Brad Paisley is known as a postmodern Country music legend. Although he is not making Country music at the heyday era of the genre, he is unmistakably popular and well known in the music industry of today. He even has some custom made guitars by Fender, which is interesting and proof perhaps he has an ear for sound. This is his first compilation of music during his career and is a double album. The first disc is studio material, the second disc is a live based one. Let’s take a listen to this album and see if it is a good listen.

We kick off with Mud On The Tires which has some nice acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar and some very good singing. There is also some good banjo here, too. This is very much pure Country music, but is still quite fresh and listenable. An interesting composition, complete with fiddle as well, this is quite interesting listening. A decent piece of music that still sounds lively, fresh and energetic, a good and detailed listen which is surprisingly catchy. A very nice guitar solo is towards the end here, and Brad Paisley proves himself to be a great Country artist. Nice stuff.

Next along is Ticks which begins with the sound of traffic, before this piece enters nicely. It’s very, very good and sounds really quite awesome, with some creative and melodic sounds here. It’s a great Country piece of music that is very listenable, and equally unforgettable. An excellent listen with some great musicianship and lyrics, this is a very good piece of music and sounds really top quality and excellent. The guitar solo here is very quirky and decent, and the whole thing is superb and awesome. The guitar solos here are intricately played. Brad Paisley proves himself to be a musical legend here.

Anything Like Me begins with some nice acoustic guitar and other guitar parts, before launching into a melodramatic piece about having a child. It’s very good, and just sounds really incredible here from an audio styled perspective. The whole piece sounds as though 100% was put into this track here, and just sounds different. A classic Country music piece, Brad Paisley strikingly succeeds, which he does. Some excellent and energetic guitar parts are here, and is a really good song to listen to. Very touching.

The World comes next, with some loud and prominent guitar parts to begin with, before launching into a song that is incredibly good listening. The multitude of guitar parts and intricate melodies make this song a winner, and although this is Country music in the 21st century, it still works incredibly well. A genuine and soothing listen here, this is a great song and just sounds really cool. There is some pseudo-shred guitar playing, on likely a Fender Esquire or Tele here. Excellent stuff, and great music here, a fine piece of music. The outro is fantastic.

Following that is Little Moments which begins with Brad Paisley singing nicely with some acoustic guitar and playing here, before launching into a deeply romantic song about a lover. It’s a gorgeous piece of sonic construction here, and just sounds incredibly good. Great music here about appreciating love, it launches into a dramatic guitar solo here. Brad Paisley succeeds, undeniably. He is a great Country musician, and this song is merely an example of that. Beautiful piece of music.

Next along is When I Get Where I’m Going (feat. Dolly Parton) which begins with some really beautiful guitar based instrumentation, before launching into a great piece of songwriting with some interesting imagery. Dolly Parton’s backing vocals are really good here in the chorus, and the whole thing sounds really amazing. A great emotional ballad for Country music, this is a genuinely good and lively piece of music with some lyrics about Christian based values here, this is a great listen. Really awesome music.

Celebrity is next, beginning with some upbeat acoustic guitar, before some awesome guitar lines enter and some lyrics about being famous and recognised in the world. It’s an interesting lyrical and musical piece here, and the guitar playing here is really insanely good. Not bad for a piece about being seen in the world, this is really cool sounding music. Excellent music and a great sound to it, this is a very good listen.

Then (Piano Mix) follows and is extraordinarily emotional from the start. Brad Paisley sings from a very deep and emotional place and the whole thing is very moving. Yes, this is a simple piece but it just sounds terrific. A great and grand listen, this is an awesome tune with some supercharged piano and vocals and the whole piece is really awesome. In the middle is a nice acoustic guitar part to listen to, and this piece of melodramatic artistry works surprisingly well. A fantastic love song, and an unforgettable one at that. Very gentle and reassuring listening, all the way to the end. Nice tune. The harmonies at the end are just divine.

After that is I’m Still A Guy which begins with a melodic toybox melody, before launching into a decent Country Rock piece that has a more electrified feel to it. This is another relationship style piece that sounds really great, and this music is very uplifting. A very fresh and enjoyable listening experience about relationship based issues, it has many layers of instrumentation here in a Country way, which propels the song along nicely. A very nice and humourous piece of music, this is a must listen if you like laugh-out-loud humour. Excellent song.

Following is He Didn’t Have To Be which begins with pedal steel guitar and acoustic guitars, and Brad Paisley sings about more relationship issues. A very nice piece of music set to troubled lyricism, it is really quite cool. Very much rural listening, it is a lovely listen (provided you like Country music) and just sounds really awesome. A really nice listen about raising children, this is genuinely good music. Great music here, and nicely delivered. The outro sounds excellent, with fiddle and other great instrumentation here.

Alcohol comes next, and goes straight into a Country Rock song that is electric from the start. A really excellent piece of music, this is an interesting song about alcohol and its use throughout society. Musically, this is a great old school styled piece of music that sounds really awesome and excellent. Yes, even Country musicians have to indulge at times into talk about booze. A very underrated and refreshing listen, which goes into a singalong piece towards the end. A tremendous guitar solo finishes this off, nice song.

Whiskey Lullaby (feat. Alison Krauss) begins with some nicely plucked acoustic guitars and some pedal steel guitar, before Brad Paisley enters, singing about some rather morbid issues of relationships at hand. Very sad and messed up lyrically, the guest appearance here does justice with some nice singing here to accompany the song. A really sad and melancholy piece of music, this is something you should hear when sober. Still, excellent music here, and another great Brad Paisley effort. It ends with repeated harmonies, a sad and rather depressing song that is nicely played.

Following is We Danced which is a slower and more easy listening piece about a simple tale of love and experience with emotional feelings for a lady in mind. A really lovely song, this is a short, three minute song about falling in love. An interesting song lyrically and musically, it sounds really deep and emotional music to hear. A really interesting and very fine listen, very touching. Not bad for a three minute long song.

Next here is Online which begins with some organ keyboard sounds, before launching into a very upbeat and strong piece of music that is a great and cheerful listen about a guy who doesn’t seem cool in real life. In any case, it is a humourous and different song that deserves to be heard. Interesting song, and just goes to show that even losers can have their day. Some great fiddle and guitar solos are here, and this is an interesting and laugh out loud piece of music. The guitar work here is absolutely superb, and goes to show Brad Paisley is 100% into what he is doing. Great stuff. It then launches into the live half of the album.

Water (Live) comes next and begins with some nice electric guitar work and a large crowd cheering away and Brad Paisley makes an excellent piece of music come alive here. This is a really nice piece of music that goes down very well. Some excellent guitar work by Brad Paisley is here, and a gorgeous song about being on the beach is here. A really great piece of music, Brad Paisley and co. do very well here. Nice to hear, and a very good country listen, which changes to a faster tempo towards the end. Great music, Brad Paisley plays a wonderful guitar solo here. The ending is rather thunderous, good job.

American Saturday Night (Live) comes next with Brad Paisley doing some shredding at the beginning of the song, before launching into the song itself. It sounds really awesome and lively, and is a great song about the different experiences that one can have on said Saturday night in the U.S.A. Great music, and a very listenable and upbeat song which is great. Brad Paisley proves to be an underrated guitarist here as well, and he plays some great guitar riffs and solos here. Nice tune, the guitar work towards the end is insane. Excellent.

Following is Waitin’ On A Woman (Live) which is loud and lively from the start, and sounds very decent and good listening about relationship based issues. It is awesome and nicely played, and is for those who have given up hope on love. An interesting piece of music, with the usual Country based instrumentation that sounds terrific. The guitar solo, once again, is really quite amazing here. Dramatic and deep listening, this is a good song about sticking through thick and thin for a lover. Great song, with an epic guitar solo to finish. Very decent, different and original music, the playing here by all is superb.

After that is I’m Gonna Miss Her (Live) which goes straight into it with a great set of drum parts and intro, before launching into a good song about relationship issues. It stops for some time, with crowd cheering, before the band resumes into it. It’s a song about a guy who ditches his lady for a day of fishing, in a way, which is a bit of a strange song lyrically. But all the same, this is excellent musicianship here that sounds really great. Nice tune, even if it is oddly humourous.

Mud On The Tires (Live) is the hit song played live. It sounds wonderfully played and executed, and is a great live rendition of the original about having one’s brand new vehicle to drive around. A great song with pedal steel, fiddle, banjo and other southern U.S.A. instrumentation, this is very different music. Nice music, well played and delivered, and this is very good music. Very nice live music here, the outro is very powerful and excellent, with a Fender Telecaster sounding guitar solo here. Excellent song.

She’s Everything (Live) is next, and it just sounds really cool with a superb guitar intro. Brad Paisley sings wonderfully here, and he sings from a very deep place here. Very nice music here, and is a very gorgeous piece of music about a lover who counts. It is a really lively and wonderful piece of music that sounds excellent here, and is definitely one of the highlights of this album, both sides included. A very unique, different, yet touching piece of music. Great music here, and really divine listening here. Brad Paisley delivers very well here, and this is a lovely listen. An extended guitar solo is here at the end, which is very beautiful. Pure musical goodness, this is awesome. Top stuff.

After that is Time Warp (Live) which begins with some excellent, somewhat Jazzy guitar work and some Thrash sounding drum parts here. It is really fast, energetic and strange as an addition on this album, but still succeeds. An excellent instrumental, and just sounds really nicely played and clever. Excellent and crazy sounding stuff, this is definitely different. There are some mad guitar solos here, and this whole thing sounds really amazing. Great instrumental here, and just sounds different. The drum part in the second half is insane. Good and enjoyable instrumental to listen to.

Following is Letter To Me (Live) which begins with some chatter by Brad Paisley to the audience, before launching straight to a deep and meaningful live performance that sounds really awesome and incredible here. It’s an acoustic song that sounds really amazing and very genuine and good music to hear. It is mainly about relationship issues at hand, but is a genuinely good song. Nice music and an awesome listen, it is a good example of acoustic performance. Brad Paisley delivers just what Country music should be today, and is amazing at what he does. Very nice performance here.

Then (Live) goes back into the Country Rock feel that is more typical of Brad Paisley’s music, with the piano accompaniment at the start. This is another excellent live rendition here, and just sounds even more deep and meaningful than the studio recording. A really awesome and great piece of music that sounds really excellent, especially in this live context. The guitar work here is really excellent, and Brad Paisley sings something akin to a Church hymn here. Still, this is really cool and excellent. A roaring guitar solo is here for your enjoyment, and this is a very emotional performance here. Nice music, and a really great listen. It ends with piano and harmonies, nice effort. Brilliant live piece.

Alcohol (Live) comes next, and has some great guitar riffs to begin with. A nice and decent song about alcohol is here, and this is a really awesome piece of music. It’s a good piece of music and nicely delivered in a live setting. Some quirky and interesting additions are here, and Brad Paisley delivers some interesting lyrics here. Great song all the same, and this is a great singalong number to hear. An extended part with harmonies and awesome singing are here, followed by a great guitar solo that sounds really fantastic. It finishes with crashing drum rolls and excellent guitar playing here. Nice work.

Last here is Online (Reprise) which has a strange instrumental backing track of the original song. Not really necessary here, but nice all the same. It’s very short, less than a minute long.

Overall, this is a very good record and showcases Brad Paisley and his excellent Country Rock music. In fact, if you are looking for a decent postmodern Country musician to listen to, this is a very good place to start. A rather unusual mishmash of studio and live performances, Brad Paisley does very well here. Great, even if you are not a fan of Country music, it sounds very much spot on.




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