This is likely Flo Rida’s most recognised and popular album to date. It came at a time where the need for digitized music to excite the masses was very much the norm by this point. Having already established himself with some success, Flo Rida topped the original efforts of his earlier works seemingly so from a critical point of view with this album. Still, how does it sound after some considerable time has passed? Let’s find out.

Whistle is the staple hit from this album. It begins with awesome acoustic guitar, whistling and some excellent and melodic singing. This song is about love and lust, and it is extremely listenable and catchy. Some of the lyrics are very explicitly dirty, but this is easily forgiveable as the song is excellent. A great listen, something to play in your car when going down to the beach with friends. The Rapping midsection is very rapid fire and interesting to listen to, this thankfully is a great listen. The chorus is extremely singalong and no doubt this song appealed to the Generation Y sort of crowd. The beats present on this song are perfectly executed and there is some subdued humour present on this tune. Not a bad listen, and worth repeat playbacks. Excellent to hear.

Wild Ones (feat. Sia) was an even bigger hit for Flo Rida. It has melancholy piano and some very good singing from Sia. It launches into a beat heavy piece that is very anthemic, and it is another good effort. It does sound very decent and interesting, although this tune is very 2012, and perhaps hasn’t aged as well as it should have in retrospect. Nonetheless, a good piece of music that is designed more for clubgoers than anyone else. A really interesting listen nonetheless, this is a decent piece of music that although it is fairly retro by now, still packs a punch. There is a pretty sounding midsection present with Sia singing nicely, followed by Flo Rida’s direct rapping. An interesting tune, even if it does have a here today, gone tomorrow sort of sound. Interesting tune, it ends with good electronic textures and Sia concluding this song. Not bad.

Let It Roll begins with some more piano, this time sounding a little more upbeat. It has some sampled vocals based on an old Jimi Hendrix song, before launching into another club based tune. Soon enough, this tune launches into a very EDM sort of piece with Flo Rida rapping away like his life depends on it. This is fairly decent music compared to what Flo Rida made earlier on in his career, and it sounds fairly consistent as a result, despite the fact that this is a bit of a rip off of a past song. In any case, this is easily forgiven here as the tune sounds variable and interesting to listen to. This is a nice listen anyway, particularly if you are a fan of contemporary music from the 2010s. Good work.

Good Feeling is another chart storming tune that has some nice acoustic guitar, instantly recognisable vocals and a truly awesome anthemic feel to the music. Many young people today easily recognise this song, and this is euphoric and amazing to listen to. This song is very listenable and worth many repeat listens. Undeniably a really great song to listen to, the mixture of vocals and sounds abound are really great. No doubt many people in their late teens and early twenties have been absolutely wasted to songs such as these, and this is a wonderful excuse to do so if that is your thing. If you need a reason to feel happy to music as well, this is your song. There is a pseudo Dubstep breakdown in the second half, followed by a neat progression leading back into the song itself. A very wonderful and awesome tune to hear, if you want nostalgic happiness, this is your tune. Listen away if you agree with this, it is a fantastically upbeat piece of music.

In My Mind Pt. 2 (feat. Georgi Kay) begins with some awesome electronic sounds faded in, before some melancholy vocals enter and this is another very good piece of music to hear with friends whilst on a drinking binge. It really does sound good, along with the rest of the album. These, of course, are dumbed down party style tunes. Still, this sort of music does appeal very well to many listeners out there, and the whole thing is really emotional, upbeat and enjoyable. Flo Rida raps about drinking and partying, but that is entirely the point of this tune. Another great listen, and this is excellent proof that even the lesser known tracks on this album are very good indeed. The repeated chorus is awesome, and the whole song is brilliantly progressive and structured. If you ever need a good tune to start your Friday/Saturday night, this is it. There is a pitch shifted progression towards the end, before the chorus resumes very well. A catchy and lively piece of music, this is awesome. Great song.

Sweet Spot (feat. Jennifer Lopez) begins with some distant sounding piano melodies, some dark bass and JLo doing her thing on vocals. This is another lesser tune on the album that is just as consistent as the other songs present, which is a very, very good thing. An awesome and upbeat party tune, this is a very great album for dancing and going nuts to. An interesting tune for people who want more than an one night stand from someone at the club (which is a rarity these days), this is a very decent and fun listen. These tunes are extremely moving in a positive way, and indeed, are the sort of thing one would drop disco biscuits to. In any case, a very much superb and listenable piece of music and yes, JLo’s appearance is well deserved. Great effort by all, another euphoric and enjoyable piece of music.

Thinking Of You is next. Instantly, it contains the magic of this particular album, and this sounds like a romantic tune. Which is fairly ironic for a Rap artist. In any case, this is a digital ballad that is adorably and sensationally good. Sounding fresh and fun, Flo Rida even on his own does extremely well. A rapid fire Rap section for the verses keeps this tune interesting and listenable. Flo Rida got his act together to the best of his abilities on this album, and although it is extremely Pop music based, the selling out is forgiveable as the music is fantastic throughout this album. This is actually about breaking up, which is sad, but sometimes there are things to be learned from breakups. Good tune, however.

I Cry is another very popular piece from this album. It sounds very straightforward and decent, and is an odd mixture of upbeat sounds and heartbreak. A very awkward sort of tune in this respect, but perfectly listenable and enjoyable all the same. A very awesome and nightclub sort of listen, this still is extremely good for what it is. Nonetheless, a lively and digital piece of music that certainly does fantastically here. There is a trippy sounding breakdown and buildup in the second half that makes this piece extra worth it. This piece ends with the chorus repeated along 4/4 beats. An EDM style piece with Flo Rida? Here it is. Good to hear though.

Run (feat. RedFoo of LMFAO) – Bonus Track begins with some straightforward 4/4 beats (again), some TB-303 styled noises and Flo Rida rapping away on a piece that again, is very good, keeping with the rest of the album. This bursts into a good tune that, although has some promise, seems weaker than the others on this album. Not overwhelmingly so, it is still listenable, just a bonus track for some very good reasons. Anyway, this is enjoyable enough and the female vocals here supporting this song are awesome. This tune also samples the LMFAO track Shots and has some lyrics from Party Rock Anthem as well by RedFoo. Too bad that this is the case, seriously, some fresh lyrics could have been written. It’s okay, but not overly impressive. It ends with some basic beats, sounds and crowd chanting. Not perfect, but is it supposed to be?

Sweet Spot 2.0 (feat. Jennifer Lopez) is the last track on this album, and yes, this is another bonus track present on this album. This remix isn’t entirely necessary as the original present is already decent enough to listen to. In any case, this is a return of JLo’s autotuned vocals, Flo Rida’s rapid fire rapping and an overall EDM sound that is fantastic. A good conlusion to a great album for those of you who like the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle in the nightclub, this is for those times. A very enjoyable tune, this is an excellent listen throughout, once again. A decent conclusion to a great album.

This is a surprisingly great album that, although is squarely aimed at nightclubbing youth out there, it still retains its freshness, sound and consistency to this day. This is Flo Rida’s most popular album, and also likely his best effort overall. Should you listen to this album? Yes, especially if you like dancing the weekend nights away drunk with friends. A decent effort by Flo Rida, you got it right this time man.

Superb and fresh.