Humour and music are often exhibiting mixed results for listeners out there. After all, the songs one may find outrageously funny can insult another person. It takes a certain level of courage and accuracy to create a humourous listen. Pink Guy aka George Miller released this album, his second album, back in 2017 aiming to create a laugh-out-loud listen for those who dared. Is it worth hearing? Let’s find out.

Hot Nickel Ball On A Pussy is instantly a funny title, although hardly politically correct. But then again, most humour is not. It begins with some Acid noises and weird murmuring, followed by a trap-style beat with repeated vocals that are very weird. It’s only for men this one, and of course, is funny in a strange way. It is a good tune but is fairly repetitive. A weird and odd listen, this is a different take on the music of postmodern Rap with a twist. It’s over after two minutes or so, and just sounds plain weird.

Are You Serious begins with a gong sort of sound, interesting textures and a weird tune that honestly does not sound that good. There are some interesting lyrics that are very Rap style, but the song is fairly naff. Some interesting lyrics are present though about sexual deeds that are so wrong that it takes some difficulty to not get offended in a funny way. It’s good on a humourous level, but otherwise, fairly trashy. Eminem’s sort of humour works better than this, but it is a good try. The ending is fairly muffled sounding. It’s okay but not fantastic.

I Have A Gun begins with some crazy Limp Bizkit style vocals and accordion. It is a rather strange listen with some gun samples and this tune makes perfect sense to hear if you are from the USA. It’s rather nonsensical but is meant to be. A weird yet interesting tune, it doesn’t come across as witty or funny, just a little bit try-hard instead. Anyway, it is okay, but barely so. Different all the same, it is an odd effort.

Nickelodeon Girls begins with a strange intro which is actually funny. It is about the characters that Nickelodeon used to have that one is perversely interested in at a young age that is not on the TV anymore. This works surprisingly well with more Fred Durst style screaming vocals over the top of a Rap based piece. An interesting tune that only someone with a rather twisted mind could think of. Weird, yet wonderful, this is a quirky listen nonetheless. It just sounds plain different here and is a humourous Rap tune for millennials to enjoy. Very odd, unusual and weird humour, it has a grand conclusion. Very, very out-there music.

Stfu begins with some nice acoustic guitar strumming and sounds quite nice as a result. This is another parody song that one could play with an acoustic guitar with friends around the campfire. Soon enough, some Rap/Trap style beats enter and this piece gets going. This certainly sounds interesting and direct and would be worth it if some went busking with this tune. In any case, this is clever music that deserves to be heard, even if you do not appreciate the style of humour in these songs. Interesting lyricism is present in this tune and is very direct as a result. This is a twisted and rather cynical listen. Nice work all the same.

Gays 4 Donald is obviously a political reference to the former USA president who was in office at the time of this release. It has some weird ambient organ style sounds, to begin with, before launching into a directly political satire based tune. It is an interesting tune that has a Rap style feel to the music, with some sharply aimed lyrics that are aimed directly at the big Don. Very unusual but hilariously structured, the humour saves the day on this track. Very explicit and gold sounding, it would not be of a surprise if the former USA president sued Pink Guy from this tune. Great to hear, especially if you don’t support the Republican party. Nice work.

I Do It For My Hood begins with some K-Pop styled noises, before launching into a strange sounding tune that is crude, rude and different about sexual desire that is totally inappropriate for most people. Enjoyable, direct and weird, this is a tune that needs hearing if you like dirty humour. A simple tune that doesn’t sound out of place today, it is very weird though.

Please Stop Calling Me Gay has a very dark instrumental piece with some strange stories that sound like a spoken word piece about Pink Guy’s life. It is a homophobic piece that sounds rather lame, to be fair. Weird, and something that some may find funny, but in all honesty, it is not. It just seems more like the worst of South Park here, and it is very weird. An odd piece of music.

She’s So Nice begins with some Eminem style high pitched melody, quickly launching into another Fred Durst sounding piece that doesn’t really appeal to a large audience. In any case, it’s okay, but not as funny as it could be. With lyrics about doing it with someone’s fat girlfriend, it is an interesting and nonsensical listen throughout. Weird music for sure, this is a very unusual listen and the humour is hit-and-miss. Good, but not by any means great. The repeated sounds and harmonies at the end are pretty cool, however.

Please Stop Touching My Willy is a 30 second piece that sounds very weird with distorted vocals and a dark Acid House style track which isn’t really worth bothering with. It’s over before you know it.

Uber Pussy begins with some wind instrument sounds and has a brief fake conversation with an Uber driver to pick up a dude who is looking for you-know-what. It is a weird tune and it sounds completely nonsensical and odd. A strange parody of the nightclubbing males out there, it launches into an interesting second half stating what sort of women a man wants, along with Indian female singing. A very weird song, it is not for those easily offended. Good to hear anyway for what it is.

セックス大好き is obviously a Japanese title for a song. It launches into a minimal backing track, followed by harmonies and electric guitars. Speaking and Rapping in Japanese, this is a twisted and different tune that is an unusual piece of music that is Trap oriented and sounds very catchy, even if you cannot understand Japanese. Interesting and very much listenable, this is a left-field piece on this album. In any case, it is okay to hear, even if you do not have a clue about the lyricism. Good effort though. Pink Guy is Japanese by the way, which makes sense on this tune. Not bad to hear.

Dumplings begins with some kitchen sounding pseudo-Industrial sounds, launching into a really bizarre Rap tune that sounds definitely odd. It is a very unusual listen, and it isn’t really funny per se. Anyway, a good effort musically, even if the humour is missing on this track. A twisted tale nonetheless, but lacking humour, it certainly sounds weird. It ends with the looped sounds from the kitchen, which are interesting.

Meme Machine begins with some keyboard style male vocals, quickly launching into a parody of those computer nerds who just make memes for social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter just for no real reason at all. This is very, very weird and to be honest, it is very lame. Anyway, a nice try but just falls apart as a piece of music. A very odd tune as well.

Hand On My Gat has some looped beats, launching into a piece that is a poor attempt at a parody piece that is really weird and not that brilliant. It’s barely passable, but has some interesting lyrics, although that is ruined by the try-hard style humour. It has a false ending and some silence for a while, which is totally weird and unexpected. If this is supposed to be taken seriously, it just simply is not. The silence goes on for the majority of the track, and it is just unnecessary here. Towards the end is a brief reprise of some sounds, before finishing. Totally bizarre.

D I C C W E T T 1 begins with piano and some Roland style beats. This is super short being under a minute long. This tune is a parody of male sexuality and seems like Pink Guy is flogging a dead horse here in terms of humour. Interesting but totally weird, the humour is definitely more miss than hit here. It’s barely passable as a song.

Flex Like David Icke begins with some sweep electronic sounds and some strange sounds in the background. This is a really silly sounding piece of music and this album by this point comes across as a big fake joke, rather than actually funny. In any case, this is a strange pseudo-political piece that just falls apart at the seams due to the try-hard humour present in these songs. Some sampled speech from a documentary is here before this tune ends fairly quickly. It has the main melody played for eight bars, before ending.

High School Blink193 is a Blink 182 parody, of course. The refrain, “High school sucks!” and other interesting lyrics are present here. Let’s face it, very few actually enjoy High School, and this song is good for what it is. A weird mixture of concepts and sounds, there is a bit of a climax to this as well. It’s not overly humourous, but it is what it is. It fades out nicely.

Rice Balls are weird, just like this tune. It begins with some cut-up vocal samples, Hip Hop beats and launches into a strange tune about things that are supposed to sound funny, but are not. A very explicit and direct sounding tune, there is a great climax in the first half, before the track resumes. A very interesting listen, this is worth hearing for those who need a cynical reflection on life. Different, yet good for what it is. A very decent piece from this tune, it does have a moment of light about the intention of the music here, which is interesting. An improvement on what came before, but still very sub-par per se.

Dora The Explora comes next and is a good Rap parody about wanting to do it with the said cartoon character. Wacky and interesting, this is another joke track that doesn’t sound that funny to be fair. It is what it is, a poor attempt at humour that doesn’t sound that brilliant. A weird tune, but rather catchy as well, this is surreal and an odd fetish fantasy that Pink Guy has constructed. It ends with the looped instrumental backing track.

SMD begins with some faded in horn sounds, before launching into a terrible piece of music that isn’t funny at all. Lame, irritating and repetitive, this album really wears out its welcome by this point. In any case, this is not supposed to be taken seriously. Still, this could have been easily bettered and is very explicitly profane. It just sounds like a poor effort, which it is. Disappointing.

We Fall Again begins with some interesting background instrumentation before going into a piece of music with loose change clanging and acoustic guitar, before some vocal harmonies make this sound quite good. Some sung vocals are present here, rather than Rapping, which is different. An interesting tune, and a big improvement on the track before it. It ends with the gorgeous vocal harmonies, actually quite a good effort here.

Club Banger 3000 begins with some low-key melodies, Trap beats with a trillion hi-hats and some chanting. This is obviously a direct parody of EDM based club music that is actually fairly good, complete with some awesome editing of the samples used here. It’s weird and wacky and is pretty random, but good. Short at barely over a minute long, though.

Help begins with a ukelele. It’s actually not a cover of The Beatles. Instead, there are some strange lyrics about anxiety and such whilst living out one’s daily life. It’s very much along the lines of a proper song, and actually does not come across as a parody, although it may be so anyway. This sounds like a proper and good piece. There is a funny section of screamed vocals present, before this tune continues, with cries for help. An enjoyable piece of music for what it is, although it doesn’t sound like a joke track. Nice anyway.

Hentai is an interesting phenomenon originating in Japan that is worth Googling. It begins with some plucked string instrumentation, before launching into a parody of a Hentai addict. Very weird and odd, this has more ukelele present that is very bizarre when matched to the lyrics present. Totally unusual, this is for those who wish to impress others in public with such a song. It ends with a vocal finish and a fake orgasm sound. Weird, if you like that sort of thing.

Small Dick begins with some minor key ambient sounds, which are dark and discordant. It launches into a very odd and rather terrible piece of Rap/Trap music about the nature of the beast of man. This is completely bizarre and is a very much rubbish tune. It’s neither funny nor really listenable, it just sounds very ordinary. In any case, this is not necessary here, it falls apart throughout. Fortunately, it is over after two minutes or so. Very ordinary.

Pink Life begins with the sound of clanging percussion based sounds, before quickly diving into another boring and lame tune present. It lacks purpose and intent, and just sounds really pathetic an attempt to make others laugh. That’s the thing, this album has a huge miss factor with crude humour. In any case, this is another fairly forgettable tune that should not be heard. Very ordinary, and the music is forgettable too. In any case, this is a rubbish piece of music that needs to be binned in the history of music and forgotten. There are repeated chanted vocals and basic beats and melodies to finish off this track. There are some spoken words at the end which are also naff. Forgettable.

Another Earth begins with some weird sounds in the background and some sampled speech about the finding of another planet that is just like our own. It launches into a Trap piece that, quite frankly sounds awful. At this point, the album is almost over, so it is worth hitting stop and doing something else. A very unusual and strange tune, it just doesn’t sound that good to be fair. The repeated vocals throughout this tune aren’t necessary here, either. Junk.

I Will Get A Vasectomy is next, and this is another acoustic guitar led piece that is apparently devoted to the teens out there. This is a very odd tune seemingly about the need to give the youth of today a lesson. There is a brief intermission about beating kids with a wooden spoon, before the track continues. Anyway, this is an odd tune and it has some weird lyrics and more intermissions throughout. A really unusual song, this is nothing really worth hearing. A bad parody about being a father and such, this is appalling. Avoid.

Furr begins with some wah-wah sounds and launches into a Rap style tune with some more unusual lyrics about nothing particularly important in particular. This song is a strange and pathetic attempt at humour, it really doesn’t seem overly good and appealling. As this album gradually heads towards the end, it is quickly running out of steam. With references to PETA and other lame ideals, this is not good. Forgettable.

Fried Noodles begins with some mechanical sounds that are extremely weird. Soon enough, beats enter into this piece and the tune gets underway. A strange tune that is full of poor humour and self-importance, which is fairly ironic considering that this is supposed to be a parody tune. There are some nicely sung harmony based vocals in the chorus, before this tune continues. Pathetic and ordinary lyricism is on this tune, and you’d be better off listening to something else. The sung chorus returns at the end, before this nonsense concludes. Rubbish.

Goofy’s Trial is next, and it is a fake court scene where the cartoon character goes on trial. It is a weird spoken word piece of such a situation, but is actually very good for a change. It is actually a very unusual listen but is more or less a brilliant skit. This is one of the highlights of the album for sure. Let’s not spoil the surprise of it, it is a great listen. Extremely funny.

Be Inspired is the very last track on this album. It is a string laden Rap piece that is a catchy and nicely delivered tune that sounds like a good conclusion for this conclusion. Short and bitter, it is over before you know it.

To be fair, this is a good shot at poor humour. There is a good amalgamation of cynicism, sarcasm, political and downright dirty humour on this album. The sad fact is that, although this is obviously hard work by Pink Guy, it doesn’t come across as hugely brilliant. If you want funny, Kid Rock is a better bet than this album, which says a lot. It is also the last album by Pink Guy. Still, it’s barely okay, and by no means fantastic.

Very, very weird.