This is an unusual record for Bob Dylan. The first half of it comprises Folk-Rock electric guitar-based songs, whilst the second half of it is pure acoustic music. That being said, it seemed that Bob Dylan was not 100% sure of which direction to go into at this point, in an effort to avoid alienating his own fans. Despite that, this has been seen as another good record by Bob Dylan which put it into the history books. Let’s take a retrospective look at this album, and hear if it is any good.

Subterranean Homesick Blues is a very famous song. It launches into a fabulous piece of music with strummed acoustic guitars, bluesy electric guitars and a fine listen. An awesome piece of lyrical music about political issues and this is very catchy. Bob Dylan proves to be somewhat a poet here, and he delivers a rapid-fire lyrical tune that sounds catchy and amazing. An interesting tune with a chorus climax that is amazing, it is really great music to hear over and over again. A harmonica solo ends this, nice job.

She Belongs To Me begins with some gorgeous acoustic-driven tune with some melodic singing and some nice electric guitar fills. This is a deeply romantic song, and it is simple yet effective. A really great and decent tune that sounds classy and is a great love song, with another harmonica solo in it, this is really fine and impressive. Some really fascinating lyrics are present about said woman. A great Pop piece from the 1960s, this ends with more harmonica playing. Another excellent tune.

Maggie’s Farm is next, and it sounds very much like acoustic-driven blues. Bob Dylan sings about the farm itself, which sounds like a torturous experience for an artist such as him. A good bluesy romp, this sounds like an excellent piece of poetry set to music. The backing band are just as good as Bob Dylan himself, and the sounds here are very top and well delivered. The tune is interesting and rather humourous, and it sounds very fascinating and lyrically driven. A wacky tale of musical proportions from decades ago, it still shines bright today. A really different piece of music, this sounds excellent. It ends with another harmonica solo, great stuff.

Love Minus Zero begins with some pretty acoustic guitar before Bob Dylan launches into a beautiful and different tune that is really simple and mindblowing in appeal. A great song to hear in any case, this sounds amazing with a great line, “There’s no success like failure, and failure’s no success at all,” which is a typically amazing poetic line by the likes of Bob Dylan. A really cool and amazing piece of music, this sounds very upbeat and pretty. There is another great harmonica solo in the second half before Bob Dylan sings nicely about society in general. A fine and fantastic piece of music, this sounds top. An interesting piece of 1960s romanticism that still sounds good today.

Outlaw Blues begins with some nice Fender guitar sounds, harmonica and other instrumentation that sounds very retro. This is what it is, a rural driven blues piece that sounds really excellent. An uplifting, catchy and interesting listen, this is the sort of music that has been overlooked, particularly today. It is a bit of an acquired taste to enjoy this song, but nonetheless, a very good choice to hear. A great old school piece of music that sounds clever, different and amazing, this is cowboy sort of music for those in Southern USA to dig. Excellent tune.

On The Road Again begins with wailing harmonica and a good combination of electric guitars. This is another psychedelic piece of vocal imagery that sounds really interesting and intelligent. It sure sounds different and vibrant and is a really fine listen for those who particularly dig lyrics over singing. That is the point, Bob Dylan was never the greatest singer, but he is a masterful musician. An uptempo and bluesy romp with harmonica aplenty, this ends with some chaotic scenarios that Bob Dylan sings about. Good, once again.

Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream begins with some furious acoustic guitar playing, which quickly ends with laughter and another take. This isn’t really funny, mind you, although it probably was for those playing on the record. Bob Dylan then delivers a wonderful piece of music with his backing band. This is a lengthy piece of music that is well over six minutes but is interesting and well written by Bob Dylan. Scenario after scenario is sung about here, lyrically and is matched by music is really interesting music to enjoy. The whole thing is an interesting listen and is rather wacky lyrically, with a simple bluesy backing to match. A really interesting piece of music that is vibrant and very different from anything else out there, but it sounds very intellectual and groovy. This is likely drug-inspired, at least lyrically, but nonetheless is a good and catchy piece of music. If you like 1960s music that sounds like a direct reflection of the music from the era, and there is a neat lyrical plot twist at the end. Good work.

Mr. Tambourine Man begins the solo acoustic numbers present on this album. It is a great piece of music that is a direct acoustic devotion to the sounds of music itself. One of the most beautiful and well-known songs by Bob Dylan, this is a simple and beautiful piece of music that has stood the test of time. “Take me upon a trip on your magic swirling ship…” alone is a fantastic lyrical line, and the whole tune is short and very sweet in nature. If any song should be totally representative of how good music is as a pastime to enjoy, this should be it. A joyful, euphoric and listenable piece of music, this has a gorgeous harmonica solo in the second half that is definitely worth hearing. This song oozes passion and positive emotion, and this certainly sounds amazing. A great piece of music, this is definitely worth your time. A gorgeous and simple acoustic song that is one of the highlights of Bob Dylan’s career, and the song that began The Byrds career as well when they remodelled this piece. Nice song.

Gates Of Eden begins with more nicely strummed acoustic guitar and a soul searching vocal melody. This is a really timeless and listenable tune that sounds really different and refers to the Christian Biblical concept of the Garden Of Eden itself. Nonetheless, this is a really good and underrated piece of music that sounds as good now as it did back in 1965. Occasional harmonica after the chorus sung present is good as well. Some more impressionistic, surreal and psychedelic lyrics are present, and this propels this simple tune along. Definitely an album that is more about lyricism than anything else, this is a slight flaw for this kind of music. Despite that, this is very forward-looking and enjoyable songcraft here. A great listen, all the same, the acoustic side of Bob Dylan is just as good as the electric side of him. Interesting and simple listening, Bob Dylan reminds us that we need not have layers of instrumentation to succeed here. He succeeds alone and does very well.

It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) begins a lengthy seven and a half minute long piece with just lyrical singing and acoustic guitar by Bob Dylan. This is another lyrically driven piece of songcraft that has some really excellent lyrics to match. Yes, this is exceedingly simple music with an emotional chorus climax, but it shows that one need not use a large amount of instrumentation to succeed. A really great piece of music that is energetic and uplifting, this is really music that requires some patience and understanding. A really cool piece of music, all the same, this has some really excellent acoustic playing to match it. If there is another flaw in this song, it is a little longer to listen to such a simple song that goes on for some time. A really great and enjoyable listen musically despite its limitations, this is a good tune to listen to when in an intellectual mood. A catchy and decent song that is nice and beautiful, this sounds really awesome. There is a very dark lyrical climax to finish off this song, and it is a stark reminder of fate itself.

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue is the last song on this album, and is another famous Bob Dylan song. It’s a breakup song, and is a really sad piece, with some rather strained singing from Bob Dylan himself when he attempts to hit the high notes. This has been covered elsewhere in a better way but is a good Bob Dylan lyrical piece. A sad lament to finish this album, this is a very good point of why Bob Dylan is not a great vocalist to be fair. Anyway, it is good for what it is. A harmonica solo is in the second half here, and it sounds magical. A good song, but flawed in its delivery. Very sad music, it sounds very upsetting to hear. It ends with more harmonica, and the album concludes here.

This is a good album, but not a great album, for all its flaws. Bob Dylan is no doubt a great lyricist, but his music and especially his singing is for a limited audience. Having said that, he did change the course of popular music with albums such as this one. A good effort that falls short of a great effort, this is okay to hear now and again, but not something you can listen to on repeat.

Relic of the 1960s.