This is a great mix, and no doubt hugely underrated in the history of music. Sadly, there are a ton of albums out there that have been neglected and ignored over the years. This is one of them. Now is the time to change that, let’s see what we have here at hand, this being the first proper release by Uberzone, and no doubt a collector’s delight. Without any further hesitation, let’s take a look at this awesome mix.

The first track is Snizl by Uberzone. This begins with some eerie electronic sounds and before you know it, some great breakbeats kick in. This is excellent stuff, and gradually builds up to an awesome musical sound. The percussion here in particular is excellent. Very catchy, and excellent listening. Before long, some outer space Techno/Acid sounds enter, along with subsonic bass. This is truly awesome being loud, punchy and well crafted. Unlike most EDM, this is never dull, not for a moment. Some trippy Acid sounds are here, and this whole thing sounds amazing. It also sounds extremely futuristic. Some semi-vocal sounds are cut up and used as a melody here. A distorted vocal repeating the name of the track comes along next. Very interesting, and perfectly halfway between thinking and dancing Electronic music. It gradually segues into the next track.

Following is Powercut (Rewired Mix) by Koma & Bones which is amazing sounding as well. It has some dark and distorted melodies, before kicking off into an awesome groove piece with some melodies that are highly original and interesting listening. It’s like neo-Acid House, but with a Techno/Breaks feel. Definitely awesome and amazing, so far this is a top listen. Uberzone obviously picked great tracks on this mix. Short, it slowly is mixed in the next track.

Science is next by Simply Jeff & Uberzone. This sounds incredible, with a good vocal sample and some quirky melodies to match it. If you are a scientist who digs EDM, then you will dig this piece no doubt. Some killer subsonic grooves and beats are here. This sounds exactly like a scientific piece done wonderfully. The midsection with cut up vocals is really amazing. Clever, catchy and timeless, this is a top piece to hear. A must listen. All you need now is 3D glasses to match, an awesome piece. Brilliant. Towards the end, it gets very interesting and quirky, before leading into the next track.

Eurostar (Tipper Remix) by S.I. Futures sounds extremely psychedelic, and has some incredible cut up beats and tripped out melodies. It fits the mix perfectly, and sounds really awesome. It has a bunch of liquid sounds, before going into an equallu liquid EDM groove. It’s a good listen, even though this is not a standout track. Some brilliant electronic trickery is here. This whole mix sounds so futuristic that it actually sounds like it was made in 2200, not 2002. Great stuff, all the same. Interesting listening.

Next is Watch Dis by EK. This is a more interesting piece that has a great vocal sample and some great upbeat processed melodies in it. This mix is so consistent throughout that it sounds top. An electric guitar type sound that is processed to the nth degree is here, along with some killer beats. Sounding futuristic, funky and fresh, this is a great piece. It puts many other musical acts to shame, and just sounds extraordinary. Great to hear any day.

Following is Kung Fu which is by Uberzone with scratches by Davey Dave. At the start of the track, the record player almost stops before going back to a regular tempo, prior to launching into this amazing track. What a track it is! Some unique and interesting DJ scratching of melodic ability is here. More vocal samples about science and Kung Fu are here, this is absolutely amazing. It is over before you know it, but a great listen.

Kick A Hole by Forme has a great cut up vocal sample at the start. It goes into a superb track which is outer space and Rap based as well. Clever, interesting and melodically awesome, this is a great listen, demanding repeat listens. Some original and awesome Acid melodies come along, along with some of the most psychedelic sounds you will hear in your life are here. This is like Ecstasy, both the drug and the experience of enlightened positivity. Fantastic, and this mix never gets old. The outro kicks ass too.

Hold Back by Force Mass Motion vs. Dylan Rhymes is next, sounding rather unusual with a basic melody at the start. Shortly afterwards, a minor key melody comes along. An interesting and low key listen, it then has a pronounced melody emerge. This is a little disappointing as this one sounds a little bland compared to the other tracks here. Still, it’s not at all terrible, it is a middle section of the mix that just could have been rethought. Still, it doesn’t need skipping, so all good. The outro is better than the main section of the track itself. Some processed electronic sounds here are quite good.

Next is Couscous by Uberzone & Rennie Pilgrem, which is named after a type of rice. Some soulful vocal samples begin this track, which make it sound like an exploration of sound. Before long, a groovy bassline hits your ears. It’s interesting, and an improvement (if you can say that as all the tracks here are great) on the previous track. It’s more for dancing this one than sitting at home with earphones on. It goes into an electrified breakdown, before going back into a cool tune. Clever and expert sonic samples are here for your ears, this is totally underrated. A breakdown with some awesome Acid sounds then comes to push the second half of the track along. Great stuff. Shake your money maker.

Following is Trapezoid by Uberzone and is a very short piece that sounds pretty different. It is a two minute piece with some awesome subsonic bass and textures. A must listen from this mix, along with every other single track on this mix. The breakdown is super Acid sounding and spacey. Towards the end, it is amazingly great. It segues into the next track.

Moondust (Dark Side Of The Moon mix) is another track by Uberzone. This one is pretty basic to begin with, with some simple beats and textures. It sounds like Pink Floyd for EDM heads, as the title of the track suggests. Which means, yes, this is very good. The breakdown has some killer Acid based melodies and sounds to boot, sounding tripped out and amazing. This is really great stuff. Unforgettably good. Another great track.

Hi 5 by Elite Force is next and is short, yet super spacey. It has some strangely mixed textures, before kicking straight into a Techno styled groove. It’s an excellent listen, and is another worthy addition to this mix. Some interesting science fiction sounds are here too. Over after a very short time.

Next is The Freaks (Special Mix) by Uberzone which is different to begin with. It is more digitized and spacey goodness for your ears. This is definitely different, with some unusual samples and an ascending melody. A great piece to hear, this fits in with the rest of the mix superbly well, and is over before you know it.

Following is You Know It’s Hard (Koma and Bones Mix) by The Crystal Method which starts with some wordless vocal melodies and has some layered beats and textures that sound great. It goes into a piece of singing that is explicit lyrically about murder, before a monster melody emerges to match the subject matter. Dark, dirty and distorted, this is very good, and quite old school in intention. An excellent tune, and definitely worth hearing. Deep and disturbing listening. Better than anything on the radio today.

6 Space (Next Level) by Ils is the last track on this mix. It’s a strange tune to begin with, with some unusual sounds to kick off the album with. This is like Techno for those who need to chill for a bit. There is a didgeridoo Acid sound and many textures that sound like something Radiohead would do. An epic listen, and a good way to finish off this mix. Excellent. The sounds at the end are rather strange and soul searching.

This is essential. No, it is not a throwaway DJ mix that is here today, gone tomorrow. This mix by Uberzone hits the spot nicely, and is timeless. For those of you who don’t have a clue what EDM is about, try this as a starting point. Seek this out, you will not be disappointed. This is only on YouTube or CD, so seek out either if you can.