Although by this point, the world was beginning to rapidly move on from Oasis and the sort of music they inspired, the group had the decency and the commitment to continue in dark times that had affected them. 2000 was a year that was very negative for the band and Oasis fans in general. Still, this is their third EP release from the Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants era. Does this release hold any worth? Let’s find out.

Sunday Morning Call begins with some acoustic barre chord strumming, before keyboards and Noel Gallagher’s decent voice enters here. From the start, this is a fantastic listen and is one of the more underrated songs out there. The tune sounds amazing in a sonic sense, even if the song sounds somewhat dreary. It’s not a bad song at all, just somewhat lacking that traditional Oasis magic many fans have come to know and expect from the group. Noel sings very well here, passionately and energetically. This continues the Be Here Now theme of creating a huge wall of sound to build up over an essentially simple song. Nonetheless, when the mood strikes, this does work very well indeed. The guitar solo is fairly straightforward and the whole song sounds very interesting and layered. Still, this is not the best Oasis could do by a long shot here. A decent piece of music, although a flawed one overall. This still sounds very good anyway and sounds like a laboured piece of work. A good song, but far from being a great song.

Carry Us All begins with gorgeous strummed acoustic guitar patterns, hi-hats and a quick drum launch into the song at hand. This song sounds instantly great, and Noel Gallagher’s singing sounds really fantastic here. The sounds are swirling, textural and Psychedelic here, and the whole song is really pretty and majestic. Noel sings in a confident and wonderful way and the mesh of his singing, guitars and keyboards sound truly fantastic here. Noel Gallagher himself has many great little numbers snuck onto various albums and EPs, and this underrated tune is fantastic to hear. A good song about rejecting religious figures and instead having faith in what one has in life, this is a fantastic listen from start to finish and should put a smile on your face. A great four minute long Pop/Rock tune with some awesome keyboard sounds to conclude. Excellent.

Full On is the last song here and sounds awful from the start. In fact, this is one of the worst Oasis songs ever made and drags down the whole EP. The sounds are absolutely terrible and the only good thing about this song is the groovy drumbeat from drummer Alan White. Otherwise, this is even worse than Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is. It’s beyond awful, in fact, it is atrocious. Noel screams throughout and the sounds, especially the dirge like guitars are really terrible. If you can easily skip this tune, please do yourself a favour and do that. It sounds like the sort of thing a parody Oasis group would make, just really rubbish. The keyboard solo is just shockingly bad, and only reminds one that Coldplay beat Oasis at music around this time. Head shakingly bad and embarrassing, avoid like the plague.

This is not the best Oasis could do at the time. Unusually, the EP seems very throwaway and although the first two songs are really great, the last song is beyond bad and is a good representation of what not to do in a Rock music setting. Releases such as this one killed Oasis’s chance at a revival in the year 2000. Liam Gallagher doesn’t appear here at all, either. Not worth it, unless you are a hardcore Oasis fan, and even then, this is no Wonderwall. The worst was yet to come at this point, but Oasis didn’t help themselves with this release.

Rather ordinary.