If I Had You is a slower and longer piece that is still of very good quality music here. He sings in a glorious and passionate way here, and this piece is nothing short of amazing. A very original and fine devotion to chasing love, this is superb. A really divine and excellent listen, this is a moving and lovely piece of glorious romanticism with an intellect that is unbeatable. The backing instrumentation here and Frank’s glorious singing is unbeatable here. If indeed this album is a devotion to Great Britain, it is a real ode to the so-called “swinging sixties” which is a lost era of the past. A great love song, and unbeatable in many musical ways.

Now Is The Hour comes next which begins in a melodramatic way that is inspirational and lovely, although is about missing a lover. Despite the fact that it is a tad on the side of melancholy, this is a truly superb listen of romantic love. Brilliant sounds are here for one to listen to, and the string section here is real ear candy. Wonderful and short, being less than three minutes in length, this is unforgettable music. Frank Sinatra was a wonderful performer, great song once again.

Next is The Gypsy which begins with a lone horn solo, plus the usual string instrumentation to boot. This is about an actual gypsy who can predict the future, an unusual sort of topic from Frank Sinatra to sing about. Although this sort of song would be lyrically mixed in appeal, it is still a very good listen all the same and sounds in tune and reassuring listening from the legendary crooner. Good to hear Frank Sinatra had a few tricks up his sleeve here, he does superbly well, be it light or shade lyrically. Another awesome song.

Roses Of Picardy follows with a clarinet intro and some dazzling backing instrumentation. This is a wonderful and another decent piece of music about more romantic concepts, this is a really excellent listen once again. There is a very minor flaw with this album, in that thematically it is not purely upbeat or downbeat. Still, the material here is fantastic, and this is another really top song to hear, despite some undercurrent of despair here. Good piece of music regardless.

A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square begins with clarinet and flute parts that are different, before the rest of the backing group kicks in. Frank Sinatra sings excellently here again, and this piece is designed to get the swingers in London (and the UK) swinging away. Brilliant and timeless music here once again, this is a great effort from Frank about the complications of love itself. It is about a love affair that has a sour edge to it, but still sounds as good as Frank Sinatra gets. A trumpet solo here illuminates this piece nicely. A wonderful and consistent effort from our Crooner, this is a really great listen, even today. It finishes nicely with some excellent instrumentation.

Next along is A Garden In The Rain which has a decent intro, before Frank Sinatra sings about simple things in life here. He cleverly uses the lyrical metaphor here to relating to matters of love at hand. This is a good listen, although a rather confusing one in intention of emotion and lyrics here. It does sound primarily optimistic though, which is a good thing for this kind of music. A grand, beautiful and extraordinary song and indeed, album, this is very impressive and artistic listening compared to some forms of music today. Gentle listening.

A clear ode to Great Britain is next, London By Night. This sounds dazzling at the beginning, and Frank Sinatra, although from the USA, sings calmly and decently about one of the most famous cities in the world. An interesting listening experience for this type of music, this is not as famous as some of his others pieces about locations, yet is just as good regardless. Just beautiful, wonderful and upbeat listening here, this no doubt will put a smile upon your face. Excellent and a decent tune with a grand romantic sense, this is awesome. Great song.

We’ll Meet Again comes along next with slow horns and a very pretty string section to go. This is another excellent and memorable listen from Frank Sinatra, and it is likely one of his best known pieces of music. A grand, gorgeous and original piece of music that is definitely quality over quantity, this is the sort of thing that makes Frank Sinatra such a legendary performer. Superb listening and wonderful to hear, this is very grand and lovely to hear. A fine musical experience, this is a standout from this album. Classic Crooner music for all who love it to hear.

I’ll Follow My Secret Heart is very last here, and begins with an emotional string section that is really awesome, and Frank Sinatra sings from a very upbeat place here. Legendary and lovely, this is a stunning entry on the album, as per usual. It is quite clear that this album may have kickstarted the swinging sixties in Great Britain, as we now know it. In any case, this is another great number on this album, and a fine way to conclude a great Vocal Jazz and Crooner style of music. Frank Sinatra really sings his heart out here, and this is a genuinely good piece of music to finish off with. Good effort by all.

This is another top album by Frank Sinatra that is consistent, emotional and interesting. No doubt London and Great Britain itself garnered more attention musically as the decade went on, yet this is a great starting point for all that to happen. The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were yet to come, but for 1962, this is a fantastic album. Well done all.




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