Breakbeat fusion with a twist? That is what the Stanton Warriors are about. This is their debut album. Still, is it worth our time? Let’s find out.

We begin with Get Up which has some pacing EDM style sounds and some good rapping by guest Hollywood Holt, and some good singing by Ruby Goe in the chorus. It’s a good Breaks style romp, simple yet effective. It sounds fresh and danceable. A good listen to kick off this album with. A progressive midsection delivers a surprise attack, before returning to the rest of the track. A good listen. It ends in a surprising way.

Next is Bushido, a very eastern sounding piece with singing, rapping, and breakbeats galore. It’s a great mix of east and west here. Sounds interesting, and is definitely unique. A great tune, and certainly a standout of its kind. Many clever and intertwining melodies are here. A classic for sure – and definitely worth your time. A definite club classic. The progression in the middle of the track is superb.

Shoot Me Down is next. It features Ruby Goe again and is a more traditional EDM sort of piece. The cut-up midsections are definitely interesting. The title refers to being caught up in love. Perhaps a reference to The Beatles Happiness Is A Warm Gun? Whatever it may refer to, it’s a good, yet not great listen. It could have been done better, to be frank.

Dakota is next. It begins with some interesting sound loops, mainly guitars. It is extremely well done, these guys must have gone to music school. The cut-up melodies here are really excellent. Beauty lies in the subtlety of this track. It’s short.

Next up is New York. Featuring more cut up melodies, it then breaks into an excellent groove and makes you want to get up and dance. It’s certainly unusual sounding and is powerful and unique. Almost Daft Punk like, yet still highly original in many ways. Excellent stuff. It’s got a great groove to it.

Following that piece is Superstar featuring Eboi. It has a groove but unfortunately sounds rather naff. It could have been better worked on in retrospect. It’s still listenable but could have been improved on. Better luck next time Stanton Warriors. It’s listenable, but not for repeat listens.

Bodywork is very Daft Punk sounding, in a Stanton Warriors way. It’s a mixture of cut-up breakbeats and awesome melodies. It sounds like nothing else, which means that the Stanton Warriors are treading new ground here. A great and upbeat uptempo listen. Excellent to hear. It can change the way that you hear music.

Leader which has Young Fathers rapping is a great piece of rapping and psychedelic sounding Breakbeat EDM. It’s a trippy sounding piece but sounds rather discordant. It’s supposed to do so, there are some dark themes in the lyrics. Great use of sonic samples is here, which makes this track shine.

Next is Turn Me Up Some. It begins unusually, before launching into a sample-heavy edited piece. The way it is done is interesting and rather cool. It is an addictive sound in the main section. Not dissimilar to The Chemical Brothers Loops Of Fury, it’s a great piece to listen to for a technical aspect of computer-based editing.

After that, we arrive at Ouepe Ouepa. Featuring Hollywood Holt, it has a sort of Jazz sample at the start, before going into a decent piece with the guest rapping away here. The meaning of the track is unclear, but it is a good danceable sort of thing for that purpose. A good listen overall.

Precinct features Eboi again. It starts slow but goes into a fairly lacklustre Rap/Breaks tune. It’s nothing really special, which is why it is at the end of the album. It’s listenable but just falls short of being a good song. Better luck next time guys.

Out Of My Head featuring (once again), Ruby Goe is a simple tune which is more chill to listen to. It’s a good way to finish off the album, a more traditional sounding musical piece to hear.

This album is a good album, not a great one. It falls short on a few tracks, but still, it is okay for occasional listening. For Breaks fans who want a twist though, you may feel at home listening to this album. Otherwise, it’s just a fairly average listen.



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