Many decades ago, Jazz music was a big thing. This was long before Rock and Roll even started. There was a huge array of influences from both Anglo-Saxon and African-American backgrounds in the USA which became a melting pot of multicultural influences. This was also way before the advent of computing technology or anything at all sophisticated for recording music. Two of the best Jazz musicians of the time, trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie (Diz) and saxophonist Charlie Parker (Bird) collaborated together to create this album, which has been seen as a good listen in its own way. The artwork that graces the front cover of this album is very 1950s, but magnificent. The album also boasts some well known Jazz musicians, such as Thelonious Monk (piano) and Buddy Rich (drums). Is this still album still a good listen today, however? Let’s find out.

Bloomdido begins with some hi-hats, upbeat piano and some gloriously delivered saxophone. This is instantly loveable, a really awesome and great tune to kickstart this album with. The saxophone playing present is magnificent and uplifting, and it sure sounds impressive. A really cool and inspired piece of Jazzy music is here. The trombone that follows the saxophone is just as good and sounds very precisely delivered and frenetic. There is an upbeat piano solo that follows as well. All in all, this is an excellent piece of instrumental music that sounds top-notch. The drum solo on this is really great, as well. A fine piece of music, this is Jazz at its most impressive. It finishes after three and a half minutes, not bad.

My Melancholy Baby begins with beautiful, expressive and upbeat piano, surrounded by backing Jazz instrumentation. Saxophone then enters, and we have a wonderful and expressive listen present. This is definitely excellent, sounding a lot like dinner party style music for the background. Regardless of how you hear this, it’s fantastic to hear and enjoy. The trombone present as well is just as good as the saxophone playing. A really awesome tune, there is a grandiose and Jazzy feel to this song, which makes it sound so wonderful. Top and unforgettable music, this takes you places you haven’t experienced before musically. Jazzy and euphoric sounding, this is a fine listen. Highly recommended. It ends with a duel between Bird and Diz. Great work.

Relaxin’ With Lee begins with hi-hats and double bass playing, before launching straight into another wildly expressive piece of music. This tune does sound really gorgeous and lovely and is proof that Jazz music is truly wonderful to hear. A fluttering trombone solo emerges after a saxophone solo, and the trombone present is really amazing to listen to. Decent and articulate music, the piano returns, which is delivered in a very awesome way. This music is definitely underrated and it should be heard by more people. Towards the end is a quick drum solo, before the band finishes up. Nice work.

Passport sounds Jazzy and bright from the start, and the whole group play wonderfully in unison with one another. An interesting and intriguing listen, the saxophone solos present on this album are tasty ear candy and must be heard. The trombone playing as well is very excellent, and the whole thing comes together perfectly, more so than you’d expect. The infinite power of great Jazz music is here to listen to. A piano solo follows that is gorgeous and sensationally good. A really fine tune to hear, this is the proto-supergroup that you wish we still had today. The piece ends abruptly.

Leap Frog begins with crash cymbals, quickly entering into a dizzying magical spell of Jazz music. This is superb listening, and this album is a fantastic collaboration album of fine Jazz music. The trombone and saxophone play tag here in between the different segments of this track. A really cool listen, this is awesome and truly inspired. There are some unique and wonderful solos by all band members, including some insane drumming present. Great to hear, even today, these pieces of music are really amazing. Pulsating with energy, it ends abruptly.

An Oscar For Treadwell begins with upbeat and snappy piano, some extracurricular drumming and an excellent tune emerges. The saxophone and trombone playing by the main stars is very sensual and expressive. This is really timeless music, it just sounds thorough and amazing. Enjoyable and definitely worth repeat listens. There was no Rock and Roll at this point, just this very glorious, confident and energetic music to get you swinging away. A really enjoyable listening experience, this one is quite catchy, too. A great piece of music that never bores one with its presence, this is classy listening. There is a good drum solo towards the end before the trombone and saxophone finish this off. Nice work.

Mohawk is another great piece with some excellent piano playing, duelling saxophone and trombone and a subtle drumming backbeat. The Jazz on this album is very difficult to match with quality music wise, and the soloing present on this album is magnificent. A really awesome, happy and energetic tune, this is again, a really great listen. These were the days when music was much more concentrated on performance rather than AI reproduction musically. Nonetheless, a good piece of music to listen to that has nothing to do with the Punk music haircut that wasn’t even around at this time. Some infectious piano and brilliant double bass playing finish this tune off, really very cool. Great music to listen to, and the ending is suspenseful.

Visa comes last on this album and is extremely joyous, breezy and enjoyable listening. Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie have nailed everything in these tunes, and the music present is very sensational. The rhythm section is awesome, too and this whole piece sounds amazingly lively. A thoroughly enjoyable album and great listen from start to finish. The solos by the two main men duke it out for your attention. The truth is, both are equally great. A very nice piece, with some neat piano in the second half of this song, before this finishes up with more saxophone and trumpet duelling, before ending. Brilliant.

This is a truly awesome performance of original songs that is mindblowing, decent and unique in the world of music. Should you hear this? Absolutely, especially if you are a Jazz fan. The music and musicianship is underrated, especially by the two main stars. Great tunes, and an unforgettable listen. The only issue is that the whole proper album is only available on YouTube but otherwise, a quintessential album for Jazz lovers to enjoy is here.

Very classy.